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Wyclef Jean - Preachers Son
« on: November 08, 2003, 02:39:06 AM »

1.Intro - Steve Harvey thanking wyclef for a chance to be a part of the album...its a boring ass intro but most intro's suck anyway so oh well: 1/5

2.Industry - Great Track...takes a little getting used to because of the style of the song but its really guest appearances which is good because i think clef pulled it off perfectly without any. 5/5

3.Party To Damascus (feat. Missy Elliot) - Good Track...missy doesnt come wack like she normally does so its not a big dissapointment...its a good party track but probably something i will start to skip through eventually... 3/5

4.Celebrate (feat. Patti Labelle & Cassidy) - Awesome Track...clef always does good work when he collaborates with artists who have been around a long time...he does great with patti labelle and cassidy definetely comes correct... 5/5

5.Baby Daddy (feat. Redman) - I absolutely love this track...this is my in my top 5 of the album...its a great song about a man who knows he's not the baby's father but he is raising the child anyway...says stuff about the child yelling "your not my real daddy" and clef saying "no but im the closest thing you have"... 5/5

6.Three Nights In Rio (feat. Carlos Santana) - another awesome track...carlos santana...wyclef...enough said. 5/5

7.Class Reunion (feat. Monica) - My favorite track off the album...the way clef has chemistry with female R&B singers is amazing...from 911 to this track i love them...this song is the one i would recommend to anyone who wants to just check out a couple tracks before copping the cd. amazing song. 10/5!

8.Baby - not really a stand out track...not a bad track at all but just not one that sticks in your mind...3.5/5

9.I Am Your Doctor (feat. Wayne Wonder & Elephant Man) - this track is really good...its got that dancehall feel to it with just the right amount of clef mixed in...i enjoyed this track a lot..4/5

10.Linda (feat. Carlos Restivo) - I need to listen to this track again because i didnt pay attention to who exactly linda was lol...but by the sound of the track and the way wyclef does the song i really enjoyed it. its a good 4/5

11.Take Me As I Am (feat. Sharrissa) - This track surprised me...after that wack ass track sharrissa released 6 months or so back i was like wow...this bitch sucks...but she came pretty good on this track...its a good track with some definetely good lyrics to it (thats always true of wyclef though). 3.5/5

12.Grateful - this track was's clef saying what he's greatful for and while he says a lot of things that we all should be greatful for its still not really a standout track...not one i would skip or anything...but nothing special 3/5

13.Next Generation (feat. Scarface & Rah Digga) - I loved this track from the first time i heard it months ago...although my version was shorter because it didnt have rah digga's verse...damn though...scarface has always came tight but his flow in this song amazed the fuck out of me...same with rah digga...and the lyrics are amazing. "we are the next generation, we aint scared to die, the only thing i fear, is the afterlife" 5/5

14.Rebel Music (feat. Prodigy Of Mobb Deep) - i might be mistaken but i believe its clef's version of an old bob marley song w/ prodigy added in...its fuckin dope...another one of my top 5 songs...the sound of the song is really first listen its a beat that you wouldnt expect prodigy on but he comes dope as always...songs insane...i love it. 5/5

15.Who Gave The Order (feat. Buju Banton) - good track...not really a standout track but better than the other 2 that werent really standout tracks...its a solid 4/5

16.Party By The Sea (feat. Buju Banton & T-Vice) - good is a standout track but not quite as good as the rest of the album...i definetely enjoyed the song though 4.5/5

17.Party To Damascus Remix (feat. Missy Elliot) - being a bonus track and all i expected the remix to suck...but it fact i didnt see much difference between the original one and the remix?...anwayz...the track again is good but its more of a party track. 3/5

overall i would give the album about a 9/10...its not the carnival (that imo is a 10/10) but its damn close...definetely my 2nd fav. wyclef album. and it includes a bonus live dvd so thats cool...this album is a definite one to be able to listen straight through without skipping (unless party to damascus starts to get old lol)...

top 5 tracks i would say are:

1.Class Reunion (feat. Monica)
2.Next Generation (feat. Scarface & Rah Digga)
3.Rebel Music (feat. Prodigy Of Mobb Deep)
4.Baby Daddy (feat. Redman)
5.Celebrate (feat. Patti Labelle & Cassidy)

**Coming in at a very close #6 would be a tie between Three Nights In Rio (feat. Carlos Santana) & I Am Your Doctor (feat. Wayne Wonder & Elephant Man)

Check this album out...clef did it again...only this time he did it better!


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Re:Wyclef Jean - Preachers Son
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2003, 03:49:08 AM »
Thanks for the detailed review bro... this one but not listened to it yet...

...btw he got a best of double cd about to drop too.


Don Breezio

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Re:Wyclef Jean - Preachers Son
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2003, 12:41:29 PM »
Thanks for the detailed review bro... this one but not listened to it yet...

...btw he got a best of double cd about to drop too.


no he already dropped his greatest hits cd...the same day as this one (I copped em' both)...its only a single disc and its missing some damn good tracks...its kinda dissapointing.