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and you thought your side job was fun
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Firefighters Blast Porn Star on Force    
Sun Jan 18, 1:28 PM ET  Add Strange News - AP to My Yahoo!

KEYES, Calif. - A firefighter moonlighting as a porn star for a little extra cash has caused a stir in this small rural town, officials said.


Seventeen firefighters in Keyes, a town of less than 5,000 in the middle of the Central Valley's dairy country, walked off their jobs to protest Alexa Jones' other career, which they said she discussed while on the job with her husband, Assistant Chief Roger Jones.

Capt. Herb Collier, one of the 17 who dropped their gear and resigned earlier this week, said Thursday that not only did the couple bring the topic up in the station, but Roger Jones also fired a cadet who got curious and checked out Alexa's site without paying.

Collier said the firefighters also are upset with their chief, Eddie Jones Roger's father and Alexa's father-in-law because he will not discipline his son.

"We feel pretty strongly that there needs to be a separation between the pornography and the fire service," Collier said.

Alexa Jones's site, which opens with a picture of her in a very revealing schoolgirl outfit but does not mention her job as a firefighter, promotes X-rated material, including pornographic wrestling and topless boxing videos, in which she stars under the pseudonym Chantel Lace.

"If they're going to be out there, I might as well be making money off them," Alexa Jones said. Her husband added: "It's called freedom of expression, and speech also. It's not illegal."

The Keyes station responds to fires, medical calls and other emergencies in town and in the surrounding rural area. Only eight firefighters are left in Keyes, but nearby stations have pledged to help out.