Author Topic: Article that puts the Kilroy-Silk issue into perspective  (Read 80 times)

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Article that puts the Kilroy-Silk issue into perspective
« on: January 13, 2004, 09:44:35 AM »
taken from the littlejohn colum in todays sun.

THE BBC has agreed to reinstate Robert Kilroy-Silk after suspending him for describing Arabs as ďsuicide bombers, limb amputators and women repressorsĒ.
But he has had to agree to new producer guidelines designed to prevent him causing offence to anyone. This column sat in on his comeback show.

KILROY: Good morning, everybody. Welcome to the show. Today weíre talking about freedom of speech. My first guest this morning has had a tragic life.

He lost an eye and both hands while on missionary work in Afghanistan and has had to subsist on benefits ever since. Please welcome, from the Finsbury Park mosque, Captain Hook.

(Loud applause).

KILROY: I know this is difficult for you, so take your time. What would you like to say to us?

HOOK: Death to the infidel! Death to the Jews! Death to America! Death to the West!

(Even louder applause.)

KILROY: Youíre clearly very upset and thatís understandable. I know what you must be going through. Did I mention Iím part Irish?

(AUDIENCE: Death to the infidel! Death to the Jews! Death to America! Death to the West!)

KILROY: I feel your pain, I really do. Iíll come back to you later in the show. My next guest is from al-Muhajiroun. What would you like to say to the viewers, sir?

AL-MUH: September 11 2001 was a towering day in history ó a mighty blow against the Great Satan. It is the duty of the faithful to rise up and join the jihad.

(Riotous cheering).

KILROY: I can tell emotions are running very high on this issue.

AL-MUH: The oppressor must be destroyed. The Jews must be driven into the sea!

(Audience goes berserk).

KILROY: Well, youíre certainly entitled to your point of view. Iím sure many, many of the people watching will be able to relate to what you are saying.

AL-MUH: Can I just mention that weíre holding a recruiting drive in Tipton on Tuesday?

KILROY: Of course you can. Iím from Birmingham, by the way. (Turns to camera). And donít forget, if youíre watching at home, if youíd like to make a donation to Hezbollah In Need just ring the number at the bottom of your screen. Our operators are standing by.

(AUDIENCE: Death to Israel!)

KILROY: Letís welcome our next guest. Itís a pleasure and a privilege to have on Kilroy, a leading QC, a champion of human rights, wife of the Prime Minister, the Wicked Witch herself, Cherie Booth QC.

(Polite hissing from audience)

KILROY: Cherie, thanks for coming in. I used to be an MP, too, you know.

Like me, youíve got a bit of a reputation for being outspoken on the subject of human rights, havenít you?

WW: Yes, Robert, I have.

KILROY: And I think, also like me, you got yourself in a bit of hot water over something you said to the Saudi ambassador.

WW: All I said, Robert, was that Saudi Arabia had a pretty appalling image in the eyes of the world because of the disgraceful way they treat women.

KILROY: What, exactly, did you mean by that?

WW: Well, for instance, they wonít let women drive, deny them the vote, deny them property rights. Women in the Arab world are second-class citizens.

KILROY: Steady on, Cherie. Thatís a bit harsh. I can fully understand why our audience might easily take exception. Iím surprised an intelligent women like you would rush to judgment without knowing all the facts.

(AUDIENCE: Death to the Wicked Witch!)

WW: What I actually meant to say . . .

KILROY: Thatís enough. I wonít have such vile, offensive language on this show.

HOOK: I object to appearing alongside infidels and half-

naked harlots.

This is a deliberate insult to Islam.

KILROY: No offence, Captain. But we do live in a tolerant, multi-

racial, multicultural society.

HOOK: Not where I come from, we donít.

KILROY: What, Finsbury Park?

HOOK: Infidel dog! (spits on studio floor).

KILROY: My next guest is a young man, Ali, from Salford. Heís just volunteered to go to work in Jerusalem as a suicide bomber. Thatís an interesting career choice.

ALI: Iíve always wanted to travel and kill Jews.

(AUDIENCE: Death to Israel! Death to The West!)

KILROY: Good for you, Ali. So many young people are prepared to sit around on their backsides these days. Not like when I was a young, working class lad in the West Midlands, before I became a famous TV personality and newspaper columnist.

AL-MUH: We have thousands of martyrs like Ali waiting to bring death to the unbelievers.

(AUDIENCE: Kill, Kill, Kill!)

KILROY: And they say modern youngsters are only interested in sex, drugs and mobile phones. Thatís about all weíve got time for. Iíd like to thank all my guests, Captain Hook ó good luck with the deportation appeal; al-Muhajiroun ó hope the jihad goes well; Ali ó come back and see us when you, er, perhaps not.

(Sound of sirens. Enter boys in blue.)

PLOD: You thought youíd got away with it, chummy, didnít you? Robert Kilroy-Silk, I am arresting you for possession of an offensive suntan. Now stand still while the sergeant chops your arm off.

KILROY: See you in the morning.

iraq would just get annexed by iran

That would be a great solution.  If Iran and the majority of Iraqi's are pleased with it, then why shouldn't they do it?


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Re:Article that puts the Kilroy-Silk issue into perspective
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Sarcasm right?