Author Topic: Arnold = Gray Davis on Steroids  (Read 66 times)


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Arnold = Gray Davis on Steroids
« on: February 06, 2004, 01:23:56 PM »
What the hell is going on with Arnold? I thought he was against special interest money?  Dude is asking for half a million , HALF A MILLION, so he can use the money to get more supper for Prop 57 and 58 at a dinner in New York.  This fool is Gray Davis on Steroids. He just asked for a federal audit and those people in the drug industry owe the state of California 1.3 billion dollars. Hmmmm why  not crack them down? Maybe cuz they are huge supporters of Arnold giving him a shitload of money for his campaign for prop57 and 58? Whatever, Arnold = Gray Davis on Steroids