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The Legacy of SíN.. Vol. 1
« on: September 21, 2003, 09:10:49 AM »
Im announcin my retirement.. itz been fun yall..
heres a lil blast from the past..

Battle history..March 7, 2003.. vs Kalipzo
~Listen up nigga, if this rap game was "gone in 60 seconds" kalipzo//
~I'd be rollin in a shelby, you would be pushin' a "pinto"
~But I know you like 50 "cent~though"//
~Too bad truth being yer ma is just simply a 2 "cent~ho"//
~Maybe you should "bite off" that nigga and save yourself a "memento"//
~Speakin of tha ma, you might wanna ask her if you really just were an "accident"//
~All them niggaz outside her room, 17 years ago, pregnancy was "evident"//
~Have you ever questioned your own "existence"? Just for an "instance"?//
~Cuz a lil' bastard like you may need to "consent~this"//
~Your meaning in this world is to be just another name on my "bitch~list"//

March 8, 2003.. vs <the answer>
~This flow is comin' from ya live out of the Australian outback//[1]
~After <theanswer> takes one look a gay bloke he undergoes the "need~to~mack"//
~But after his phase flies by, I cant help to give him less than a genuine "thumbs-up"//[2]
~It's too bad in reality, behind his computer, this kid is just a "dumb~pup"//
~Cuz when I see <theanswer>, I cant help but ask a "question"//
~With what kind of niggaz do you think you be "messin"//
~Siftin' through my flows will always keep a playa "guessin"//
~I get in more "bar~fights" on all "Saturday~nights" than any country "western"//
~See cuz I dont need a "gun" to get this job, mutha~fuckin "done"//
~Throwin dual~fists with any nigga is like "wrigley's~gum" its "double~the~fun"//
~I never discriminate yo, hell, I'll even box with a "nun"//
~I cant help but to note this jibberish you call spittin is a bunch of "jar~gon"//
~Maybe its just the "followin~chicks" and "swallowin~dicks" "bar-none"//
~It's about that time to close this battle and for me to consider this "task~done"//
~<theanswer> has got to get back to his question, is that "rim-job~fun"?//
1467    Skillmatic / Key Style Battle Board / Re:sinister vs owen <;action=display;threadid=30043;start=msg345101>    on: March 9, 2003.. vs OwenMarch 09, 2003, 03:46:02 PM    
~For some odd reason this character "Owen" thinks hes capable of "flowin"//
~Fool, my rhymes will disentangle your cerebellum "without~you~even~knowin"//
~But whilst this fool is "countin~sheep", my rhymes build fortifications stronger than a "medieval~keep"//[1]
 ~I look through the glass "watchin~him~snore" on his dresser I see the "lube~ dildos~and~more" ~Gay porn and weak rhymes cant save your "sarcastic~ass"//
~I hurl my literal shot-put at you via a "fantastic~pass"//
~Your sarcasm cant save you from "this~battle", I herd your wack-ass "flows"~"to~and~fro" "like~cattle"//
~When I spit my verse I make tha "walls~rattle" this rap tremor Owen feels in his bed scares him worse than his "mom's~paddle//[2]
~My "keystyle~omen" comes at you "with~grace", fuck that, my flows bring down opposition like "cops~with~mace"//
~You best get to "runnin" cuz wack~ass wiggaz like yaself is to whom "I~be~gunnin"//  

March 10, 2003.. vs 8trikz

~"8trikz" you aint old enough to be the "poster~child" for "little~tikes"//[1]
~My flows are "better~mild" pillage you of your manhood worse than a killa "without~a~knife"//
~Worse than a horny old man "without~a~wife", keep talkin that mess and I'll be forced to "consume~ya~life"//
~By way of "spinal~infection" through my machete I integrate with "subliminal~convection"//
~"8trikz" couldn't drop "spitz" if he was "heterophobic" cum~garglin gay "ass~bitch"//[2]
~You question my "ability", you just mad cuz you can't "control~it", my excessive "capabilities" are beyond you, nuthin you can "flow~with"// lol..
~"8trikz" is bout to be "bitched" with yet another "8~bar~T.K.O"
~Congratulations Kid, you have just been made another "sinistah~example"

March 10, 2003.. 5 min battle vs Jemuel
~boy this kid "jemuel" doesnt wanna "give~it~up"//
~Keep talkin' son, ill "swell" both ya eyes with one fist so u look like a "weak~boxer~pup"//
~I see ya gay friends like to call you "tha~cockster", talk a lil more about dicks in this weak flow you "conjured~up"//
~Quit talkin' bout "killin~and~death", oh my god man, brush ya teeth, i can smell the pharmeldahyde "on~ya~breath"//
~U sick puppy, thinkin u a "heavyweight" with all ya "prewrittens~and~bites"//
~Well this "wigga~weight" bout to shut yo "woody" down with "the orchin~man~and~termites"
March 14, 2003.. vs Suga Foot
~"Suga~foot?" fool frontin' me like "NaS" "makin~me~look"//
~After a short "pause" I realize this "ghastly" name aint just a "falisy"//
~Fool tryin to take me under his evil wing and "malice~me"//
~Fool tellin me to ask people if he good is straight "blasphemy"//
~Fool, I drop bombs on this rap game like no other "catastrophe"//
~Me bein a "lil geezy", u think this win will come "easy"//
~But like 50 I pack the abilities of talkin "breezy"//
~My capabilities have a "tendency" to "exceed me"//
~Im just a "wee irish lad" comin out SAtown with aspirations of "greatness"//
~This flow comin' at you like mexi's cross the river, but Im the border patrol, stop now you wont "make~it"//
~The rep surgin up to the top, like straight helium, you might wanna "stake it"//

March 14, 2003.. vs Great Dane
listen up airforces, im gonna rock your "worldly~decency" with my "lyrical~swirlie"//
check this "girlie", im comin at ya 100 mph in the wrong muthafucken "lane"//
this battle is just another brick in the road on tha way to my "universal~gain"//
see'in newbies "like~you" namin themselves after a "shoe"//
obvious you dont have a "clue", emcees see that shit, they gonna "rag~on~you"//
this verse straight slapped you upside ya head, i got u sayin "mista~mista"//
nelly aint "up~in~herre" to save u from this flowin "sinistah~tongue~twista"//
i dont need "big~words" to make you tha bottom of the "rap~food~chain"//[1]
all i need is a comp and a keyboard to keystyle my "way~to~fame"//
so before u "claim" that u tha pinnacle of this "rap~game", shoot for the sky, even if u miss you'll be with the stars...//

March 31, 2003.. vs Illicit
~This flow bout to burn ya ass and leave ya in tha "preliminaries"//
~Try to trace my history, you'll only find "lyrical~obituaries"//
~Im simply known to drop "mad~bombs" so call me "Sadaam"//
~I aint a soldier but i aint scurred to walk a mile in the desert with a M16 "in~my~palm"//
~Call me "tha~doc" Im known to "diagnose"//
~Hm, I recommend a "prosthetic~cock", yo rhymes are known "verbose"//[1]
~Like "ILL~icit" I want yall broke emcees to keep my name "out~ya~dental"//
~Keep talkin that mess kid, your unforeseen death would surely be "accidental"//
~I'll rip ya eyes out and skull fuck you boy, howz that "for~mental"//[2]
~Wack ass G's, hataz, posers, and tricks all known to be "judgemental"//
~You look to cops for "safety" when I roll in ya "vicinity", I got you "speedily~pleadin~guilty"//
~Illicit can't step to "me", while he one to talk about a "wack~ass~emcee"//

April 1, 2003.. vs Xearo
~The chances of this cat \'Xearo\' winnin\' this battle are similar to \'purgin~Nero\' in Ancient Rome//
~Minimal~to~zero, my shit makes niggaz wonder why I approach these battles with rhymes straight \'off~da~dome\'//
~Ya alias Xearo is only a reflection of your lyrical \'capacity\'//
~Steppin\' to this battle was ya first mistake, your only proving your own \'mental~audacity\'//
~Claimin\' you an invisible \'sniper\', see me runnin towards ya, invincible in lyrical greatness, might wanna change ya \'diaper\'//
~This flow will bombard~ya~brain leavin ya cerebrum thinner than a shard~of~grain//
~There aint a guard~to~blame when I break through security worse than a beginner wanksta \'tryin~to~aim\'//
~I\'m comin to this battle reppin\' 3rd coast, not a reason to boast, bein the first one outta San antonio beats more than most//
~No assailant can stop~me~now, yall can try to pop~me~now, call me neo im dodging bullets, self-defense skillz, duck~strafe~POW//
~Bein a Halo fanatic, mind-images are sporadic, no spittin\' skillz, internally eatin\' your own brain worse than bein a \'crack~addict\'//
~Sittin\' on ya couch playin tha X-box, killin\' yourself cant vouch with ya algebra gay tricks, suckin \'5x~cocks\'//
~Get out in this world, gain some \'exposure\', this battle alone will break ya, rob your of your \'composure\'//
~Pop ya medication, Assailants known to lack sophistication and bein deprived of mediation//
~Well Here I Am Son, comin strong looking to plunder you of \'self-gratification\'//
~I close this bout murderin this cat worse than \'Jason\'//
~Im droppin\' before ya kid, leavin you still \'pacin\'//

April 2, 2003.. vs Lost
~Dj Lost got me thinking of a popular rhetorical question, if ya yell in a forest does anyone hear~you?//
~Consider me even respondin\' to this battle tha Lords blessin, not even \'great dane\' would fear~you//
~You like a run of tha mill \'emcee\', weak flows gotta \'be\' closely examined and inspected similar to \'exhibit~E\'//
~Just looking at ya \'material\' makes me wonder is this cat \'fo-real?\', I seen better shit with a \'serial\' numba out of ya \'cereal~box\'//
~Countin \'cocks\', I guess you good at math cuz you got the twice number needed of \'penis~socks\'//[1]
~Sayin you \'lost\', maybe cuz you just got \'bossed\' in the wrong direction and ya couldn\'t afford to pay tha \'cost\'//
~Fool, you like a dumbass~democrat~\'voter\' you tryin to "Illiter~rate"//
~You couldn\'t sail around my lyrikal memory if ya had a 180 horsepower \'motor\' equipped with "oxygen~nitrate"//
~Ya dun so much bitin you made a new past tense, \'bate\', I make ya swallow them words kid, ingested and \'ate\'//
~They call me tha \'masta~of~ceremonies\', I hit these pussies like I\'m invading \'foreign~territories\'//
~Dj lost got spun around internally and resorted to a dismal \'panic\', only word to represent my recent performances is \'titanic\'//
~Ol\' Sinistah came up with this verse in a lil over one \'minute\', maybe if ya cut my verse in half, dj lost would have a sliver of a chance to be still \'in it\'//

April 7, 2003.. vs Disception
~disception is like a sculptor without tha 'plaster', a disciple without a 'pastor', the only thing you disceptin kid is callin yaself a 'lyrical-master'//[1]
~ill cut ya flow off, sinistah with tha 'interception', ill cut ya life off, yo ass been fucked since 'conception'//
~ayo i got a 'suggestion', enough with the games and stick to 'court-jestin'//
~Cuz fool you just got 'clowned', ya need to leave yo verse in lost and 'found', in this rap game im 'world-renowned'//
~Im bout to 'bust' yo ass with a lyrical 'thrust', trail hardened and i left ya to 'crust', while i hum to myself, "another one bites the dust"//
~Its the truth you 'misconstrued', call me out? Boy yo ass is 'screwed', you tryin to lay a lyrical-lawsuit? sorry kid but i just 'counter-sued'//
~You couldnt cop a steady flow if you 'bought-the-Nile'//
~Tragedy is eminent, bitch, after this first 'defile', a week later you'll realize you 'fought-denial'//[2]
~Peepin' my shit from 3rd person got you seein' double-'vision'//
~These rhymes will disentangle tha dendrites in ya eyes like nuclear-'fission'//
~In my 'brain' your worldly being is my 'figure-of-speech'//
~Low on tha food 'chain', you down with parasites like a 'chigger-or-leech'//
~You 'pretend' to 'comprehend' when I 'apprehend' the location you try to 'defend'//
~You 'savor' my 'flavor', since im ya 'savior' ill do ya a 'favor'//
~I dropped 'before-ya', you called me out but I 'control-ya', I got ya ass more whipped than the usa and tha 'ayatollah'//

April 12, 2003.. vs General Dick
~General 'dick' ya give new meaning to the word 'thick'//
~Perverted fuck you make me 'sick', ya cranium is hollow like a candle without a 'wick'//
~But ya quickly burnin muh 'fuse', I can only take so many 'jews', after this battle you gon' suffer a lyrical subdermal hematoma aka a bruise//[1]
~Cuz muh words fight my battles for-me, you think youz a homie? son you have the right to remain silent, and BLOW-ME//
~Fool at least I can say im well-versed, you were straight most of ya life but soon somethin got reversed//
~General dick? Im guessin thats ya 'nickname', sounds like an ambiguously gay pornstar 'flick-name'//
~Why dont ya use your true alias, 'Ass-bandit'//
~Break up ya circle-jerk group kid before I myself 'disband-it'//
~'Assume-the-postion' mutha fucka time for you to 'presume-my-ambition' cuz im startin a new 'doom-practition'//
~Im handin out death like it wuz 'free-candy', eat shit and die kid, so things on WCC would just 'be-dandy'//
~Next time ya face me bring ya whole arsenal to the 'table', this battle so easy it aint just a fairy tale, its a 'fable'//

April 18, 2003.. vs Jemuel
~Jemuel gon' try-and-make-muck-of-me but he only gonna prewrite-the-fuck-outta-me//
~Dis cat 'Jemuel' thought he was ill but was just sick, tried spittin but could only 'flem-well'//[1]
~Jem steerin himself far into trouble while he sittin clean in tha cockpit//
~Tried to exchange shots wit me, ol' sinister detonated, jem didnt have tha time to 'cock-it'//(gun)

Got rhyme? *beat quickens* Get ignorant!
~Fool please, wack emcees cant step to these Elite Symphonies, you payin fees while I lookin to seize all broke G's with no jealousies//
~a to z lyrically makin all fleas freeze wit disease, breakin Jem openly, everyone seez, Sinistah hears a weez when Jem flees outta dubcc like a quick breeze//
~just anutha catastrophe when i drop goes straight to victory, plus one numba to tha sum of tally'z this time vs Jemuel aka one of tha greasy monkeyz//

.. mutha fucka.. *original beat*
~Jem couldn't get-in-a-flow if he fell into white-rapids, he scared me once with his one-and-only gun despite-the-plastic//
~2nd Nature I guess the fucker really-turned-gay, came out of the closet now he can freely-exclaim-hurray!//[2]
~Closin my 10-bar-escapade, after tha Elite diss, I think its safe-ta-say that my debts-are-paid//

April 21, 2003.. vs Timelock
~One krazy ol' 'niccah' was caught performin Cloud 9 rain(reign) 'dances' by the name of 'Timelock'//
~Elite boi 'sinistah' came to tha scene with some 'ambulances' and an amish-gay-pornstar screamin' eat 'thine-cock'//
~Then a 'fine-flock' of geese flew over and asked TL, what you gon' do when you regain a-stance-on-ya-feet?//
~Timelock thought to himself, its about that time to confess muh allegiance-to-elite//

Aight no more story-tellin.. Let's get this shit crackin'

~Thinkin ya hard behind ya Cloud 9 banner, its obvious you tryin to lay-low, the only thing that makes you hard is fuckin J.Lo!//
~Fool I been spittin' since you wuz a glimma in ya mum's eye, Im just fuckin with a dumb guy, when asked to battle Elite he said uhhh, why?//
~Sinister bringin tha heat, like a sting in ya feet, takin ya legs out from underneath//
~You dont fit-the-label of an internet gangsta slayer, youz just a fucking-hater//[1]
~Timelock couldnt bring good shit-to-the-table if he was a Burger King-waiter//[2]
~After my first two bars I already caught yo ass shittin'.. abandon keystyle for months? I can smell tha pre-written//
~There was a lock-in-time when Cloud 9 possessed a Mack-n'-9, wankstaz provin they got nuthin but wack-rhymes and excess-time//
~You ugly like a Cloud 9 69 but it takes 2 to -tango-, you aint fillin the 'partnership', ask -daygo-, you know he cant 'part-with-the-dick'//[3]
~I like the attempt to attack-me, i got agility, ya didnt land a hit-on-me, any other Cloud 9 emcees want some? Get-at-me..//
May 1, 2003.. vs Gyrl1da
~gyrlida, a visual gorilla, wannabe westcoast killa, served by sinistah, pussy-deminisha, hold on yo i aint finished wit ya//
~flows exquisite, s to the physic, have a visit, here my dick now kiss-it//
~power to the penis, ya flows dont mean shit, sinister is fiendish, tearin up this ish, add another tally to my win list, one more for the genius//

dubcc style homie.. my turf

~Im battlin' this cat-wit-no-name, if this was softball she'd have a bat-but-no-game//[1]
~Ill put that gat-to-shame, put the gun down whore! I lyrikally disposed of ya body.. cops found it down-shore//
~"expose" ya expertise, ya known for spreadin-ya-ankles, ya walked all over the sex game, now you treadin-on-cankles//[2]
~lida grabbed her crotch and grasped nuthin but air, even she knows when it comes to havin BALLS there aint nuttin there//
~Lyrics deliberate, ya fetish is chopsticks, now we all know why that "chink" bx got your dirty ass six//[3]
~Incapable of spittin, you just a jawless-chick-to-me, im endin this battle liu kang style wit a muthafuckin FLAWLESS-VICTORY//[4]

May 8, 2003.. vs DayGoStyLz
sin starts a swingin

~I reduced-my-nerves when I peeped this lyrikal ammunition produced-by-verbs, if cum wuz energy Tone gettin juiced-by-perves//(anal)
~Sinister, reducer-of-confidence, claimed introducer-of-logic-sense, reproducer-of-50-cents, the metamucil-for-mono-prints//[1]
~Ya "gone fishin" for personals but ya got nuthin-on-me, Tone callin for backup grab ya fuckin-army, ya chuckin-raw-meat (no beef)//
~Tone confides-in-cocks, thought he'd ride-on-blocks, got shot, stopped, now thinks outside-the-box//
~Ya glides-are-mocked, Elite "takes flight", Sin killin this lyrikal caesar like it was the ides-of-march//[2]

A lil' Self-Proklamation

~Sin gettin mad looks like kids runnin alcohol booths//
~Yeah I play tennis, I aint jokin, like the american female population gettin horny i made the U.S. OPEN//

Haha.. aight no more gamez

~Call me dirty vegas.. Im makin days go by when day goes in diego Im makin Daygo's days go bye-bye!//[3]
~Fool my shit is heaven-sent, yourz is ether-bent, got ya first bitch at 30 and realized you wuz impotent//[4]
~Only time you bust a cap is when ya tap-the-shift-key, ya only came "in contact" with greatness when ya grabbed-fifty (cent)//
~Ya "perspired lead" when ya saw my lyrikal ammunition, 4 to the dome now you sweatin-bullets//
~Like backyard barbeques and 'mullets' ya party is in the back (butt), Tone exchangin Cloud 9 sexual favors tit-for-tat//
~Like a castrated pornstar ya bit one and disgraced-ya-fans, i erased-ya-plans, dubcc dont want any more tone you wuz chased-by-demand//
~Everyone rap like DayGo, grab ya thesaurus! Tone a true let down for-us, ya "see through" personality aint nuthin but porous//
~You crafty? Only way you performin flea flickers is by scratchin ya dog, "cant hit me" like youz takin shots in the fog, another lyrical flog//
May 21, 2003.. vs Mack
~Bashin mack-cliques with muh sinister tactics, DA full of wack-tricks like ya dallas mavericks//
~I got newbies depressin-me, vets surpressin-me, bitches on my nuts incessantly//
~When I spit these walls-are-shakin, balls-are-breakin, even bathroom stalls-are-shakin//
~Ya couldnt "drop personals" if ya mishandled a phone-book, Sinister the elite Lone-Wolf, walked in the door and even tone-moved//
~Ill help ya "drop tight shit" and partially sew-up-ya-rectum, im a radioactive kamikaze after i blow-up-n-infect-'em//
~Dropped once and ya got an ejection, newbs toss up shit and i reject-'em, a lyrikal reflection//
~Its a feat to beat me, you cant compete with Elite completely, ya gots to cheat to make meat of me, not likin me? join the commitee//
~Lyrikally hazin and blazin people, mutha fucka im amazin people, eat cats fah lunch like im grazin people//
~You desperate for backup like givin meth-to-a-female, e~gangsta thought he was hard till he suffered a death-by-an-email//
~Ya in violation of the compilation of Elite, ya fallin-game might be the reason why you now reppin tha hall-of-shame//
~Like an aorta marathon im racin'-hearts, a bad wind fixin to blow mack out like hastened-farts//
~Ya patience-starts to weaken, my rhymes so frantic, feelin tantric, Mack "fell off" when he bit like a man-tick//
~"Props" to ya for bein one of the only cats in herre with wins in double-digits, but ya cant 'raise up' to me like youz a troubled-midget//
June 3, 2003.. vs Red~Alert
..Old Skool..
~Mutha fucka said Im blood thirsty like cottonmouth-vampires//
~All you do is 'talk shit' like potty-mouths-and-liars//
~Ya "domestic punches" aint hittin me like U bought ya guns at the home-shoppin-network//
~The net-worth of ya career plus ya ability couldnt add up to my dome-spittin-lectures//
~You blew up when ya felt my heat like firestone tires//
~Sinister known as tha lyrikal dragon when i spit fire//

I luv myself
~I aint black rob but my shits like whoa, you just a sideshow in the sinister slide-show//
~I got exceedin-body-fluids, damn right playa im leakin-pimpjuice//
~Daaaaaaaaaamn homie, yo girl sucks a good dick, i told her not to "mouth off" and she took out her dentures for me!//

..My Style..
~Sittin their flexin, minds complexin, maybe you'll realize yo ass is gettin served by a texan!//
~Im fixin to drop you like a bad-habit, ya fat-faggot, Sin servin ya literal mathematics//
~I wouldnt use ya verse to wipe my ass, reminds me of a fat kid and cake the way you bitin fast//
~Lyrikally infested and manifested, tried to cop-a-multi but ya got arrested by multi cops when ya lost ya life and resurrected//
~You "cannibal" , trust, ya tried bitin my shit, i spat so much fire i creamated myself, and yet ya still ate my dust//

June 4, 2003.. vs DeadSouljah
~Incarcerated dead souljah? I told-ya, if you leave you stay gone like hussein and the ayatollah//
~Time to fast-forward, Im gonna rip this kid a new asshole, a lyrikal spankin, damn kid i know this gonna be yo last-flow//
~Still mad from a recent-loss, you a decent-hoss but im the feature-boss, punches derive from underneath-jaws//
~Looked back and feasted-on-flaws, my verse was contained till i unleashed-muh-bars, its tha beast-from-mars//
~DS a plague who just queefed SARS, what you gon do when i grasp fees-from-jars, the dubcc elite company-is-ours//
~Im fixin to attack-ya-verse, u made a thread but ill combat-it-first, lyrikal murda and i just contracted-my-thirst//
~Retracted-the-hearse, dont give a fuck about flow its the content-that-counts, still ya competent-amounts to nuthin but a dimented-bounce//
~Spittin "single bars" so you'll soon find yaself solo with others, MD a white fanny pack you call band of brothers//
~"Overweight" rhymes like wavy fat, DeadSouljah looked cool till he strapped on the old-navy-hat!// (avatar)
~Haha.. fool you just called yourself inefficient, melanin aint the only that you deficient, kinda like me in this battle wit no competition//
~Battled over 15 times and still stare-at-defeat, cant even compare-the-elite, comin back at ya with a snare-to-the-beat//
~Im like Ozzy Osbourne runnin this shit without a straight head, damn DS, thought you were a vet but you still wet the bed!//
~Its like jiffy lube when I serve this cat automatic, named himself a combatant but soon was lost like an old lady in bad traffic//
~Im a newbie? At least i dont put my rhymes-in-bold, watch these lyrikal crimes-unfold and i just installed the timed-deadbolt//
~Shit makes ya head-jolt, fillin max bars cuz i know you be feelin my shit when the lead's-cold//

June 15, 2003.. vs Bez
~Only way you put ya "balls to the wall" is when I stake-up-ya-testicles, like cold tits you come soft but with a point but ill break-up-ya-chesticles//
~A SiNiStEr win from this battle came straight from the horse's mouth, took ya girl out and whore's mouth straight took the course south//
~Bez came "half cocked" like viagra and impotency.. my flows will come hard till they hit the bottom like niagra-efficiency//
~Bez was a vet till he encountered my lyrikal smallpox, Sin came on the scene.. tore some cats up, vets reversed, now you takin my shots!// (yall know vets)
~7000 posts and ya still-no-vet, im ill-no-less, attended ya wake, they said death.. but I knew ya took a pill-for-rest, my shots will fill-tha-best//
~We are all a sideshow.. Its just that I breath fire, arsonist of words, you the suicidal keystyler who chokes when hes swallowin-swords, I stalk mass bitches like followin-fords//
~Its not funny the way ya bad jokes never cease-to-exist, ya flows "imcomprehendable" like baby beesh-wit-a-lisp, could you plead-the-fifth?//[1]
~Say please-fa-these-fists.. You "flirtin with danger", droppin N-bombs behind the curtain.. only reason ya spit that shit online is cuz ya too scared to say it in person!//
~My punches are like bad fruitcake they'll go-right-through-ya.. fuck personals.. maybe a decent flow-might-do-ya..//
~Betta than takin a hit of oxycontin from tonight's-hukah, Im so-tight-to-ya,Im digital yo-despite-tha-computah, SiNiStEr juked left but we all know he flowed-right.. (oooooh).. fooled-ya//

June 25, 2003.. vs Gareefa
~Oh God, its Gareefa, the lyrikal queefa, only reason you fell in this rap game is cuz ya got a huge crush on queen latifah//
~I got bad breath? At least I dont spit shit, told ya stop writin but ya still dont get-it, hold up.. ill drop a tid bit//
~You thought you wuz funny until i broke ya humerus (humourus), ya jokes dont make us laugh.. just humor-us//
~I know britain's cold but ill stop by and spit some heat, raise the temperature.. uk still lackin good emcees? i guess thats why you got ya own lines in ya signature//
~Bitch! I wouldnt use your verse to WIPE MY ASS, learned ma lesson against bez but now i wont stop in this cup 'til i swipe-the-last//
~I hope ya have "high velocity poop" cuz muthafucka the shit just hit the fan.. a good verse from sin is in demand and im gonna murder this cat with everything i can//
~You took 5 bars just from my av-and-sig, i guess im just wild.. battlin me is like you tryin to tame a wild maverick, I just smoked this cat.. yeah lemme have-a-cig//
~Just takes one-bar-and-ya-feeble, ma karma dropped 7 points since i argued with bez, fuckit, im still take a dump-on-ya-people.. only time reefa sports a gat is when he stands in front-of-a-steeple//[1]
~13 barz alone, way too long for this pitiful drone, Ill let this lyrikal al capone put 5 in ya dome and listen to this kid moan and groan//
~I dont need mista darwin for victory, just ma bars and ma symphony, you feelin me? Fuck it yo.. you just another kid-to-me//
~Your shit ails me like a weak kidney.. I SWEAR if I hear name and game in a verse again, Ill ignite the flame, stake my claim, sacrifice my fame and extinguish the lame//
~Then take the blame.. without no shame.. 2 Elite in the cup I think Im smellin the reign, my shots will make you levitate, like David Blaine//[2]
~Ill eat up ya brain, save you a part so you can have a piece-of-mind, you will never cease-to-find weak ass punches so spare me if you could be-so-kind//
~Killin this international-man-of-mystery attemptin to subdue Sinister's substantional-plans-of-misery.. this kid actin rational, the man's history//
~Ill destroy the contents of ya frame wit my 12 guage shotta, 4 to ya forehead.. blood stained my prada, someone said 'got vagina'? I said I got alotta..//
July 10, 2003.. vs abstruse
[sample - Kurupt : It's Over Now]

It's over, its over now move over
It's your fault you lost red rover
Your game's shut down
It's over, its over now move over
Woop yo ass when im sober
Snoops game's shut down

I'll step on you wit my gangsta step
~Give new meaning to 'c-walk' when I stomp all over Calvin//
~Jump on ya chest and re-route ya heart valve in//

cuz im gangsta..
yea, cuz im gangsta..

~Wizzle bizzle thisizzle izzle sinizzle wizzle fo shizzle//
~What you say my nizzle, what up, yo ho make that booty wiggle//
~Yo holmes, back on topic, ya eyes are red you sure you stopped tokin?//
~You got kids yo and you KNOW they know you smokin//


~I'll split ya fingers and toes in two then shoot you in ya palms with a 22//
~Abandon ya ass for days right where u standin, then come back and blow you 5 miles wit a cannon//
~Then give you somethin you wish you could handle, 4 flares shoved up ya ass wit my roman candle//
~Now you internally on fire, I'll torch the remaining remains, then throw 'em on a fedex plane//
~Shoot it down wit 1 round over the ocean and watch you drown//
~You clown, I do this often, there is a shark chillin at the bottom waitin to eat ya coffin//
~I'll hurl 4 harpoons at ya in ya body cavities, now your worst enemy is gravity//
~Hit the bottom which was wired with C4, blow lil snoop up, bet you never fucked wit a lunatic crip before//
~And feed whatever remains to some plankton, dayum, then start you back up from the food chain//

cuz im gangsta..
Thaz right, I'm gangsta..

July 14, 2003.. vs CSN

~Approachin this battle I was just lookin to murder one, the rest just a bonus//
~Fixin to go medieval on ya asses, crucify one and let the rest get stoned by stonaz//
~Ya verses are gross, shits raisin a stench.. ya kru can contend? Bitchez we got 2nd nature on the bench!//
~CSN a buncha hit or misses, ya cant spell crap without the r-a-p! I'll murder yall with elementray disses//
~I spit shots like I had bullets fa loose-teeth, aint no e~gangstaz needed in Elite, just need a sheet of loose-leaf//

~This fool "lacks creativity" like it was benzino behind the mic//
~I'll rip out ya eyes and stick 'em up ya ass, and give you the gift of hindsight!//
~Looks like hibernation has slurred ya words, cuz you weak 'n inactive.. like the keystyle battle board!//
~Couldnt break apart my verse with a broadsword, U shoulda "pulled a maxi pad" and practice bitin before you approached the battle lord//
~You should know this by now, battlin me is pointless like unsharpened pencils, son ya heard what I said//
~Maybe you would get the 'point' if I "filled you with lead"// (pencils)

~DarkMagician chose his position cuz he fears my holy disposition//
~Sin vs dark? Listen to dubcc, "Sin'll own ya" but thats just a premonition, I'll let my words do the dissin//
~I put 6 in ya head, 6 in ya legs, and 6 in ya frame so you can be 1-with-Satan// (666)
~I may spit as SiNiStEr, but I'm still a playa, unlike yall I just dont see the fun-in-hatin//
~Ya content is like the new Elite.. itz lackin-techniec// (the emcee)
~Spit in the middle but it seems like you spit first cuz there is no purpose in backin-the-weak//

~You weak, even if you came in 50's mom.. ya "flow still wouldnt make-sense"// (cents)
~You drop regularly but ya shit aint 'gainin interest' like faulty bank statements!//
~Even if I took a dump in ya coffin, you still wouldnt be the 'underground-shit'//
~U part of CSN? Nah, just rode the pine now you in one, I dun buried you alive dumbfounded-bitch//
~Me and rats similar in ways.. we both bringin up the rear//
~Except I just spit last, he'll take it in the butt and ask you to cum in his ear!//

~Skillaztic against Elite, it's pitiful, I'm gonna put this beef to rest like tranquilizin-a-cow//
~I flipped ya scripts, started the CSN gospel special with yall shoutin, WE IDOLIZIN-SIN-NOW// (praise tha lord!)
~This battle is makin headlines, see CSN get murdered live at 10 o'clock on CNN//
~Closest you get to real emcee'in bitch, is sportin ya groovy eminem!// (avatar)
~After this battle, Skillaztic gonna retire and make the decision to lay-low//
~Goin from e~thugs to children's entertainment, now U reppin readin rainbow!//

~Its a matter of time.. before I take my holy nine, pull the trigger thine, and blast you with sacrificial lead//
~Aint that a "blow to the head".. even Jesus said, "God wants you dead!"//
~Its sad when ya best man is here just to protect ya pussies, maxi got yall, you lucky ya "undercover"// (padz)
~I'm just lookin for one who comes hard in CSN, only found one 'under the rubber'//
~Bitch Im fixin to cut off my legs cuz I cant stand ya shit//
~SiNiStEr the one hitter quitter, cleanin up after the Elite wreckin ball hit//

~Even if all yall sported Skillaztic avatars ya still wouldnt be all-stars//
~Guess ya think yall's 'stylz kickin' now cuz u usin small-bars//
~This shit is too easy, its pointless, we guaranteed a win like the Spurs in championships//
~Yall couldnt 'beat sin' if ya had God behind ya, and everyone one of ya was equipped with whips//
~I'm like the new STD, theres a lil bit of SiN goin around, be like Kobe when I rape each and every one of ya.. comin hard from DOWNTOWN!// (b-ball)
~Battle concluding, I feel like I just wasted material, thought yall were ready to 'step up to the plate' but dun forgot ya wheaties cereal//
~I used 42 barz to murder ya whole-kru.. in the end yall just another group that SiN put a hole-through//

July 19, 2003.. vs Red~Alert
~The kids got a bomb!
Red~Alert, Red~Alert..
false alarm, kid aint gotta arsenal he just a friend-of-nurf//
~Wanted my autograph on his bullets so he sent-'em-first, signed it, sent it back with a bundle-of-dirt, so he could bury himself and befriend-the-earth//
~Truth-hurts, you got so far to be dropped so quickly, be like darwin and die a christian gradually, tell ya grandkids, made it far as an emcee until sin hit me//
~Quick to replace names, you playin games? Son Im hot-headed.. get 'under my skin' I'll be quick to sprayin-flames//
~Filet'in lames.. I'm gonna bring the animal outta-this-cat but I only see a pussy, sent you outta the park without-a-bat, attack and leave-tha-rookie//
~I'll explode-ya-leg so you can see the kode-is-red, red flashbacks, seein this shit will explode-ya-head, let the wind take its toll and erode-you-dead//
~Die and melt make you a deceased chameleon, Bitch be glad you winnin-some, only way you gonna recieve a cup is by stealin-one//
~You shoulda listened to God when he said 'stay away from sin' before he goes and sprays somethin again//
~Makin you VDK victim #10, made fattak a vegetable when I attacked-it, took his brain and compacted-it, sin in the head he dun contracted//
~I'm automatic, Residin in Lebanon kid dun made himself a loner, its OK, i'll go down under, swerve a corner, dismantle him there with the coroner//
~The kid 'fell hard' so I sawed off his boner, make a 'donation to science' and make him an organ donor//
~Shoot ya ear and make ya neck-spin, how you gonna 'gain a victory' when my nick's-sin and it RHYMES with sick-win//
~Shots'a comin, pop-'n-ya-head-burst, I'll make you dubcc's bitch like rock-did-fred-durst, you may be scared but it'll be smart to try and stop-the-lead-first//
~So desperate to be ill, kid you might as well lip-lock-a-leper, ya frozen-with-fear cuz the chosen-is-here, decomposin-ya-rear//
~Done with this battle ya wounds so serious its worse than spinal, 'takin tests' is the only way you gonna be experiencin the finals!//

August 2, 2003.. vs Mack
~MACK, I'll beat you like a red-headed step child, but choke-ya-first-wit-my-hands, cuz you just droppin kiddy shit, you even wrote-ya-verse-wit-ya-crayons//
~You must spit with ya pants down cuz you just em-BARE-ASS-in yaself, put ya pride on tha shelf, didnt you know battlin sin was hazardous for ya health?//
~Now violence-is-chosen, wonderin why I text cuz thats where compliance-is-molten, im changin my name to 'silent', why? cuz silence-is-golden//
~Im hidin-this-dyke-of-tha-leeway, the kids 'outta his league' like riding-his-bike-on-tha-freeway, said ya quit bitin, but why im I findin-shit-like-this-on-tha-ebay?//
~Ya scheme is off like picasso paintin-portraits, wonderin why ya stylz 'loose', by the second round you wuz displayin-whore-traits//
~Foo you couldnt drop nursery rhymes, youz the type of emcee that I could vibe circles-behind//
~Rip off ya 'hyde' when this jeky'll-rewind, the day I lose against a biter is the day my lyrikal tech'll-resign//
~I just gotta laugh at what this lame-notes, not enough firepower this is murder like what her name-wrote, leave ya body missing like ya hall of fame-votes//
~Battles already over, Im ownin you, the president just signed my rights-to-mack and I reserve the right-to-smack any self proclaimed emcee worthy of fightin-back//
~Mack, look at who-you-facin, battle me? this fools trippin like loose-shoelaces, I know you aint accustomed to losin but this a new-situation//
~Broadcastin like on ya local news-station, Satan-beckons, youz like nick cage performances and gone in sixty-seconds, bitch I aint done, fix-me-seconds//
~Now ya mad cuz ya got slayed-by-ma-power, get caught in mad-lies? ya-sour, lil did you know that thanks to ya krumates, im gettin paid-by-tha-hour//
~Ya verses are weak cuz you just luv-tha-filla, makin peace wit me is like tryin to hug-attila, kinda sad when 'tennis studs' are woopin up on str8 thuggin-killaz//
~Battle is like ya avatar the 'W' is in tha-air, you havent figured out that dubcc.. thats ma-lair, but Im gonna rip the 'WIN' like rippin ya throat, courtesy of Sinistah, tha-slayer//

short pause.. lez go

~Russian-czars flushin-sars couldnt stall my fuckin-barz, Ima rushin-star while you is 'alone and non existent', like a bush-on-mars//
~Im lookin to mush-ya-scars, cuz bitch ya still a joke like chickens crossin-tha-road, Im flossin-ya-mode, an easy win, even if I pause... ya-explode//
~This aint just my last line its ya 'death sentence', VDK leader dun got served and served his pentance, Im grabbin this cup while you lost ya penant, im finished//

--- wan some more

~Once this battles over you should make like Xzibit and get-ya-walk-on, cuz after U retire and get-ya-talk-on, make conversation, dubcc? Sin got-tha-lock-on//
~Fixin to get my kicks-in-ya-direction, just the thought of you committin-an-indirect-sin got ya missin-ya-complexion//
~Tongue lashin receiver, perceive seconds thoughts of dissin-a-texan, found bliss-in-ya-erection, so ya jizzed on ya note pad to 'come hard' against-sin, shortly after you shoved ya fist-in-ya-rectum//
~Its Da_notorious_mack but we know ya-glory-is-wack, trust me son we all heard the story-before, we know what you notorious-for//
August 5, 2003.. vs Mouse
~How can I respect you when ya shit doesnt-rhyme, the flow wasnt-timed, if you was 'writin on the street' I wouldnt donate a fuckin-dime//
~Thanks to you I've learned-a-lot, now I know I can spit words that dont rhyme for the hall of fame, and earn-a-spot//
~Funny thing is I know you aint shit.. like-piss, time for sin to scratch mouse off my-list, ya sins comin back to haunt, never thought it would turn out like-this//
~Only time ya insightful is when you in-sights-fool, tryin to bring me down but Im on-despite-you//
~'Return of the Comebacks'.. fuck it, I'll just let Indy-fight-you-pup, but I can still find it in me, to light-you-up, this buck-is-shittin-me//
~Fuckin-wit-me? Foo right now Im hotter than a furnace on-tha-sun, to spit fire in that gaping hole is tempting, and I aint smokey robinson//[1]
~I wanna hit-a-prick, you one of 'dubcc's finest' but ya dont fit-tha-list, you the mousehowl, but I just hear a squeak, maybe that why no one listens to tha shit-ya-spit//
~Listen-tah-me, Dealin props is the only way you throwin a diss-tah-me, oh, by the way if ya found yaself missin-any vital organs it was courtesy-a-me//
~U must be smokin-la-la, You gonna be like Bush in 2004 cuz no one votin-fah-ya, this verse causin permanent damage, see ya runnin from me like a fuckin-impala//
~Time tah roll-out, I see ya wide open-mouf, I wonder should I put my dick-in or rip ya vocal cords-out, no more-clout, just grindin time grip ya throat and let the rest pour-out//
~Look! You on live at the New Zealand news, reporter yellin, its 'fuckin-murdahh, before tha judgement day, lil mousehowl was hella unheard-of//

August 13, 2003.. vs DayGoStyLz
~U aint spittin, itz weak-this-speakin, I cant wait to 'own this pussy' like Im gettin freaky-this-weekend, ya situations bleak-n-itz-seepin//
~Im simply settin-tha-tone with a step-in-tha-zone, waitin-tah-own this queen whoz reppin-tha-throne, ya greetin this jack of all trades, expert of degradin-ya-bone//
~I'll put ya rut-in-gear.. you knew the wrath of sin was commencin but youz mufflin-fear, losin ya belt ya sad enough-tah-tear, I know its tough-tah-hear but even you know itz rougha-here//
~E-gangsta hope you havin fun-in-ya-seat, dont take a step outdoors cuz U know its Elite runnin-tha-street, so when you jet from-tha-heat, Cloud 9 starts rainin tha reign, it'll be SiN first one-tah-recieve//
~I used tah think this bud-is-black, but that was just him partaking in a permanent mudbath, slice ya melanin and let you experience ya tru blood's-wrath//
~Heavyweight bouts.. gleamin-fah-bein-ballistic, itz just Tone seemed-tah-carene-from-tha-gist-of-it, itz just his realization he's bein-tha-chief-a-sins-statistics//
~We both b-ball fans but Im the spur-of-tha-moment, the opposition is tryin to 'net a championship' but youz just a buffer-condonement, lose and watch ya suffer from this verbal-atonement//[1]
~U think ya started with it, but Im the original this is known, son ya covers blown, cuz in the beginning God made SiN, cut off his foreskin and then God made Tone//
~I must be spittin chain links cuz you takin a-fence (offense) to everything I say, cuz now ya like Beck, youz a loser but I'll kill you anyway, I could do this anyday//[2]
~Sin comin with the trademark long barz but itz just an excessive use-of-force, specialized to abuse-ya-corpse, articulated to beat ya winnin record and confuse-ya-scores//
~Bitch ass, the day you beat me is when Bush starts givin hay-rides, the local gay-guy 'comes out' out to the hood to say-hi, hell freezes over and Satan starts givin free sleigh-rides//
~This mans-a-bitch, lil man started early pacin on his own block performin crip jogs, what kinda dance-is-this? Hear ya mommy out the window.. Tony! Get some pants-that-fit!//
~Oh my! Itz Tone the lyrikal gardner! but itz time to pull ya 'green thumb' out of ya ass partner, become a victim of my 'seed of wisdom', and make you ya fruity force's martyr//[3]
~All of a sudden Im thinkin its Jungle Book time, who knew, Tone tha panther and I-Blo the cuddly bear, baloo, Im glad yall reppin Cloud 9 cuz theres 'just 2' many of you//
~Before you was just deadweight, 'tha loss is heavy', so now U just dead-rhyme, shut ya lights off cuz we all know when Daygo's days go itz daygo's bedtime!//
~Hate gangstaz, Im into upheavin-thugs, its funny to see ya get beat by ya own style, like gettin a handjob from Rice's reciever-gloves, ya still 'catchin bombs' but in reality you just recievin-slugs//
August 21, 2003.. vs I-bo
~My brainstormz cause tidal-waves, submit Maestro a victim to upload and get his vitals-razed, have ya illiterate ass subject tah what my recital-says//
~Obfuscate ya holy being at an obtuse-rate, ya clutched in the grasps of sin, to-lose-is-gay so I made painstaking efforts for you to-lose-this-way//
~I see hes-in-mah-perception, time fah seizin-a-connection, trap and slice u in bits, Im cleavin-ya-section, niches-is-ya-destination like feces-in-mah-rectum//
~I-aint-seein-how you challenge me, I talked to overseer, my-cleavin's-allowed, U decomposin already, all I wanna hear from you is bye-Im-leavin-now//
~How you gonna bash USA when in Sweden all I gotta do is leech-fah-evidence, advance and beseech-ya-regiments, endin makin attempts to besiege-ya-president//
~All cuz I deciphered ya code via ya speech-impediments, when I was high off speed-amphetamines, just armed with leaves-and-sentiments//
~Im offerin a suggestion-fah-protection, although I feel obligated to deflate Maestro's erection-of-resurrection, itz time fah me to get to dissectin-ya-connection//
~We got our own obese superman, with a spewing fountain-in-lip-tonite, encountering-kryptonite, ya think ya rhymes are phat but in reality they just ammounting-cellulite//
~Visual reached, I found-another-queer, U just lucky I cant 'find it in me' to end-ya-career, but still able to round-up-ya-fear, ass rape you and mend-up-ya-rear//
~I-bo's skillz bein put to tha test but itz on the rocks like drivin on swedish-roads, this swede-iz-old, 50+ battles you'd think a lead-was-known//
~End up in a hospital, I guess I blazed-ya-right, ya pissed off cuz I would grant Tone visitation-rights, Im hearin shouts from the body cast, Sin! Let him in! I gotta see my asian-tonight!//
~Manipulate the internet globally, to 'delete' ya career all I got to do is stroke-a-key, send ya ass back 'home' to tha northeast-g//[1]
~Push ya throne-back-tah-jersey, the 2nd exhibition of Cloud 9 ownage, Tones-attack-irks-me, even then I wont-lack-tha-mercy to laugh and watch you get thrown-back like mah-jersey//

August 30, 2003
~Im tha man ya shouldnt-see-queer, Thinkin ya high and mighty, bitin verses, what you dumb? Itz like you couldnt-see-seer, be grateful cuz if it wasnt for 2nd chances you WOULDNT-BE-HERE//
~False claimings of the real shit, I know you aint 'nuthin but net' but ya sneak-around-tha-swoosh, you must jackoff in circles cuz when it 'comes to bustin' you just beat-around-tha-bush!//
~All Im seein is a bitin-on-a-rag, spit washin ya cd's is the only time you ever gonna spit-on-a-track, U runnin away but now mah shits-on-ya-back//
~Ima teach this dyke-how-tah-rhyme, itz like ya lifes-outta-time, son I'll take you to the hood just so you can take a BITE-outta-crime!//
~Youz a 'native' tah writin, but its OK Im always up for hurtin-injuns, wait a sec, how I know this shit wasnt bitten, someone check a local search-engine//
~How you expect fah me to cope-wit-sensibility, when ya willin tah slope-tah-squints-ability, only way im helpin you is carvin an S out ya chest to give ya false hopes-of-invincibility//
~What the fuck is this resuscitated vet, walkin around like his shit-dont-stink, ask Overseer when it comes to differentiatin between spittin and bitin, the bitch-dont-think!//
~A question of desire, at first you wanted whats-in-hoes-jeans, but ya like ginuwine, one look at my 'head' and ya wantin whats-in-those-GENES//
~You should even be spittin, do us all a favor and just-stop, I dont think you wanna be the next emcee tah git-shot fah singin hip-hop//
~Onetime'z ya name, clever, coincientally ya bit-onetime, got bitched-onetime, got restitched-onetime, itz sad when all it takes tah 'out spit' you iz-one-dumb-mime!//
~Couldnt stand ya punishment, picture onetime in ICU-hangin, tryin tah stay tru to ya colors, but wearin yellow sunglasses is the only time I-see-you-bangin//
~My satisfaction of victory, is takin a depletin-fall, cuz once ya beat one biter.. you dun beat-'em-all!//
~A whipped-side-ho, Rip out ya left pupil so you can see how eye-right.. youz a slipped-sideshow, ima leave this whole board cryin when I rip you like I fuckin RIPPED-MAESTRO//

over 100 votes..
over 1100 posts..

propz to yall who keep it real.. all of elite.. m-dogg, rodzilla, skillz, vito.. mack.. reefa.. deadsouljah.. i-bo..

propz to kalipzo for showin me this site..

bitchez to bez, teejay, mouse and onetime
i had somethin written up for yall but my puter fuckt it up..

too many chiefs not enough indians.. my time is done here

fuck tha rest..

:..WCC Cup Champion.. 
:..WCC Heavyweight Champion..           

Battle Record :    24-6

thats how we do..
.:-ELITE-:.    M-Dogg.. Rodzilla.. SiNiStEr.. VitoDeLuca.. Mack..  .:-ELITE-:. she wanted me to bust in her eye so she could watch my children..Fabolous


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Re:The Legacy of SíN.. Vol. 1
« Reply #1 on: September 21, 2003, 09:35:16 AM »
Dunno why your callin me a bitch, maybe cos I got mod and you didnt, I dunno.  I liked your writing, always voted on your shit, never really bitched about you, always had respect for your just proving to me why so many people on the keystyle board are wack as fuck.  As soon as the fools leave and a new breed of keystylers come in the better, we don't need people like you who are posting up all there old rhymes for attention.

You wasn't callin me a bitch when you was PM'in me a few weeks ago saying I respect you and all this go fuck yourself.


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Re:The Legacy of SíN.. Vol. 1
« Reply #2 on: September 21, 2003, 10:24:14 AM »
Biatch, no props to me, i'll kill you  :-[



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Re:The Legacy of SíN.. Vol. 1
« Reply #3 on: September 21, 2003, 10:40:43 AM »
"Biatch, no props to me, i'll kill you"

what he said  ;D



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Re:The Legacy of SíN.. Vol. 1
« Reply #4 on: September 21, 2003, 11:52:31 AM »
yo...u still postin on chamilliornaire?..cus i registered but i aint undastand the site....where ya battle...get at me on aim bout that shit...


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Re:The Legacy of SíN.. Vol. 1
« Reply #5 on: September 21, 2003, 02:05:15 PM »
lol damn Sin's head really blew tha fuk up...maybe i shouldnt have gave him that title LOL

naw...but peace man...


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Re:The Legacy of SíN.. Vol. 1
« Reply #6 on: September 21, 2003, 10:57:35 PM »

kick ass album


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Re:The Legacy of SíN.. Vol. 1
« Reply #7 on: September 22, 2003, 08:40:57 AM »
propz to abstruse.. kode~red.. yall coo

i cant think of anyone else off the top of my head..

To bez..

~9000 posts.. 2 years later.. in hop hop you finally dun grown-a-place//
~If it wasnt for computers.. ya bitch ass woulda never shown-ya-face//
~Shit if seer only asked, you would let him go-in-ya-face//
~Only time ya scarrin eyez is when you blow-in-wit-mace//

To TJ..

~Hi, Im teejay, I wanna spit verses on audio cuz my rhymes-are-steep//
~Worst keystyler on tha board, itz a stretch to say ya lines-are-weak//
~You been a bitch since day one.. like newborn female dogs//
~Why dont ya quit hip hop and stick to kiddy shit and start collectin pogs//
:..WCC Cup Champion.. 
:..WCC Heavyweight Champion..           

Battle Record :    24-6

thats how we do..
.:-ELITE-:.    M-Dogg.. Rodzilla.. SiNiStEr.. VitoDeLuca.. Mack..  .:-ELITE-:. she wanted me to bust in her eye so she could watch my children..Fabolous


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Re:The Legacy of SíN.. Vol. 1
« Reply #8 on: September 22, 2003, 09:19:31 AM »
yeah u cool too...hope u change ur mind and come out of retirment so we can face off one more time's 1-1 and we need a tie breaker or we can call it even



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Re:The Legacy of SíN.. Vol. 1
« Reply #9 on: September 22, 2003, 09:33:23 AM »
See ya Sin :)


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Re:The Legacy of SíN.. Vol. 1
« Reply #10 on: September 22, 2003, 10:26:31 AM »
Four bars of bullshit, ya shits are always the same so I feel de jar vu when I'm readin-ya-rhymes,
Hope you never look back cos we're sick of ya crap, go join the newbie untalented boards cos skills and vets is what ya leavin-behind,
Born-a-hater, we'll never mourn-a-faker so ya might as well admit who the champ is cos literally everyone of us could rape-ya,
Ya just a pissed little bitch that nobodys gunna miss it ain't even about this diss its just the fact that I and reefa made moderater,
No doubt you'll return and try to make peace wit the peeps but Sin I got news for ya, like ya asshole the page-is-ripped so no longer is this a tight-lil-strain,
Ma rage-has-flipped you ain't nottin but a bitch, bet you'll be back in less than two weeks, dam man just like ya title-reign!//
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Re:The Legacy of SíN.. Vol. 1
« Reply #11 on: September 22, 2003, 12:56:39 PM »
"The Legacy of SíN.. Vol. 1"  SO whens vol. 2 coming homie  ;D naa jus' fucking wit ya but i guess i'ma be outta this now too but if you wanna do one last collab than holla at me ...

Score Board 8-2-6[/SIZE]

.:-S-kill-Z-:. á ....á .:-S-kill-Z-:.


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Re:The Legacy of SíN.. Vol. 1
« Reply #12 on: September 22, 2003, 07:21:19 PM »
once again lmao
let me just say this.....

ever since Sinister's introduction to WCC, i've been so much but bitter/
i guess memory loss is one of the effects of bein a mushroom tripper/
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kick ass album


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Re:The Legacy of SíN.. Vol. 1
« Reply #13 on: September 23, 2003, 04:05:48 PM »
wasn we sposed to battle? ahh well holla at ya boy
one man one mission