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TWAT at the match!!!
« on: August 29, 2002, 12:25:01 AM »
My and my 2 buddys have a season ticket at Everton FC.  We went the first game and it was class, we have amazing seats and everything seems perfect when all of a sudden when Eveton are on the break me and my 2 buddys stand up, because lets face it thats what you do, and as soon as we stand up we had these 2 phellas behidn us going sitdown, why the fuck are you's standing up now.  I dont think they was talking to us directly but because we was right in front of them we was getting an ear full.  Anyway the moaning from them went on for the whole game and after the game when they had gone one of my friends said to me one of the phellas was poking him in the back so he would sit down.  

Of course we where all pissed after the game because we have paid like 210 pound for this ticket and we had 2 dicks telling us off if we stood up in the game.  We where all saying that if they are there next game and they do it again then we will say something to them.  Anyway went the match last nite and behold, there they are and dont get me wrong these 2 aint just phellas they are tall and look strong and shit like, but if it happened again we was determinted to let them know that we are guna be standing up all season and shit.  Anyway the whole game went smoothly there was no moaning and no poking but we was getting beat 1-0, then in injury time 92 minute Everton scored, the crowd went wild, everyone was dancing and shit and of course me and my friends where estatic.  My 2 friends get on the chairs and stand chating and shit so of course me being as happy as I am I follow and get on my seat.  We are dancing and shit and I feel I tap on my shoulder I looked around the the phella was telling me to get down.  I just looked at him and turned around and didnt move like.  Everyone was so happy we had scored I expected everyone to be on there seats and singing and shit.  Anyway I leaned forward a bit of my seat and I felt this push from behind, I fell off my seat but lucky enough landed on my feet, I turned around and said in an angry voice What Are You Doin, the phella went "You can't be standing up like in the game"

I was just like whatever.  There was people on seats in front of us and shit and him being like 7 foot tall I would of expected him to just pop his head to the side for like 30 seconds while the match finished.  The whistle was blown and we had drew 1-1, I felt another tap on my shoulder, it was him "I am sorry I pushed you off your seat mate, but you cant be standing up like in the middle of the match" I just looked at him and just give a sly Yer.  I mean it was like 92 mins gone and we had scored everyone was made up and he was just pissed because he couldent see the last 30 seconds of the game, I would of expected him just to get on with it, or even stand on his seat so he could see over us.  

I was thinking to myself cheeky cunt I have paid like 210 qwid for this seat and we got people behind  screaming at us if we stand up when Everton are on the attack. Its bullshit.  I swear I was so pissed, I felt like just jumping on the twat and kicking his head in.  I hate the way people cant just be made up that they are at the game.  The 2 guys seem to be pissed that they cant control when everyone stands and sits.  Moaning bastards.  Its still on my mind now and I no there is guna be some bad tension in future games.

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Re: TWAT at the match!!!
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I fell down the steps at Old Trafford the other night when I thought Forlan had scored and I've fucked my ankle up
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