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The life and times of Tupac Shakur
« on: June 21, 2002, 02:39:58 AM »
I thought i'd post this up in this particular forum because it's not just about him being some rapper, it's about the positive  impact he had and continues to have on people's lives and through reading this it gives you a sense of motivation, once you read it you'll know what I mean  :). Also since it was his birthday a few days ago I think it's a good peice of memorial writing, if you will, looking at the positive aspects of his life.  

(This is from btw)

Tupac Shakur, one of the most admired and respected rappers of all time, brought a lifetime of deep, meaningful art into this world. Those who really listened to Tupac knew that he was not just a lucky rapper who made it big with a few sampled hits boasting about his twenty inch gold plated rims. Tupac was an extremely creative and an innovative writer, producing music as well as poetry, which reflected upon his insightful philosophy. His music has inspired so many people in so many ways. Even many years after his prominent death in 1996, his legacy continues to live on. Fans across the world still appreciate his music, and new generations of listeners are finding his work to be brilliant and accurately expressive of real life.

Although at times his music can be vulgar and extremely violent, deeper-rooted meaning provides listeners of all races, ages, and sex with positive benefits that change people’s lives. The inspirational music written by Tupac offers motivation, a sense of appreciation, and strong leadership to those who listen to his music. In hundreds of testimonies, fans confess their dedication to Tupac, trying to live their life with the compassion that he did. Tupac was a motivator, who stressed that it is important to do something constructive with your life. He encouraged people to do the right thing and not put their life to waste. He impacted so many lives by helping people stand up for themselves. His admirable honesty is what made people so attracted to his music and trusting of what he was preaching. Extreme Tupac fans consider him God, and his music to be the words of the present day bible. Like Jesus is to his followers, Tupac is a motivator to his listeners who live by the words of his life. Tupac motivates people to stay strong and move up in the world. Having gone from rags to riches himself, Tupac shows the world that you can change your life from one end of the spectrum to the other. Whether dreaming about making it out of the ghetto, or just trying to better yourself as a spiritual being, Tupac is there to push you through it. He has helped so many young listeners to stay on their feet through his music that he is considered as a father to some who have benefited from his  motivation.

In the fast paced world that we live in today, we sometimes forget to appreciate all that we have. Sometimes people get so caught up in what they want that they don’t stop to think about what they already have. Although Tupac always strives to get more, he still takes a moment to say thanks and appreciate what God has given to him. He teaches his listeners to appreciate and their family, friends, and most importantly themselves. Tupac understood that he was lucky to be where he was in life. Despite major problems in his world, he knew that he had more than a lot of people, and didn’t want to take that for granted. In his well-known song Dear Mama, Tupac says, “I finally understand, for a woman it ain't easy, tryin to raise a man, You always was committed, A poor single mother on welfare, tell me how ya did it, There's no way I can pay you back, But the plan is to show you that I understand, You are appreciated.” Tupac showed his listeners how easily it is to let the wonderful things people do for you to go unnoticed. He pays his respects to the people who have helped him to be who he is.

Tupac is a leader in many ways. He is a leader to his fans. He is a leader to African-Americans, to whites, and without a doubt, he is a leader to the music industry. Tupac has topped the charts with his music for weeks at a time, while selling ridiculously large quantities of his albums both before and after his death. He is listed in the “Guinness Book of World Records” as the most successful gangsta rapper in history. These achievements have turned him into a leader for all musicians to look up to. To his fans, Tupac has acted as sort of a guide, helping them along through life, and giving them some direction. No matter what events are happening in your life, Tupac’s theories and messages can relate to them. His music has helped many people get through hard times and keep them holding on. In his song Keep Ya Head Up, Tupac says, “Cause I think we can make it, in fact, I'm sure, And if you fall, stand tall and comeback for more…. And it's crazy, it seems it'll never let up, but please... you got to keep your head up.” Tupac’s words lead people to never give up and to do everything to achieve their goals. Tupac is more than an inspiration; he is a leader.

The death of Tupac was no doubt, a horrible tragedy. He will be remembered for a very long time to come. His music affected so many people’s lives, and will continue to for many years. Some predictions even say that perhaps one day, the writings of Tupac Shakur will be studied in classrooms; much like Shakespeare is today. Shakespeare was once a controversial writer of his time like Tupac is now and furthermore, had documented and represented his time through poetry just like Tupac. His work is deep, meaningful, and articulate. If Tupac were alive today, he would be overjoyed that so many people benefit from his music. Tupac would be thrilled to know that his inspirational music still brings motivation, a sense of appreciation, and strong leadership to his fans.
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