Author Topic: what you all think about the end of the world?  (Read 346 times)

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Re: what you all think about the end of the world?
« Reply #25 on: June 08, 2002, 04:58:20 PM »
na man, the bible does hold the key to the future, i can tell by reading your stuff you are not christian. christians belive that the world we are living in now will end when jesus comes back and rounds up all his children in the rapture. those who do not belive, will be stuck here for the worst happeings ever to occur on earth. it will be run by the anaichrist aka the devil himself. and everyone will evntually die and jesus again will come back and it will be heaven on earth. and tone, you may not belive the way i do, but WE all will see the end of the world. we are basically in the end times. the bible predicted all the stuff that is occuring at this time. there are some profeicies left to be fullfilled, and when they are, jesus will return................

but:that would be like jesus punishing us for not believeing in him, and also, if its all led by the devil himself, then how can jesus be sure he will get here in time beacuse if there is a devil, we all know he's be a reet arse hole and end it all now to stop jesus from saving us. or why doesn't jesus return now to make sure he can save us?

secondly: the stuff predicted in the bible was obvious to happen. its like me saying in a 1000 years time we will still have diseases. like the bible sed there will be uncurable diseases accordin to sum1 who i talked to, i know there will still b disease.

there will be war cos of mans misfortune, thats sumthin i learned off a religious dinner lady at school. that is what she sed was predicted in the bible. i know there will be still be weaponary, war and killing of the innocent in 2000 years time, it's obvious. there was war then, and still is now, and i know there will be in the future.

i bet when the telephone was invented, the inventer would have known that in time his invention wuld go more advanced, cos it's obvious like that cos inventions always get taken to another level, it would have been obvious to him. so if he wrote in his diary about what could become of the telephone eg. instant calls abroad then on the next page of his diary he wrote 'the sun will turn into a red giant in 1000 years' would u think that since what he put about the telephone was tru and is what is occuring already eg. the internet and mobile phones, that his theory about the sun would come tru?

i thought not, so what makes u so suyr that just cos some of the obvious things predicted in the bible have come tru that everything else predicted eg. the end of the world will come tru? just think about that, it won't change ur mind but u have to see my point in this
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