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Yo Trauma...
« on: April 10, 2002, 12:29:06 PM »
What's the general explanation Latter Day Saints give for an Israeli tribe appearing in America? Also, what's the general theory on the Plates nowadays? I know my Deseret style stuff, but I'm outta date.
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Re: Yo Trauma...
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Nothing New :)

The tribe came from jerusalem, Lehi was the original 'prophet' whom god commanded to build a boat, etc.  The reason for it was to have a portion of the israeli tribes in a place where they wouldn't be corrupted when the other tribes were, and lose their priesthood authority.  Of course, we had our own crap we went through, lots of wars, etc.  Lehi came over about 600 B.C... Jesus came over just after his resurrection, then the church was killed off not too long after (400 a.d.? i'm shaky on the dates), with Moroni being the last descendant, and priesthood holder.  He hid the plates until 1820 or so when he appeared to Smith telling him where they were.  Smith was instructed not to show the plates to anyone... instead, he showed them to several people (a few witnesses testify at the beginning of the book of mormon), and even had a few plates stolen.  After translation, they were taken from him by an angel of the lord (Could have been mornoni again, i'm not sure).  Peace~
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