Author Topic: *PennyB Xposed* (REAL)...  (Read 1011 times)


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*PennyB Xposed* (REAL)...
« on: October 25, 2003, 01:34:11 AM »
Alright, here is a picture of PennyB... this is REAL... he sent it to AG asking him if he'd seen him around before in Texas or something....

LMFAO... the biggest faggot on the board by far... no wonder he didn't include himself in that poll cuz if we saw this pic he would've won for sure....

LMAO at this fruity couple... that guy on the left is probably his boyfriend and is shoving one hand up PennyB's ass and with the other hand is showing us how wide PennyB's asshole has been stretched...

Don Breezio

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Re:*PennyB Xposed* (REAL)...
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2003, 01:35:36 AM »
so pennyb is the one who looks like a gay version of ginuwine? wow...thats one fruity lookin mf

i love men who take pictures with their booty's out

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Re:*PennyB Xposed* (REAL)...
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2003, 01:59:03 PM »

mayne hol up...pwhahahhahahhaaaaaaaa

1st off that aint penny..ahahhaaaaaaaaaaaa


fonkxta kapsi tyana kapsi drteeth kapsi relee(4rm
kapsi master splinter ( love_above(me) 8)

and a random nupe from tacoma...smh...

that aint penny...ahhahahaakhlahhaklhaklhaaaaa..he's been tryin to find out tha real deal on me since day 1...why i dont

sandnigga is a dumb nigga haahahhahahhaaaaaaaa lol...he sent it around to tryin to see if I been seen in tx... ahhahahaaaaaaaaaa

smh..what a

he called tha nupe on tha right is devante

smh...yall tryin a lil bit to hard to expose him... 8)


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Re:*PennyB Xposed* (REAL)...
« Reply #3 on: October 25, 2003, 02:16:41 PM »
why did penny say it was him then???

i love men who take pictures with their booty's out

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Re:*PennyB Xposed* (REAL)...
« Reply #4 on: October 25, 2003, 02:55:53 PM »
he said it was him...hahhaaaaaaaa

dont believe me..huh... send this link and...dont even say no names...

ask  tha followin people on aim who is that in them pictures...

king ajet
fully thoed

hell goto blackplanet and look up...


since he said its


i love men who take pictures with their booty's out

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Re:*PennyB Xposed* (REAL)...
« Reply #5 on: October 25, 2003, 04:05:51 PM »
smh @ sandnigga... u been had

PimpinAFGstyle: what u want beef?
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: you want it
PimpinAFGstyle: thas what i heard
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: bomb like afghani while exposing naked fanny
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: mayne
PimpinAFGstyle: yea bomb like afghanis
PimpinAFGstyle: bombard that bomb pussy
PimpinAFGstyle: of your mom
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: aight
PimpinAFGstyle: ima have ur fuckin comp hacked n then we'll see whats up
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: oh my
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: you have NO idea
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: ha none at all
PimpinAFGstyle: u brought it on and ima turn dis shit off
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: how?
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: by blowing it up!
PimpinAFGstyle: you'll see
PimpinAFGstyle: nah nah
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: naw dude you have no idea
PimpinAFGstyle: i jus blow up buildings
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I mean noneeeeeee
PimpinAFGstyle: like ur mom blows cocks
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: *smh*
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: classic
PimpinAFGstyle: we'll see
PimpinAFGstyle: dude
PimpinAFGstyle: remember u wanted this shit
PimpinAFGstyle: so dont be whinin later askin why im makin u look stupid
PimpinAFGstyle: lil biznitch
PimpinAFGstyle: what do u resort to? warning me on aim... dumbfuck im on aol... u cant warn me
PimpinAFGstyle: fuckin cottonpicker
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: *smh*
PimpinAFGstyle: get ur ass back on the field nigger
PimpinAFGstyle: hahahha
PimpinAFGstyle: what a hoe
PimpinAFGstyle: he got u in check
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: talk to you later mayne
PimpinAFGstyle: u sum1's hoe
PimpinAFGstyle: u more of a bitch than a bitch
PimpinAFGstyle: u fuckin hoe
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: ha mayne
PimpinAFGstyle: sum1 got u dickwhipped
PimpinAFGstyle: havin u work 4 his ass
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: honestly I just don't feel like putting in the effort
PimpinAFGstyle: so he dont backhand u
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: mayne okay
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: go check yo Honda Civic my sand nigger friend
PimpinAFGstyle: 4 u get smacked
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: get smacked
PimpinAFGstyle: mercedes
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: with what
PimpinAFGstyle: bitch
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: your fucking pipe bomb
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: oh Osama Bin laden Al Qaeda dick in the booty ass nigga
PimpinAFGstyle: pipe bomb? u talkin bout my dick u faggot
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: oh motherfucking Apu looking asss
PimpinAFGstyle: ur mom told u bout this pipe?
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: oh pop trunk be saying Yoga flAmmmmmmmmmmmeee
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: oh Dhalsim looking ass nigga
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: oh you kicked my dog looking ass motherfucker
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: mayne you don't want it me (Koopa Tone)
PimpinAFGstyle: damn at least make some sense fuckin cockroach
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I'll fucking work you dogg (CT From the Real World Tone)
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: fucking Afghan
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: got some planes to fly right?
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: dumb ass sand nigger
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I'll fucking work you dog
PimpinAFGstyle: jus like you guys were worked as slaves
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: what's the difference between a large pizza and a afghan?
PimpinAFGstyle: yall bitches
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: a pizza can feed a family of four
PimpinAFGstyle: an afghan will bomb the shit out u
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: LOL shut up
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I think you need to go check your Chevron
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: your 99 cent store
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: go sell some more bootlegg shit fucking Afghani Paki
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: fucking Aladdin magic carpet looking ass nigga
PimpinAFGstyle: ru paul
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: oh got a magic carpet on twankie 6's
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: pop trunk
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: yogaaaaaaaaa flameeeeee
PimpinAFGstyle: shut up u fuckin swahili ass
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: ha go on somewhere afghani
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: you a Muslim?
PimpinAFGstyle: yea
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: mayneeeeee
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: that's cool
PimpinAFGstyle: aint no more underground railroad either 4 u bitch made niggers
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: you still talking?
PimpinAFGstyle: yea im still talkin bitch
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: mayne I just got dropped off by this Afghani Taxi Cab Driver
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I tipped that nigga some bombs
PimpinAFGstyle: afghanis dont drive taxis
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: he was pleased
PimpinAFGstyle: thats pakis and hindus
PimpinAFGstyle: yea we love dem bombs maybe
PimpinAFGstyle: mayne
PimpinAFGstyle: we use em 2 blow up niggers
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: yep
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: *smh*
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: this coming from a sand nigger
PimpinAFGstyle: u dirty roaches just infesting the earth
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: oh all praise to Allah and Mohammad is his prophet looking ass nigga
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: mayne go to your Mosque
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: bout time to bow down
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: when ya come to my town
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: cuz I ain't no hater like you
PimpinAFGstyle: umm ok... whats wrong with god?
PimpinAFGstyle: lol
PimpinAFGstyle: ur retarded
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: bow down to a playa that's greater then you
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I'm retarded & chopped
PimpinAFGstyle: why u singin 4?
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: get ya behind correct Afghani
PimpinAFGstyle: ur fuckin gay and tossed
PimpinAFGstyle: not chopped
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I'll bomb like Afghani while exposing naked fanny (Whisky Tone)
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: mayne
PimpinAFGstyle: and it still aint funny
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: boys ain't ready oh Muslim ass nigga
PimpinAFGstyle: ur jus plain out stupid man
PimpinAFGstyle: typical nigger
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: oh sandle flip flop wearing
PimpinAFGstyle: thas what u think huh faggot
PimpinAFGstyle: but u dunno
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: oh goat face I don't got my greencard yugoslavian roach looking ass nigga
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: oh rooty tooty fresh n fruity looking ass
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: oh duck face Apu naswfio;sdf.ams,fjdkshjasdklf you kicked my dog looking ass
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: get out of my store!
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: and come again
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: thank you come again
PimpinAFGstyle: um thats hindus
PimpinAFGstyle: so i dont care
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: thank you come again
PimpinAFGstyle: dumbass
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: thank you come again
PimpinAFGstyle: thas like me callin u a cracker
PimpinAFGstyle: wouldnt make sense
PimpinAFGstyle: but u niggers dont understand that
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: LOL@ arabs sterotyping other Arabs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: no no my friend
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: that's Punjabi's
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: not me
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: sdjksajk.feshjkfashjkfdsfaskdlfsdfahskjfhsdjf
PimpinAFGstyle: umm no u dunno what an arab is
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: dumb ass middle eastern folk
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: fuck you and your life
PimpinAFGstyle: fuck u nigger
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I'm done with you peon
PimpinAFGstyle: fuckin amistad ass
PimpinAFGstyle: loll
PimpinAFGstyle: pussy ass bitch
PimpinAFGstyle: fuckin dumb bitch
PimpinAFGstyle: sum1 got u dickwhipped 2 the fullest
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: *smh*
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: your shit is weak
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I mean shit
PimpinAFGstyle: *smh* = i got sonned
PimpinAFGstyle: u bitch
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I can't get dissed from a nigga that stays in Afghanistan
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I would be embarrased to even call to be Afghani
PimpinAFGstyle: u stay in ethipia?
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: go and learn some flight routes or something
PimpinAFGstyle: or somalia?
PimpinAFGstyle: starving ass giraffe eaters
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: mayne spell it right Afghan
PimpinAFGstyle: shut the fuck up dumbass
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I thought you foreigners were good at spelling bees and such
PimpinAFGstyle: talkin bout spelling
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: *ethiopia
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: mayne throosh ass nigga
PimpinAFGstyle: ur fuckin retarded
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: no
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: dumb ass
PimpinAFGstyle: faggot
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: retarded & chopped
PimpinAFGstyle: gay and tossed
PimpinAFGstyle: thats ur ass
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: *smh*
PimpinAFGstyle: fuckin niggers
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: mayne tell your uncle I'm coming back to the store
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: to get my refund
PimpinAFGstyle: tell ur dad 2 keep pickin that cotton
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: dumb ass Afghan
PimpinAFGstyle: LMAO
PimpinAFGstyle: ROFLMAO
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: *smh*
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: no Super Trooper like yo bitch ass
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: sdjkfadjklflsdjkdshfjasdjkldsfhsdajkfsdhfdsaljkfhslfdskjfahskfkdsjhfasdfsdf
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: mayneee
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: dumb ass throosh
PimpinAFGstyle: or u get in the nba like that
PimpinAFGstyle: fuckin niggers
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: hey what's planned for next 9/11?
PimpinAFGstyle: nice theory u got there nigger
PimpinAFGstyle: AMISTAD
PimpinAFGstyle: next?
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: mayne you are an ABCD
PimpinAFGstyle: its over mayne
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: American Born Confused Desi
PimpinAFGstyle: 9/11 is over
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: go pop trunk on Yogga flammmmmeeeee
PimpinAFGstyle: where's da B?
PimpinAFGstyle: lolllll u dumb
PimpinAFGstyle: dammnnnn
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: oh Peace in the middle east looking ass nigga
PimpinAFGstyle: niggers are dumber than i thought
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: oh Dhalsim ass nigga
PimpinAFGstyle: fuckin nigger
PimpinAFGstyle: retard
PimpinAFGstyle: shit ur dumb
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: oh all praise to allah and mohammed is his prophet
PimpinAFGstyle: go have diarrea and melt bitch
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: oh islamic islam looking ass nigga
PimpinAFGstyle: that doesnt make sense?
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: oh thanks you come again
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: thank you come again
PimpinAFGstyle: but then again niggers cant speak english correctly anyways
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: dumb ass Afghan
PimpinAFGstyle: AKS the teacher
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: thank you come again
PimpinAFGstyle: HUH
PimpinAFGstyle: lollll
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: thank you come again
PimpinAFGstyle: fuckin niggers
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: thank you come again
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: thank you come again
PimpinAFGstyle: been here 300 years and still 90% of em on welfare
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: *smh*
PimpinAFGstyle: thas what i thought
PimpinAFGstyle: bitch
PimpinAFGstyle: u got clowned on
PimpinAFGstyle: like the bitch u are
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: LOL@Getting clowned on the net
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: sdnmshadsjkfashdjklfdshfsaldfjksdhflkjsdafhsjkdjkflf
PimpinAFGstyle: thats why all u niggers are bums
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I bet you won't box about it though
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: put money on it cake
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: box me cake ass nigga
PimpinAFGstyle: welfare ass
PimpinAFGstyle: ok come 2 cali
PimpinAFGstyle: dumbass
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: thank you come again
PimpinAFGstyle: bitch
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: the means streets of lil' India
PimpinAFGstyle: where u at? TEXAS? cowboy ass
PimpinAFGstyle: fuckin riding dicks and horses
PimpinAFGstyle: u faggot
PimpinAFGstyle: haha
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: oh bangin' on wax Osama Bin pimpin....riding spinners riddin carpets looking ass
PimpinAFGstyle: who's ur neighbor? farmer jon and cletus
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: yogga flammmmmmmmmeeeeeeee
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: yogaaaaaaa flameeeeee
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: Dhalsim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: thank you come again
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: thank you come again
PimpinAFGstyle: umm is that supposed 2 get old and not be funny?
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: get out of my store
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: and come again
PimpinAFGstyle: i made u my bitch
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: that's cool
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: aim bitch
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I bet you wouldn't box me though?
PimpinAFGstyle: yea ur my aim bitch
PimpinAFGstyle: yea ill box u
PimpinAFGstyle: dumbass
PimpinAFGstyle: exceptt i aint travellin 2 ur nigger ass
PimpinAFGstyle: fuckin waste of time lowlife bitch
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: aight
PimpinAFGstyle: go pick up ur welfare check
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: talk to you tomorrow
PimpinAFGstyle: nigger
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I like your style though
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: props
PimpinAFGstyle: cottonpicking thief
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: holla
PimpinAFGstyle: get the fuck outta here bitch
PimpinAFGstyle: dont try me no more
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: try you
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: sadjksadfljskfhdsjhjaksfjdsjklasdlfhdsjfjasdflkjsdhsdajlkfsdf
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: don't right click on the trigger sand nigga
PimpinAFGstyle: u like gettin clowned on huh?
PimpinAFGstyle: yo how come niggers cant support they families?
PimpinAFGstyle: and why they always gotta be on welfare
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: props my friend...
PimpinAFGstyle: tell me nigegr
PimpinAFGstyle: nigger
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: it doesn't matter cuz when I go the airport now niggas don't fuck with me...they fuck with you
PimpinAFGstyle: i aint tryin 2 have ur props im AKSing you a question
PimpinAFGstyle: nah... i FUCK WIT THEM
PimpinAFGstyle: bitch
PimpinAFGstyle: i hide bombs in my shoes
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: what you fail to realize is that nigger is not a racist word just means a ignorant person
PimpinAFGstyle: and stomp
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: that's nice to know
PimpinAFGstyle: LMFA
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: mayne you feel better about yourself now?
PimpinAFGstyle: feel better bout what?
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: being gay and Muslim and a Afghan
PimpinAFGstyle: im muslim and afghan,,,, but gay is just what u wish i was
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: okay
PimpinAFGstyle: so u admit that u wish i was gay? damn,,, not only are u black ur also gay.... damn i wish u woulda lived durin the 60s in like alabama....
PimpinAFGstyle: cuz then u a dead man walkin
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: mayne you still spittin'
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: it ain't even that serious...if you ain't about boxing then you ain't about shit
PimpinAFGstyle: lol... and u been boxin the whole time huh?
PimpinAFGstyle: LOL what a dumbass
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: holla at ya boy
PimpinAFGstyle: u fuckin coward ass pussy... i said earlier i dont travel 2 meet up a nigger who has no home....
PimpinAFGstyle: fuckin coward
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: aight then
PimpinAFGstyle: i dont even tell ppl on the internet 2 fight me
PimpinAFGstyle: cuz thats jus bullshit
PimpinAFGstyle: u know aint no1 gonna travel 2 fight
PimpinAFGstyle: so whats the fuckin point
PimpinAFGstyle: u aint makin urself look hard by claimin u wanna fight
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: naw I'm just saying though (Paul Wall Tone)
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: if you as tough as you claim
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: then what it do cuddy
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I feel as though you are an internet talker
PimpinAFGstyle: if u ever here.. then ok... or if im ever there...
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I would love to see how your Afghani ass looks in real life
PimpinAFGstyle: but aint nobody travellin 2 fight sum1 they talk shit 2 on the internet
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: some damn throwback Saddam Hussein jersey or something
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: damn Air Force Bin Ladens on ya feet
PimpinAFGstyle: nah i got more of a bin laden thing goin
PimpinAFGstyle: cuz like bin laden... u cant c me
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: mayne
PimpinAFGstyle: u aint gotta try 2 make urself seem like u ali or sumthin
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: naw
PimpinAFGstyle: wit ur binocular glasses
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: mayne
PimpinAFGstyle: look how bout u jus stop waistin both our times and jus shut the fuck up
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I'll piss on you arab (Slim Thug Tone)
PimpinAFGstyle: ill bomb on u in return
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: hey hack me while your here
PimpinAFGstyle: u know how we do
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: hack me my afghani friend
PimpinAFGstyle: i aint got time for niggers... ur 1975 is probably hackproof
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: goodness
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I think your thoed and all
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: but :-\ sometimes it's just like mayne
PimpinAFGstyle: yea yea but who is he in real life huh
PimpinAFGstyle: fuckin dumbass
PimpinAFGstyle: how ur claim any greater than mine
PimpinAFGstyle: dumb bitch
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: who said
PimpinAFGstyle: 2 me ur jus what i am 2 u
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I was claiming?
PimpinAFGstyle: well i can say "ur jus a bitch in real life"
PimpinAFGstyle: u a puss puss
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: um
PimpinAFGstyle: aint nobody got proof for nothin
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: reason why i don't take you seriously
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: cuz you are a joke
PimpinAFGstyle: oh yea and what brings u 2 that conclusion
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: in real life you got a unibrow look like that nigga on American Born Confused Desi
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: probably have to defend yourself from niggas at school
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: downing ya
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: you go through more shit then me so I could careless
PimpinAFGstyle: foo nobody fucks wit afghans here
PimpinAFGstyle: niggs and afghans coo at school
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: oh yea
PimpinAFGstyle: and none of the other fools fuck wit afghans
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: Bloods Crips and Afghans
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: str8 thuggin' it up i suppose
PimpinAFGstyle: nah afghans dont claim sets
PimpinAFGstyle: we jus roll in packs
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: cool cup is gone...sdjkfjkahlfjkdsfhjkasfhsjldhlkjag

i love men who take pictures with their booty's out

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Re:*PennyB Xposed* (REAL)...
« Reply #6 on: October 25, 2003, 04:08:26 PM »
lollllllllllllll ahahhahaaaaaaaaa

 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [5:52 PM]:  I know
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [5:53 PM]:  I'm dead over here
 Drteeth816 [5:53 PM]:  mayne...them niggas aint got a clue
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [5:53 PM]:  just5 got back from the city
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [5:53 PM]:  lol they don't
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [5:53 PM]:  when I heard Penny b getting exposed again
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [5:53 PM]:  I was just like
 Drteeth816 [5:53 PM]:  yellowman got that shit up like its major.. like thats really u..hahhahhaaaaa
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [5:53 PM]:  *smh*
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [5:53 PM]:  and yellowman
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [5:53 PM]:  doesn't even realize
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [5:53 PM]:  that ain't me
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [5:53 PM]:  mayne that nigga is dumb
 Drteeth816 [5:53 PM]:  hell everybody on that site..knows that is me..
 Drteeth816 [5:54 PM]:  i had tha picture up when i 1st started postin
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [5:54 PM]:  what all did they say?
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [5:54 PM]:  how long is the thread now?
 Drteeth816 [5:54 PM]:  then if they goto ya site..they will see u said thats me...and u put devante  
 Drteeth816 [5:54 PM]:  he locked it after whiz,jessica and syrup shop said it was me and not u ..they made him look retarded
 Drteeth816 [5:55 PM]:  then he banned me kuz im was bound to start wreckin..i gave him fair warnin..
 Drteeth816 [5:56 PM]:  then some nigga on igansta sayin u was askin niggas if they seen me in
 Drteeth816 [5:56 PM]:  asdfhfklhlahfkhfls
 Drteeth816 [5:57 PM]:  wtf is a sand nigga
 Drteeth816 [5:58 PM]:;action=display;threadid=43348  
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [5:58 PM]:  ahhhhhh
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [5:58 PM]:  I'm banned my friend
 Drteeth816 [5:59 PM]:
 Drteeth816 [5:59 PM]:  smh.. who is sandnigga...dhalism yoga flame ass  is slow..
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [5:59 PM]:  mayne this Afghan
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [5:59 PM]:  he's thoed as fuck
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [5:59 PM]:  like AG's dumb ass
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [6:00 PM]:  it's like this
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [6:00 PM]:  I'm always a step ahead
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [6:00 PM]:  of the rest
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [6:00 PM]:  and I know what they gonna do
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [6:00 PM]:  before they know they gonna do it
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [6:00 PM]:  so this nigga like I exposed you
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [6:00 PM]:  and I was like...aight
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [6:00 PM]:  just sat back and laughed
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [6:00 PM]:  then when I heard Yellowmann's dumb ass posted
 Drteeth816 [6:00 PM]:  alksdhklasdhklhdklhalsaa
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [6:00 PM]:  I was like *smh*
 Drteeth816 [6:01 PM]:  then he aint knowin everybody on seriki site know my mug...
 Drteeth816 [6:01 PM]:  and he a moderator over there...
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [6:01 PM]:  he's a lil' slow ya know :-\
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [6:01 PM]:  he doesn't realize what's going on around him sometimes
 Drteeth816 [6:01 PM]:  smh..theyneed to take that niggas mod job away
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [6:02 PM]:  yea
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [6:02 PM]:  I'mma eat
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [6:02 PM]:  be back later
 Drteeth816 [6:02 PM]:  4sho..
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [6:02 PM]:  here's that sand nigga
 IgomoFEDdenFEDEX [6:02 PM]:


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Re:*PennyB Xposed* (REAL)...
« Reply #7 on: October 25, 2003, 04:53:52 PM »
Penny B has this to say:

IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: you there?
Acgrundy420: sup
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: in the G-Spot thread
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: how the post about Penny B. going?
Acgrundy420: oh sum other dude came in there postin a whole lotta shit that I ain't gonna read
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: aight
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: hey do me a favor
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: post this thread
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: I mean
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: post this link
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: in that thread
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: and tell them Penny B. gives his regards
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: yall are the dumb asses that got fooled by Penny
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: Sincerely, Penny B.
IgomoFEDdenFEDEX: thanks AC


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Re:*PennyB Xposed* (REAL)...
« Reply #8 on: October 25, 2003, 09:06:44 PM »
thats not even half the convo the only reason jamal got racial is becuase you did...  ::)


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Re: *PennyB Xposed* (REAL)...
« Reply #9 on: January 18, 2009, 12:17:26 PM »