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Article about the Person who Killed Jason VanKleef
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Dec. 18


Death penalty sought for murder suspect--Flores accused of killing 3

Prosecutors announced Monday that they will seek the death penalty for
Alfred Flores III, the reputed gang member charged with murdering 3
Rialto teen-agers in March.

The announcement came more than 3 months after a high-profile manhunt for
Flores ended when authorities arrested him near the Mexican border on
suspicion of murdering Jason VanKleef, 18, Ricardo Torres, 16, and
Alexander Ayala, 17.

Deputy District Attorney Mike Ramos has suggested since Flores was
arrested in September that prosecutors would seek to execute him.

Ramos said Monday that Flores - who investigators say uses the nickname
"Wizard" - deserves the death penalty because he is cruel, callous and

"With his violent behavior and the multiple victims - this is the type of
guy who will kill again," Ramos said.

Flores has pleaded innocent to the murder charges.

Sisters of Flores who were in court for the announcement Monday said they
did not want to talk about the government's bid to execute the 21-year-old.

"We don't know what's going on, so no comment please," one of the sisters
said as she left the courtroom to speak with the deputy public defender
representing her brother.

Deputy Public Defender Terry Snodgrass said she was disappointed by the
decision, though not surprised by it.

She said she does not think prosecutors have a strong enough case against
Flores to seek execution.

"I'm disappointed when the DA's Office seeks the death penalty in cases
such as this one where there are so many holes and problems they are
dealing with," she said.

Snodgrass added that she is troubled that prosecutors have built their
case around statements made by an associate of Flores, whom she
characterized as an accomplice, if not the actual killer.

Andrew Mosqueda testified during a preliminary hearing in October that he
saw Flores shoot Torres several times in the Lytle Creek area March 19.

VanKleef, who witnessed Torres' shooting according to testimony, was
found shot dead on Willow Avenue in Rialto around the same time
investigators discovered Torres' body.

Mosqueda testified that VanKleef and Flores were together the last time
he saw VanKleef alive.

Ayala's body was found in the Lytle Creek area several days after Torres
was found. He was also shot.

Sheriff's investigators have said that a 9 mm handgun linked to Flores
appears to be a ballistic match to the gun used to kill Ayala.

Flores allegedly fled to Mexico after the shootings.

Mexican authorities refused to help in apprehending Flores because of the
San Bernardino County District Attorney's Office refusal to forgo the
death penalty in the case.

Flores was later arrested after authorities said he crossed into the
United States illegally near the Mexican town of Tecate.

The mothers of VanKleef and Torres watched intently in West Valley
Superior Court on Monday as Ramos made the death penalty announcement.

Rebeca Torres cried even before the brief court hearing began.

Marilyn VanKleef said she supported the district attorney's decision to
seek the death penalty.

"He needs to answer for what he did," she said.

The murder charges against Flores include the special circumstance
allegation of multiple murder, which makes him eligible for the death

Flores, who is held in protective custody without bail at the West Valley
Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga, is set to return to Judge Ingrid
Uhler's courtroom March 22 for a pretrial hearing.

Los Angeles County authorities have named Flores as a suspect in a series
of crimes there, including a murder, stabbing, shooting and robbery.

(source: Inland Valley Daily Bulletin)

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Re: Article about the Person who Killed Jason VanK
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This Article Made Me Angery At The Fact That Jason Not Only Witness the Crime... But His Life Was Taken Because Of It..... I AsK That We Pray For Jason, Richardo and Alex tonight.. and everynight you think.. of your friends... and what they mean to you.....  
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