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Justice system let down...again
« on: December 08, 2003, 02:03:23 PM »
Gavin murder suspect cleared

THE savage killing of a white teenager who strayed into an Asian community remains unsolved after the last suspect to stand trial was cleared of murder.

Security guard Gavin Hopley (19) was chased and beaten up by a gang of Bengali men almost two years ago after he got lost during a night out.

He was ultimately hit in the face with a flying kick delivered by a man who used a fence post as support.

The impact threw the teenager into the air and he cracked his head on the pavement leaving him with fatal head injuries.

The victim suffered bleeding around the brain and he died six days later in North Manchester General Hospital.

Police who investigated the unprovoked attack discovered Gavin had been robbed of his watch and neck chain as he lay dying on the ground.

On Friday at Minshull Street Crown Court, Mohsin Raza (20) of Brewerton Road, Oldham, was acquitted of Hopley’s murder after claiming he worked in an Indian takeaway on the night, and then went straight home to bed.

The victim’s parents Gary and Lorraine burst into tears in the public gallery after the jury of six men and six women took just under an hour to return their unanimous not guilty verdicts.

Initially police charged eight men including Raza with murder but charges against them were withdrawn before they came to trial.

Raza was later re-charged in March, 2003, after two of the suspects agreed to make statements implicating him.

Mohammed Zubair (23) later testified against Raza after charges against him of murder, rioting in Oldham and an unrelated offence of rape were dropped.

The other witness Foulmiah Mohammed (21) was also originally charged with Hopley’s murder but was later jailed for nine months for violent disorder.

Zubair is now on the Sex Offender Register and undergoing a two-year community rehabilitation order for having underage sex with a 15-year-old girl.

The verdicts mean it is unlikely anyone will be held criminally responsible for Gavin’s death.

Raza denied murder and in a prepared statement handed to police said he had been working at the Royal Balti Takeaway, in Dukinfield, on the night of the attack.    


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Re:Justice system let down...again
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Where are you guys getting your news? U"KKK" Website? (Pun Intended) ;)


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Re:Justice system let down...again
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Joke about it if you like but its disgraceful.

The media makes a big fuss over the Lawrence case but did any Brits actually hear about this case?



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Re:Justice system let down...again
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imo the system has just shown that it can work.