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Hit em with the Shine
« on: October 21, 2003, 09:37:04 PM »
Hit 'Em with the Shine

I sit and think about the times, the times when I was young
I mean, I'm still young and shit, but I mean the time before I begun
Back before I paid attention to the things that run the world
Back before I listened, contemplated life, and love, and words
I used to get all wound up in things that didn't matter
I used to think my life was different, it used to make me madder
'Cuz to me I was something special, I needed others to respect me
Now I realize I'm special, but only to me and those that know about me
Communication is impossible with words that's written or words that's spoken
The people I connect with know volumes just from my expression
My expression isn't my enunciation, in fact the volume's inaudible
I'm not moving lips, and eyes are blips that doctors say you can't follow
But I swear to God I've often found the eyes are true disciples
One look & you can know all things, know knowledge without word's trifles
You can talk and preach and teach all day, but it don't do you any justice
to the things you teach when minds you meet got eyes that tell discussions
When things are unstated but they still get accepted
Then you know you've met the one with whom you've made connection
I think the last I met like that was a woman I tried to know
I think she knew me way too well, I was sad to see her go
But I'm born free and her and me we might be far between
I've learned through words unspoken though that people aren't what they seem
There's more than me and her around that are gifted with the shine
The ones who are don't always know what's speaking so clearly in the mind
So clearly in their mind, but like I said with words unspoken
So stare into the eyes of love and let the knowledge soak in