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New Gta Info/Rumors
« on: October 17, 2003, 08:52:39 AM »
I Saw This Searched Google For This Stuff
Also Try GTA Zone     8)                
Well,what do you know another "Rockstar" employee, still I say I don't believe it unless it comes from the horse's mouth,(figure of speach).

I work at Rockstar. I don't have any proof to let you guys know, and I can't let you know my name for many reasons, number one being I would get fired. So far, this game runs on the same stuff from Grand Theft Auto 3 as Vice City. The name is unknown for this game right now. -It takes place is Liberty City, two years after Gta 3. -You are the gangster that you were in Gta 3, he can not talk, so far. -You can go to another city called Carson City. It is kind of like Chicago, lots of buildings, some scummy areas. -Your main problem is being caught in the middle of -Ray Machowski (the crooked cop) returns to Liberty City, but he brought back Tommy Vercetti, his family, which he has a wife (Mercedes) and a son named Tony. -You take missions from Ray, El Burro, Mitch baker (his gang also came when he heard about Tommy's gang, they are allies), Tommy Vercetti, Assassination missions, and also, Joey Leone and Luigi. -You can buy some places, more places are accessible, and Tommy gives you money to buy some stuff for him. Such places so far are B****in Dog Food, Ammunation ( you get discounts on guns, some hotels, a casino, a movie theater, and a strip club. There are more, but we aren't sure what to add and where to add them. -You are able to make decisions. That will affect the ending of the game. -Hidden packages are back. -We have taken many ideas that you guys have posted such as Respect Meter, Speedometer, someone's idea on how the new star formation should be with the half star added, and the 7th and 8th stars. Also, we aren't sure about the swimming. I just made this account to post this info, I have no connections with the guy that owns this. We have been watching you guys for a while, and I just decided to make this account. If you have any questions, I will answer them when and if I can.
The year is 2003. Drug dealing might be another side missions thing and we are not sure if we are going to put the jets in there. Also, we have reserved the San Andreas web site because we are planning on making a GTA San Andreas.
Its coming out from between October and December. The city isn't the exact same. The street in Portland is much better. The hotel in Staunton Island is made. There are more accessible buildings. They are going to have old cars and new cars. When I say that, I mean that they are going to have cars from Vice City and cars from Gta3. Also, some that were in Vice City will be improved like the boats, the helicopters, the motor cycles, and more.The difference between this gta and gta3 and Vice City is that there will be more things to do, we still aren't nearly done with our ideas, but we are constructing the game still
Yes the stadium is going to be there, and yes you can enter it. We are going to try to add more planes.
-PSJ is better, all of the bikes are, and cars. There is a police motorcycle.
He works for Luigi because they give him an offer he can't refuse to kill Tommy Vercetti.
-You can't create your own car, but you can make it better.  
This selection is from a post by a supposed "Rockstar Worker". I really and truely dought that in anyway he is,but this is a rumor so here it belongs.Do Not Take any of this as truth,I repeat this is only a RUMOR!

Hi I am Mr. None, I am an employee of Rockstar Games and a part of the production team. I am here to present some “pre production plans” for Grand Theft Auto 4 because I know some of you wants some information. Take 2 doesn’t want get their info to be released earlier until mid 2003, which is around September but I will only give you only the pre production plans that we have been debating and talking since November 2002. Some of it may be used or not be used at all. Rockstar North people has already collected a lot of pictures and information of San Francisco, California which will be the basis of the game. I created this account to shroud my real identity because I have a contract signed with Take 2 Interactive on not releasing any info, pre production or not to the public until we are told to do so.

Here are the following GTA4 pre production plans
Setting: San Andreas, California 3 main island system with 2 smaller islands year 2002

Characters -The nameless guy in GTA3 returns. He will be voiced by Edward Norton (but not still finalized). His name is Chris Dela Questia -Donald Love -Eightball -Sandro Restifa (a Colombian thug leader, the main antagonist) -Inspector Rainwater (a cop in SAPD, inside connection of Chris, one of the bosses, his missions will be more on police activities) -Chang Wang (triad grand leader) -Phil Cassidy -Col Cortez (he is now living in San Andreas after leaving Vice City in 86, one of the bosses) -Tommy Vercetti (staying in a well guarded hotel with the Vercetti Gang, one of the bosses) -Dave Garret (friend of Chris in San Andreas) -Pastor Richards (one of the bosses, has a cult)
Vehicles -Kuruma -Smiley van -F1 car -Full winged dodo (the skimmer is still there) -PCJ 800 -Sabre -many “docks” vehicle will be remove in favor of street driving based vehicles -A police freeway with a side car attached -An army patriot -A family van -Jet ski -FBI sedans -Army hunter will join in the 6th star -Helicopter ambulance -Target number of vehicles 80

Weapons We will eliminate the “weapon slot variation” systems because there is no inequality, so far we will only include the following
-Knuckles -Baseball bat -Pistol -Chrome shot gun -MP5 -Grenades -Molotov -Tear Gas -AK47 -M4 -Sniper rifle -RPG -M60 machine gun

R3 missions (new ones) -Paramedic missions using the helicopter ambulance -R3 Predator missions -Legitimate ice cream delivery -Getaway missions
Planned possible concept missions -“Supply and Demand” style in a patriot -Shooting a well guarded convoy below a bridge -Riot fight -Helicopter to boat fight -F1 racing -Rappelling from a building while shooting the particular targets inside the building -Export and Import missions

Others -The game will be the last one uses the game engine used both in GTA3 and: Vice City -Again, there will be no swimming because of accessibility issues -10% of the missions will be taken place indoors -We will cut the radio stations length from 8 to 9 hours into 5-6 hours -Licensed music for the radio stations (rock, hip hop, pop, country, techno, talk show, soul) -Assets will return. Chris needs money and influence to take out Sandro Restifa -The respect system of GTA2 will return but only effective with limited gangs (around 4) and not with the main gangs. -The main story on how Chris Dela Questia became a heartless criminal in GTA3, his relations with Sandro Restifa, on how he was involved with Catalina in GTA3. -There will be no online features but still under debate. -There will be “drunk level” which was experimented and tested in “Boomshine Saigon” mission in Vice City. There will be alcoholic drinks available for purchase and consumption
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Re:New Gta Info/Rumors
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2003, 10:01:53 AM »
Damn. I hope the 2nd one is true. Who knows.

Thanks for postin that tho.

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Re:New Gta Info/Rumors
« Reply #2 on: October 17, 2003, 03:28:01 PM »
I can't fucking wait!!!!!!! :o thanks for postin this!


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Re:New Gta Info/Rumors
« Reply #3 on: October 19, 2003, 09:27:26 AM »
Don't get your hopes up... Just rumours.