Author Topic: Reasons Lisa Marie divorced Michael Jackson  (Read 111 times)


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Reasons Lisa Marie divorced Michael Jackson
« on: November 19, 2003, 06:07:34 PM »
      Lisa Marie's Divorce Allegations
          Against Michael Jackson

 1)  Wouldn't drink beer, watch football and break wind with
     her during Thanksgiving with Mom at Graceland.
 2)  Refused her pleas for separate make-up mirrors.
 3)  Unwilling to try new things in her for instance.
 4)  Elephant Man bones...fine.  Oxygen chamber for eternal
     youth...well okay.  But what's with the Groucho head on
     Jayne Mansfield's body thing?
 5)  In all their months of marriage not once did he charter a  
     jet to get her peanut butter sandwiches or fly a mime troupe
     in from France like Poppa did for Momma.
 6)  Had her favorite noses (June 1994 and September 1995)
     done over.
 7)  She was shocked to discover that the glittery uniforms were
     not actually part of any real military organization.
 8)  He started hanging out with Madonna's dancers to toughen
     up his image.
 9)  Everywhere you turn, Elizabeth Taylor's supporting you
     through some sordid allegation.
 10) Stood in the way of her film career when he refused to
     bankroll her debut performance in 'Jailbait Rock', the
     story of her Mom and Dad's courtship.
 11) The all-night Kool Aid and Twister marathons with his little
     friends left him too tired to do that 'hee-hee-hee' thing she
     fell in love with.
 12) She felt pressured to buy hundreds of thousands of dollars
     worth of LaToya's Amway products for the sake of family peace.
 13) Jermaine and Tito were constantly asking her why Elvis didn't
     have kids THEY could marry.
 14) Swears she thought she was marrying Michael Keaton.
 15) She grew tired of scouring every Chucky Cheese's within a 50
     mile radius only to find him slumped over a table in yet
     another chocolate milk and Pez stupor.
 16) He told her to "just beat it" one too many times
 17) He's a plain spoken "Hoosier", and she had clearly gone
 18) She wanted someone more like her father, and though he was
     already a pathetic parady of his former self, he was just
     unwilling to gain weight.
 19) He kept forgetting to put the top back on the mascara.
 20) Irreconcilable similarities.