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Re:whatcha bumping?!
« Reply #200 on: December 31, 2003, 09:41:30 AM »
Just downloaded 'Welcome to tha Chuuch Vol. 4' yesterday. Hearing that made me go back and listen to the first one. Damn, in my opinion it was the best one. 'Run Up On U' by 213 is a quality track (probably better than 'I'm Fly' IMO). I feel the best track from Vol. 1 was 'Back On The Blocc' though...that beat is awesome and every verse is hot, especially Tray Deee's 8). Too bad we ain't likely to seen any new cuts by Snoop, Goldie AND Tray anytime soon however! :(

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Re:whatcha bumping?!
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Re:whatcha bumping?!
« Reply #202 on: December 31, 2003, 12:33:09 PM »
lol now nightfall got me listenin' to RATM  8)

haha, tiite, good shit!

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