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Bush just doesn't learn
« on: January 13, 2004, 04:55:53 PM »
In 1986, Reagan granted amnesty to the illegal aliens and didn't do anything about our borders. What happened? We have 10 million more illegal aliens in the country. Smart fuckin move. ::)
If they wanted to stop illegals from coming, they would just take care of the border problem, BUT they don't want to completely stop illegal immigration. Why? Well because it keeps wages low, which is beneficial to the employers. Cheap labor is what the government wants. And do you think some white folks from the suburbs would work the strawberry fields? Hell no. We have desperate immigrants perform those tasks, at low prices.
All Bush's new plan does is:
- use these workers for 3 years and then deport them
- keep wages low
- do nothing for our borders so that new illegals can come over and the government will then use their sweat for a couple years before deporting them
- we will have new floods of illegal aliens coming across every couple of years

Companies like Wal-Mart love Bush

The only good thing coming out of this... many conservatives losing trust in Bush saying he's a fuckin sellout LOL...