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Liquid Flow
« on: March 04, 2004, 11:08:39 AM »
there's more to it, yo shit sucked bad, therefore you blew it\
Im fluent, words ripped apart by vocal cords, of course I glew it\
lately I can't find my style, while Im detecting it wit u kid\
stupid, emotiones can't be barrowed, this life was lived by me, that's why I own this sorrow, still u bit\
there's few wit- this amount of nerve, one less now, my gun plaw, u swallowed my shit now puke it\
a spark of genius was lifted and than u looped it, cause even when u imitating it still comes out as pure shit\
since u can't capture it , u play one bit over and over, the rest is muted\
no potential visable in u, it's like u'z nutered, look here,
I mutate, cause when u can't apriciate me in this current state, or underrating, it's a loose end\
I defend my stand till u bend, "the answer my friend in blowing in the wind", reveal this view man\
so u can see yo future, tears she'd, now watch yo eyes wet\
faggot, yo soul won't rise, look up untill u see the sand\

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