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The Murderer down the street
« on: October 21, 2003, 11:03:47 PM »
Now, this might be the sickest story that you ever hear
But remember, I didn't make this up, I'm not tryna spread no fear
I just... I gotta tell yall bout this guy I know
Lemme change that, guy I knew, but that's for later... so...
This guy down the street, he lives like, 4 or 5 houses down
This dude was always quiet, you hardly know the bitch's around
Whoops? Did I say bitch? That's a slip of the tongue
But when you hear the dirt I got the name's probably the proper one

But lets get back to the story, this guy drives a fuckin' red and brown corolla
and not like red with brown trim, red with brown primer on the spoiler
It's been that way for like 4 fucking years, I don't think he'll ever get it painted
Oh shit, nevermind i'm losin' track of the story I'm relatin
Anyways, this guy comes home last week, and again we hardly even notice
when he's home, or gone, or whatever it's like he hardly even knows us
He comes home and walks in his front door, there's his baby on the sofa
Blood stains all across the floor, his baby's in a coma
A COMA? Yeah, she wasn't dead, just a traumatic situation
His baby girl's just laying there with a hole where her brain was
Not all the way, just partially, enough to cause some damage
A Little girl, not 5 years old, her dad was understandably in anguish

So anyways, why the hate, why did I call this man a bitch?
Cuz this motherfucker likes to drink, and forgets where his gun is.




Wednesday, this motherfucker's out with some buddies
Gets drunk like usual, and hangin' with the homies
Wife's not home, she cheats too, they're not the best of friends
She's lost inside a life that grew from passion to depends
Wait a minute, depends is for grown ups, diapers for the kids
The kid that nobody wanted, but she's the one without the sin
That little girl came outta nowhere, born in the backseat of a car
Or concieved, but ain't that really birth, a life not very far
off unless you're the kind that thinks this girl was better off aborted
Sometimes I wonder, her 5 years on earth, were they even worth it?
Here's a kid she's born into a life where daddy ain't good to mommy
He's out at night, he drinks too much, at 5 she knows THATS funny...

So Chrissie's playing in her room, last week, and she suddenly gets the notion
Like kids do sometimes, what's strange causes comotion
So she heads into the other room where the object of her devotion
Is the bedroom where mom and daddy go, it's off limits but no one's noticin'
So Chrissie looks and Chrissie finds something stimulating
A stack of stuff that daddy left leaves Chrissie fascinated
Click Click Bang Bang is how the guys on the television go
So Chrissie grabs the 45 and walks across the floor
To the living room, one last time, and climbs up on the sofa
Daddy's coming home real soon, and mommie's boyfriend called her over
So Chrissie's home alone again and the gun wasn't put away
A click, a Bang, a coma... and the lord took her @ 5 today.  
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