Author Topic: WCA Got Another Ren Interview Up  (Read 223 times)

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WCA Got Another Ren Interview Up
« on: November 21, 2003, 04:50:59 AM »
This 1 is just as good  8)

Ren must be doing the rounds

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Re:WCA Got Another Ren Interview Up
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2003, 08:40:56 AM »
Real dope interview....

Yash: Everybody Wants to know HOw U hooked Up With Eazy E...

Mc Ren:Grew up together in the same neighbourhood right around the corner from each other,
       E was around my older brother thats how I hooked up with him. He started his own little company
       Independant I used to be bustin and shit I had a crew we used to be battlin and all of that  u know.
       He was my brother homeboy when he started his thang it was like comon through u know what im sayin
       So I went overthere lettin him know what I had u know I freestyled for him and the rest is history.

Yash: I asked Yella who came up with the name NWA do you remember?

Mc Ren: I cant remember either man

Yash: Tell Us The Situation with RUthless records what made u leave?

Mc Ren: It was just time for me to go the relationship wasnt there nomore.
        they didnt know how to promote me...they wanted to move into the whole  thats a badboy and all that shit
         into more softer typa shit know what I mean. SO when Bone came I guess they had alot of success with Bone
         Mainstream with MTV BET and all that shit crossed over so it was like it wasnt nomore room for me.
         It was like they didnt know what to do with me.

Yash: Why didnt you guys diss Ice Cube after he did the song No Vaseline?
Mc Ren: cuz we had dissed him on our shit like commersials then he dissed us on a song it was that time
        we was gonna do that shit back to get him but we fell apart. We didnt get to make another record so.
        cuz when the group ended we wasnt thinkin about dissin that nigga nomore cuz we had other shit to worry about.
Yash: Was it around the time dre left the lable?

Mc Ren: Yea when dre left it was like all that shit fell apart.
        Eric wanted to do another album (NWA) without Dre..first u gotto look at it like we had already
        done another album without cube and it was successful it was like when cube left the public was like
        Can they do it without cube so we did a 100 miles and runnin and Niggaz 4life and that proved it. Classic
        you know what I mean. but after dre if dre wasnt doin the beats I didnt see that it could go down so I was
        like I dont wanna do it. Eric wanted to do it and bring new producers and shit. So we had a fall out
        for like a couple of years over that we didnt even talk so..

Yash: Who his handlin the production on your upcoming album?

Mc Ren: I got my homeboy Big Flip hes outta Boston but hes in La Now u know he doin mainly everything on my shit.

Yash: What about Yella?

Mc Ren: The record I got comin out in January on my website is a Maxi Single..Flip doin like 3 cuts on there.
        Then I got E A SKI I got a song which he did on there. But Yella ima pull Yella in on the album.

Yash: What was the last song you recorded with EAZY?

Mc Ren: The MUTHAFUCKIN REAL! That was on his last album he recorded that like about two weeks before he died.
        We were supposed to go back and record some more but he went to the hospital and thats the last time I seen him.
        Last time I saw him was at his house workin on that song right two weeks before he passed away.

Yash: People say he wasnt lookin Ill you know?

Mc Ren: na he wasnt thats the killa part about it cuz when I saw him he was lookin healthy as fuck.
        Then we did the song I get the news he in the hospital he dead im like dam..just happened fast.

Yash: SO you dont have any unreleased songs with Eazy then?

Mc Ren: Na.

Yash: Wussup with the NWA Reunion?

Mc Ren: Nothin

Yash: guess you cant do it without Eazy?

Mc Ren: I mean we could but it wouldnt be the same without him

Yash: were did you stand when they wanted to replace E with snoop? WHos idea was that anyway?

Mc Ren: That was Dre Idea.

Yash: I heared Dresta made a song u know Gangsta Dresta he did a song called Fuck NWA without Eazy.

Mc Ren: Is that right I aint never heared it.

Yash: Are you gonna be on any aftermath albums that finna drop?

Mc Ren: Nope.Just doin my thing.

Yash: Why didnt you do any songs with Bone Thugs while You guys were on Ruthless?

Mc Ren: That was Ruthless Man I remember I saw Krayzie Bone when I was with Cube on BET right before the Up In Smoke Tour.
         When I saw krayzie bone u know he hollad at me yea Nigga he was like: Ren we always wanted to hookup with u
         but muthafuckaz at the lable be like na Ren dont wanna do it u know it was that kinda situation.
         I didnt ever see them niggaz we was at the same lable but I was seein them in and out boom boom boom for a quik second.
         Like one I see two here but umm they kept us away from eachother I dont know why. Prolly cuz I was in the game for awhile
         and they was young I could pull their coats through alot of shit so they kept em away from me.
         When all that shit was goin on with crossroads and all that shit they was keepin them niggaz away from me
         they would go to award shows.. The lable was so fucked up they would go to BET lady of soul they had soul train awards
         the mothafuckin company they would just take BOne and some company muthafuckaz sometimes just the company muthafuckaz
         and not even the artists you know its like they would they muthafuckaz that didnt know nuttin bout the game,
         know nuttin about music up there to floss I guess to see who they could see that was just fucked up man.

Yash: what made u stay with Eazy After Dre and CUbe Left the LAble?

Mc Ren: Me and his relationship went further than their relationship I was seeing that nigga all my life he was seeing
        me all my life u know before the NWA shit he was comin to my house kick it car u know he had all these tight cars stoped over there
        kick it all that was before NWA so it was like when them niggaz started leavin I was like naa I know this nigga good he my homeboy.
        I aint finna do it was more like a homie luv.
        but its like niggaz get the whole thing twisted like they make songs like you said niggaz make songs and all of that but everybody that make songs
        and mad about snoop they dont even know the situation u know niggaz wasnt even there u know what I mean.

Yash: how deep was the beef? was it really that serious between Eazy and Snoop?

Mc Ren: I mean to me it wasnt no Beef Eric Liked Snoop he dissed em and shit cuz they dissed him but overall
        he liked snoop u know what im sayin he thought snoop was tight but with Hiphop u cant just let muthafuckaz diss u like that u have an outlet,
        you can talk to alot of muthafuckaz the same way but u gotto say somethin back Eric was just all about bizzniss he was about entertainment and all of that shit.

       All that shit that was goin on with him and snoop if Eric got a chance to get down and do a song with snoop he woulda did it.

Yash: what about SUge Knight did he really threaten Eazy?

Mc Ren: U know I wasnt really there

Yash: Did Dre and Eazy settle their beef before E passed? do you know anythin about that?

Mc Ren: Yea They did as a matterof fact Eric was in the hospital and Dre went up and saw him before he passed in the hospital.
        so if he didtnt go up there and see him they musta handled their shit if he wasnt cool with that nigga
        he wouldnt have taken his time out to even go see the nigga even if E was un consious or what he went and made his peace with that nigga.
        you know what im sayin cuz its all muthafuckin records this rap game broke up alot of friendship but overall when you look at all the beef
        all that shit is stupid cuz niggaz be homies way before all of that bullshit and u cant beef forever u know niggaz get older u know that shit aint gone last.
        all this beef thats out here now in five years time it wont even exist.

Yash: Has Dre offered you a contract with Aftermath?

Mc Ren: Na

Yash: Were you cool with Bg Knocc Out?

Mc Ren: Yea

Yash: do you speak to him now that his in prison?

Mc Ren: I was never like cool with him like me and him was cool but I wasnt never like u know on the level wered we call eachother hollerin and shit.

Yash: wussup with your relationsship with ABove The Law and COld 187?

Mc Ren: Good I just aint seen em but its good.

Yash: I hope you do some more work with Hutch.

Mc Ren: Yea I plan to in the future man I plan to get back with him and umm not just do one song  but alot of songs keep contact with him and just keep it goin like that.
         You know what im sayin cuz we got a relationsship that goes way back Thats my Nigga 4 Life.

Yash: What about Ant Banks?

Mc Ren: thats my nigga too! we aint done no music lately but hes still my nigga when I was outhere in the bay during the up in smoke tour I kicked it with him. u know thats family man.

Yash: what happened to that track u and Cube did with Bobcat it was suppose to be on his war album?

Mc Ren: He didnt use it he had told me last time I talked to him he was gonna put that shit on somethin change the beat make it more updated put the vocals and shit on it.
        Im sure it gone come out one day if it dont come out now somebody gone put that muthafucka out in ten years from now.

Yash: Did you have a whole verse on the song "La NIGGAZ" I was so dissappointed that you didnt rhyme on that track!

Mc Ren: Man I had a tight as verse on there oh naa I didnt have a verse not on LA NIGGAZ I just talked on that track I had a verse on on BANG BANG.
        But I heared muthafuckaz that see he had took somebody off and put me on there and they told me the muthafucka that was on there started bitchin to Dre Cryin: Thats fucked up u put Ren On there!!
        U put him on there cuz he Ren and all that shit and I heared Dre put him back on that shit cuz he was cryin.

Yash: Have you thought of puttin together a Crew? Like Cube has done with Lench Mob and Westside connection?

Mc Ren: yea I got a crew called the Rebel Army u know what im sayin I got diferent divisions I got one division comin out with em on my maxi single called Jon Doe Jon Doe Division, the whole
        thing of the Rebel Army is like a whole movement to stop all this bullshit u see on videos and hear on radio.

Yash: out of all those albums u made which one is your favourite and Why?

Mc Ren: My favourite one gotto be "SHock Of The Hour"! I listened to that muthafucka the other day.

Yash: whats your favourite track on that?

Mc Ren: Mayday on the frontline I listened to that muthafucka the other day and was like dam im sayin that shit *laughs* dam I was just COCO right there like Fuckit.
        the reason I luv that album is cuz I listened to that the other day I was just like I dont give a fuck on that that album is just cold like dont give a fuck.

Yash: What kinda tracks can we expect on the new album?

Mc Ren: Same typo shit like shock of the hour like dont give a fuck yea its gone be another shock of the hour.

Yash: Where can we buy it? when will it come out?

Mc Ren: you can buy that muthafucka ONLY ON MY WEBSITE MCRENSOFFICIALSITE.COM its comin out in January.

Yash: the whole album or just the Maxi cd?

Mc Ren: Maxi CD 4 joints all Bomb Ass Joints Niggaz will not be dissappointed.

Yash: and the whole album when will that comeout?

Mc Ren: Ima put that out in umm April man or may..ANd the whole album is gone have me its gone have no

Yash: no Featurings?

Mc Ren: The whole fuckin album is gonna be ME.

Yash: You gone have E A SKI produce somethin?

Mc Ren: YA.
        He got a song on my maxi single yep that muthafucka the shit too

Yash: whats the song called?

Mc Ren: Called V FUnk VIllain FUnk      

Yash: You got alot of international fans can they order the album aswell?

Mc Ren:Yea go straight to my site you can buy that muthafucka they can go there right now.
       News whatever u can go check it out my getto site.

Yash: Ren you know that song u did on The Eastsidaz upcomin album I got a chance to hear that one and that was bangin.
      But did you hear about Eastsidaz Tray Dee beefin with SNoop over unpaid Royalties.

MC Ren: I heared about that

Yash: You think its gone come out the album?

Mc Ren: nope I dont know everybody keep tellin me... but I dont think its gone come out on snoops shit cuz all of that.
        but hopefully man theyll get it out. They got some bangers on that muthafucka.

Yash: What do you think about all these rappers recordin love songs and shit?

Mc Ren: Bullshit Garbage GAAARBAAAGE.

Yash: What kind of music music do you listen to these days?

Mc Ren:I listen to alota old shit like KRS like PE first album cuz all this new shit I cant fuck wid.

Yash: I read a statement you made on your website about defjam who claimed NWA was inspired by scarface movies
      tell us who really inspired NWA!

Mc Ren: Yea bullshit they had a compilation when they puttin out a scarface movie remastered some shit then they had us on the commersials Music Inspired By the movie Scarface.
        Without callin any of us They didnt call to my knowledge nobody in the group. they lyin to the public maybe it influenced these young muthafuckaz but not me
        like I said on my site the movies that inspired me was Crush groove E STREET Break and WILD Style.Thats the only movies that inspired me not no fuckin bullshit a muthafucka wrote
        in a script for al pacino. They tryna put that shit like diss muthafuckaz ....naaa naaa so I tell muthafuckaz dont buy that record cuz them muthafuckaz..and whoever did that shit
        at def jam fuck them muthafuckaz..the reason im doin it so they learn next time not to do no shit like that..if you gone put me on some shit call me first and ask me who influenced me.
        so they can have a commersial and have it different.

Yash: they fucked up WC's album aswell.

Mc Ren: Yep they sure the fuck did a tight ass album they dont never know how to push westcoast artists they need to quit signin em.
        they only be lookin at the quik dialer whenever the west start blowin up they wanna start snatchin niggaz from out here and fuck your record up.
        FUCK DEF JAM! I stoped likin Def Jam from back in the day. PE LL from back in the day LL still there but im stayin back in the P E era Beastie Boys and all that shit they was cool
        but now its just corporate MUTHAFUCKIN MUSIC COLONISTS! FUCK EM!

Yash:  Are YOu feelin any young Westcoast ARtists RIght NOW?

Mc Ren: umm NO

Yash: Have you heared The Game And Crooked I?

Mc Ren: Na I aint heared that I heared Crooked I before He cool I did somethin with him before but he cool but as far as me U know I dont wanna really pinpoint this one dude is this and that nigga is that
         it take a nigga to do alot for me to say this nigga is this or this nigga is that to know he the truth u know what I mean..Now when I see a nigga out here comin with somethin new
         takin the shit that everybody done did takin out all the garbage and takin his own shit makin a new style makin muthafuckaz go way to the left and be like we aint doin this wack shit
         we goin this way with it and they sell a gang of records just be really creative you gotto pay dues before im gonna say im feelin this nigga out here..You gotto atleast come Harder Than Me!
         U know U gotto come harder than me the shit I did back in the day to make me say DAAAM..In the NBA its like Jordan Kobe its like
         all these players in the NBA its like Iversen n its like LEBRON JAMES COMIN the new dude you gotto do somethin to make them old muthafuckaz say GODAAAAAM!
         WHen u see MJ KOBE and them in the stands All them dudes be like DAAAm look at this young nigga.

Yash: What do you feel about the governments war in IRAQ and The War On Terrorrism?

MC Ren: Its wack because they didnt have no reason to go fuck with Iraq now they talkin about spendin 87 billion Dollars overthere when muthafuckaz in America Starvin
        Muthafuckin School system is fucked up muthafuckin Schools In LA they dont have no money for books but they gone send 87 million overthere to umm Take care some shit they didnt even have to fuck up!
        THey go in and fuck it up they take your money THEY TAKE IT IT AINT LIKE YOU GIVE IT THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY and they gothere and rebuild do all of this shit and u know its gone be fucked up overthere
        after the 87 Billion muthafuckaz still gone be fucked up they still gone hate america u know what I mean.
        And its like muthafuckaz over here starvin. EVERYTHING! This is like so much bullshit goin on u finna ship 87 billion dollars over here they be shippin money over to the east money everywere and
        muthafuckaz over here starvin. I dont agree with the War on Terror I mean if you gone have a War On TError then muthafucka do some shit GO GEt Them its like if I go right now Kill a muthafucka
        they not finna come and tear my house down n kill my kids na they gone come get me..

Yash: They havent caught that Bin Ladin Guy!

Mc Ren: They aint caught nobody. Its all propaganda man

Yash: have you heared Paris new album its bangin.

Mc Ren: I talked to Paris on the phone yesterday
        everybody tellin me that I told that nigga im gonna check it out. Matter of fact he called me out the blue yesterday I was honered to get his call
        u know we chopped it up for like 15 minutes I told him nigga u on the same page as me I know and I got love for that nigga.

Yash: Do you have anythin you wanna tell the website visitors?

Mc Ren: Yea I wanna tell everybody TURN OFF THE BITCH ASS RADIO THEY GARBAGE STOP LOOKIN AT MTV BET GARBAGE U know what im sayin


Don Seer

Re:WCA Got Another Ren Interview Up
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2003, 09:38:50 AM »
tight!  8)

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Re:WCA Got Another Ren Interview Up
« Reply #3 on: November 21, 2003, 10:05:05 AM »
personally i think mc ren is just like DOC, they shouldn't do interviews! they just come of arrogant like they the reason the earth spins on some shit like that. most rappers will big themselves up, but they just go too far.

iraq would just get annexed by iran

That would be a great solution.  If Iran and the majority of Iraqi's are pleased with it, then why shouldn't they do it?


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Re:WCA Got Another Ren Interview Up
« Reply #4 on: November 21, 2003, 11:56:23 AM »
Mc Ren: Yea I wanna tell everybody TURN OFF THE BITCH ASS RADIO THEY GARBAGE STOP LOOKIN AT MTV BET GARBAGE U know what im sayin

Man, the only movement goin on in the west is a bowel movement


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Re:WCA Got Another Ren Interview Up
« Reply #5 on: November 21, 2003, 03:06:29 PM »
Mc Ren: Man I had a tight as verse on there oh naa I didnt have a verse not on LA NIGGAZ I just talked on that track I had a verse on on BANG BANG.

 :o :o :o
Damn!  I want to hear that version of Bang Bang!

and Ren said he did a song w/ crooked I.  I wonder when, and what happened to it.

I sure hope he comes w/ another shock of the hour type album!