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Wailing Wall Is 'Crying'
« on: July 03, 2002, 09:57:47 PM »
Here's some intersting news from Israel. Don't know if it's propechy fullfilled or just someone who's left a tap running on the temple mount. Apparently the temple mount area is off limits to Jews and Christians (after Sharon's visit 2 years ago) so it's difficult to check. But I suppose it might signify the begining of the 'end of the world'?


Sages across the Holy Land were yesterday trying to fathom the significance of a mysterious damp patch that has appeared on Jerusalem's Wailing Wall.

Worshippers noticed water trickling from between the huge blocks of stone on Saturday. But before technicians could diagnose the problem, the area's host of mystics and holy men were already at work trying to divine the water's inner message. Was the Wailing Wall now weeping? And if so, what did it mean?

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch, who presides over the wall, told the Jerusalem Post that the dripping was "highly unusual" and suggested that "maybe the wall is indeed crying because of the current situation in the country".

Rabbi Menachem Fromann went further. "There is a prophecy that everybody knows, that states that when water comes through the stones of the wall it presages the advent of the Messiah," he said.

"Perhaps God is opening up a path for peace and people will feel this and move towards it."

The towering slabs of stone known to Jews as the Western Wall are revered as the last remains of the temple built by Herod the Great in 20BC and destroyed by the Romans in AD70.

A visit by Ariel Sharon in September 2000 to the enclosure above the wall - known as the Temple Mount to Jews and to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary - marked the start of the current round of Israeli-Palestinian violence.

Despite speculation as to the leak's deeper meaning, the truth seems more prosaic. "Instead of looking for a spiritual explanation it would be better to ask the Israeli water authority," said Rabbi Levi Lau, of the Hartman Institute in Jerusalem.


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Re: Wailing Wall Is 'Crying'
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lmao.. love that last comment
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