Author Topic: anyone see that ufc 44 match with tito ortiz and coutoure at mandalay  (Read 48 times)

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did anyone see the ufc 44 match between tito ortiz and coutoure at mandaly. tito is like 28 years old and coutoure was 40 and before the match Tito was saying that there will be absolutely no way that a 40 year old can defeat him. and then coutoure straight DOMINATED tito ortiz all five rounds. like it was hands down coutoure domination. he had tito on his back every single round, and multiple rounds he was pounding his face so hard with tito on his back. i think the 3rd or 4th round, he had Tito down within like 15 seconds, like the he got him down in his very initial takedown. and then the last round he had tito in some crazy ass hold and he was literally spanking (like lightly slapping) titos ass. like straight up mocking him cos he straight up OWNED him at that moment. Tito was straight up cryin after though, cos he had to give up the belt. fucking creazy ass fight damn. Tito was way behind in points, it was 50-44,50-44,50-45
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