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Christian Services
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Ecclesiates 8-12

Don't be surprised when you see that the government oppresses the poor and them denies them justice and their rights. Every official is protected by the one over him, and both are protected by still higher officials.

Even a King depends on the harvest.

If you love money, you will never be satisfied; if you long to be rich, you will never get all you want. It is useless. The richer you are, the more mouths you have to feed. All you gain is the knowledge that you are rich. A working man may or may not have enough to eat, but at least he can get a good night's sleep. A rich man, however, has so much that he stays awake worrying.


The abovementioned lines are some of the truest lines the Bible can give us. They give us good reasonings to refute the suggestion money is all. They allow us to feel justified in our enforced or voluntary poverty. In Ecclesiates, the Philosopher taught us that the poor and the meek were God's true children...If we are willing to remain poor or meek, and still continue in our lives, fighting hard, we are enjoying God's gift to its fullest.

Those verses also teach us about the interdependency of humanity...The King depends upon the harvest; the harvest relies upon the farmer; and so on...Life is but an ever-turning circle, and we cannot assume ourselves to be a rock, an island. Even if we have faith in God, if we have no love for Man, we are nothing.


Like an enemy, the Lord has destroyed Israel;
He has left her forts and palaces in ruins.
He had brought on the people of Judah unending sorrow.

The Lord has finally done what he threatened to do:
He has destroyed us without mercy, as he warned us long ago.
He gave our enemies victory, gave them joy at our downfall.

"From the bottom of the pit, O Lord, I cried out to you,
And when I begged you to listen to my cry, you heard.
You answered me and told me not to be afraid.

Punish them for what they have done, O Lord;
Curse them and fill them with despair!
Hunt them down and wipe them off the earth!"

Bring us back to you, Lord! Bring us back!
Restore our ancient glory!

Or have you rejected us forever?
Is there no limit to your anger?

So asks the Prophet Alliam.
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Re: Christian Services
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Amen brotha.  good stuff. keep it up. :D
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Re: Christian Services
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yeah, good deep stuff, ..peace

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Re: Christian Services
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This was a good, deep read.. thank you for posting this "Christian Service"

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