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Muslim Brotherhood Weekly Newsletter- Volume 4
« on: April 17, 2002, 10:07:21 PM »
-Assulamulakum brothers. Bis Mi Illah, Nir Rahman, Nir Rahim! Al Ahm Du Illah Rabbil Al Amin Nir Rahman, Nir Rahim! Highest Possible Honors Due To The Prophets!

-Salutations and Blessings to our brothers Prince Techniec, Infinite, Illicit, I BO, 7TH, Doggystylin, Jamal, Roccy, NimaDPG, PakiGangsta, BL7, Cant C Me, Mouse, Waswipp, and H20Proof.

Note to Reader
Due to time constraints, this weeks newsletter is 100% off of my dome, and I am refrencing back to my studies of the Qu'ran and Islamic theology.

Knowledge This
The question is Why?  Today we are asking, why life?  Why death?  Why suffering?  The Qu'ran offers a wide array of explanations, but today I will reference just one.
Why?- (paraphrasing the Qu'ran)
"It may be that it is better for you not to know what lies on the other side at this time, the mysteries of life and death.  For Allah knows, and you know not, what is best for you.  All will be revealed to you at it's proper time, according to the will of Allah."

Philisophical Discussion Pertaining to above excert. ^^
Many of us become frustrated when we are dealt an overwhelming number of questions and puzzles, and we feel hopeless in solving them, but one must remain steadfast and patient.  For it may be that it is not best for us to know at this time.  We are not yet prepared to deal with the very mysteries of life and death, and it would not be to our advantage.

Knowledge This:  (paraphrase of Qu'ran)
"I gave you life where there was once death and nothingness, I gave you the ocean, to cleanse yourself, and springs to drink from the water there within, a sun as your source of energy, a moon as your lamp, in equal proportion, and the sky as your canopy.  Will you then not be thankful."
"It is commanded that all Muslims seek knowledge."

Philosophical Discussion of Above Excert^^
Let's not get so caught up in the puzzles of life that we do not remember to give thanks for the gifts Allah has given us, and we shall never stop enjoying the friuts of life, and contemplating and learning about Allah's creation, planet Earth.

Let's all unite under the oneness of Allah.  Salaam.  

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Re: Muslim Brotherhood Weekly Newsletter- Volume 4
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yo that was sum deep knowledge, thanks....

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Re: Muslim Brotherhood Weekly Newsletter- Volume 4
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oh my....nice..keep it up co xs C.J. oooooo :-* :-X :-[ :(