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Race and Poverty
« on: August 23, 2002, 04:59:21 AM »
Though out American history, things have remained the same, "Blacks, Native Americans, and all other (non White) people are to be the burdern barers for the real masters (White America)" - Martin Luther King

But is this completly true, is it a truly just statement. No one denies Martin Luther King was a great man, with great things to say, but this statement might take it too far. In honestly it does, for also there are poor white people. After all, 60% of people living in poverity in the United States are white. Just one problem, most minorities are living in poverity, well most Whites are not, there's just so many whites that they can out number white people.

Anyway, back to my statement, there are many misconseptions on poverity and race. I see many white people it seems mad that minorities, many Blacks, complain about how white people put them down, and now Whites say that they leave themselve like that. Why is it then that the majority of povern people in America is White, why are even European imagrents treated like shit. Why are we pushing for English only now when in a city like Los Angeles, you can speak 5 languages and survive, yet never say a word of English. Why all the damn hate to each other, and all the ignorence.

It seems that White people now are tired of hearing about the past, and how much it affects today. The thing is, is until what was wrong was corrected, minorities will still mention the past, 'cause it has never gone away. Blacks never recovered from being raised in broken homes. People blame Black fathers for leaving, and yes this is true, but a Black man for years never knew any better. We are only 4 generations after slavery, maybe 5, and things are getting better. But during slavery, a man had his girlfriend, since Masters didn't allow slaves to marry, and like all humans, Slaves fell in love. Then like humans, they wanted a family. When they did this, Masters sold the father, raped the wife, and sold the kids of both the father, and any bastard child the woman bore from him. You get a child then who doesn't know what a set family is, and a male will see this, and figure that's just life. When the slaves were free, many Blacks tried to use family values, but couldn't handle. So in typical fashion, just like their fathers, they left 'cause that's what they know. After generations of this, Blacks have been getting better each generation. Now this doesn't not mean just Blacks are like this. For a time, there were also white slaves. But still, Blacks in Africa are heavily family based. Many Africans come to the United States and are disgusted but the way Blacks here ave learned to live. I've meet many Africans that have told me this. So it is not a learned trait from Africa, but though slavery.

It takes as much time to unlearn as it did to learn. So since slavery was an institution in the United States for 300 years, it will take 300 years to unlearn the trait of broken families, and what not. I am happy that back home, many Black fathers I know didn't leave their kids the way they were left. I think education has helped in that area. 'Cause even though the mother and father are not married, they still try to work things out for the kid, which is good.

White people lead the numbers in poverity. My dad once told me that a poor white man is as good as a poor Mexican...LOL. It's true. In the United States, poverity sees no race. We think though that afferitive action though discrimiates more on poor White people than anything, and it's true. Richer White people think of poorer White people as it's their fault that they are poor. After all, they are White, it should come easy. Ever since the Irish came, the U.S. referred to them as "White Niggers". As much hate to White people from White people can happen.

Like I responded to Tom's post about the Pimps and the Hotels, poor people will find a way to make money, and if there's nice hotels that people stay at, you damn right I'm selling my hoes there. But lets look further. Since money has been around, many bad things have happened. For money, White people killed almost all the buffalo to sell to the french, and left the Native Americans with no food source, killing them with hunger. Africans sold their own people to Whites so that they can be slaves. For money, Germany allowed Jews to go to "camps" because they were taking all the jobs. It's not a matter of race, or anything, people act funny for money. What you need to do in ghetto communitys is realize that they need more than nice hotels. They need jobs, put jobs in the ghettos, so instead of pimping, that man can be working. Give out education, so instead of feeling hopeless, those drug dealers can feel like they can achive something. Oh and don't think only Blacks and Latins are the only drug dealers. Last thing I want to say, 70% of all drug dealers are white, and actually I think most middle class. All food for thought.
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