We Fly High

HOLY SHIT. this cd is fucking SICK. for 9.99 its filled with the best songs to come out in a long ass time, and also a sick ass 30 minute bonus content video clip. if you got the actual LEGIT college dropout cd, go to, and pop the cd into ur cdrom. and then just follow the directions, and you'll get a 30 minute video of Kanye West which is SUPER FUCKING FAT. HELLA FATASS Bonus content. like DVD/documentary worthy footage.

-starts out with some television ads/promotions that he used to advertise the album
- goes into a performance of slow jams that it looks like he did in a high school/college auditorium. the song is mostly audience led.
- then theres a live performance of Mos def of "Two Words" at a small venue
- then theres backstage footage of John Legend, GLC, and shit
- Then theres an interview of him about slow jams and twista, and about slow jams being on both their albums, and how "slow jams" is one of his children. and he does a remix of slow jams with the interivew guy which is fucking sick. he did this at the show, i completely forogt.
- then it shows footage of him performing spaceship in the studio
- then it shows pharell talking bout kanye and "jesus walks",
- then it goes to a sick live performance of thru the wire and him talking about the accident to a small crowd
- then it shows a live performance of Jesus Walks with GLC and consequence, and it haves him talking about the blueprint and scarface 5 mics, and about rocafella records helpin him out, and the accident again, and u can hear john legend playing the piano on stage in the background..and then he goes into performing a remix of thru the wire..
- theres another seciton with pharell where he talks about how kanyes his favorite artists. and pharells like recitin lyrics from thru the wire..
- theres an short interview with GLc at an airport or some shit
- and then theres a montage of him performing "through the wire " at all sorts of venues
- and then it ends in the acutla "through the wire music video"

there are a few misc clips that i missed throughout the video, but those are the main highlights
DAMN that was fucking sick. shits 30 minutes, so its pretty fcking long and etnertaining, not just a bunch of 30 sec clips.. so if u smoke, grab a blunt /bong and light up and watch this shit...

its pretty crazy watching that shit, just watched him twice last week, so it was good to reminisce already. on the kanye website it says hes releasing a college dropout DVD soon too. should be off the hook.

let me know what you guys think of the video
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We Fly High

aint none of u watched this shit??

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dont even think the cd has come out here yet.. we are usually a few weeks behind
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I'm gonna definitely check this later on today, you have to download/stream the video, or is it on the cd and just has to be opened by going to the website?


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how do u watch it? im on the site and ive put my cd in, nothing though

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We Fly High

id ont know man, there should be a pop up box right away once u visit the site, that asks you to unlock the bonus content.

and im pretty sure the videos already on the cd, and just has to be unlocked by visiting the site.. cos it played pretyt damn smooth without any skips and it was def real good quality.
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im gonna check this out...

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I finally bought "College Dropout" today and went immediately to the site when I was at home. It's a tight video, very interesting and good quality. But in Germany I had to pay 17,99 :/ Nevertheless, its definitely worth it's money, not only because of this bonus.

BTW: I don't think that the video is already on the disc, because you can chose between high and low quality, what wouldn't make sense if you wouldn't have to stream it. But I had no problems with the high resolution either.
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Normally, I'll buy the album Friday 8)

We Fly High

haha cool. i actually think imma smoke and watch it again right now.


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