Author Topic: Abu Mazen resigns?  (Read 56 times)

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Abu Mazen resigns?
« on: September 06, 2003, 09:31:30 AM »
Arafat still pulling all the strings (told you Tech).

Roadmap over.

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Re:Abu Mazen resigns?
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2003, 10:29:47 AM »
Word, the Road Map that never really was around to begin with is now done.

My opinion is that its not about Arafat or Mazen. Its not a matter of one politician or another.

Arafat represents the old guard, the  leadership of the PLO, being basically the same people that lead it since its inception.

The only reason Abu Mazen became PM, was because of reforms that were implemented, which Washington demanded. So right off the bat, Mazen owes his political career to America. Second, Mazen had no constituency.
He was inserted into the PM position, he didnt have alot of love on the West Bank streets.

What killed Mazen however, was the fact that Palestinian attempts at peace were not matched. I honestly believe, if the Israelis fullfilled their side of the bargain, the Palestinian people would have supported Mazen more, and as they began to do so, Arafat (hes a politically astutue bastard) wouldve supported Mazen as well.

But Jay, Im pretty sure you understand this was Israeli game plan the whole time. Create problems and a split in the PA, turn the militants against the PLO. They spit on the road map, and created a deep division in Palestinian politics, yet their the victims.
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Re:Abu Mazen resigns?
« Reply #2 on: September 06, 2003, 11:17:45 AM »
Same old story, same old conflict.  The palestinians say they're trying, but yet terrorists bomb all over israel.  The Israeli's say they're trying, but yet everytime a terrorist bombs them, they bomb the shit out of somebody.