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Orlando....home of the bitch ass police officer
« on: March 17, 2004, 08:26:52 PM »
ORLANDO, Fla. -- There were two big decisions from an Orange County grand jury late Wednesday afternoon. Three deputies will not face any charges in connection with two controversial shootings in which the suspects were not armed.
The grand jury's decision was not shocking to most of the people in the courtroom. It is very rare for an officer to face criminal charges for a shooting and the state attorney says both of these shootings were justified.

Marvin Williams' mother was in the courtroom and was not pleased with the outcome. Sgt. Richard Mankewich was also there and was obviously relieved to be free of any criminal charges.

Mankewich shot Williams in January after mistaking him for a murder suspect. Williams' girlfriend told police he ran from them because he didn't have a drivers' license.

"It's always very sad when someone is killed. Marvin Williams was a career criminal. Some have said he was turning his life around, [but] within hours of being killed he had ingested crack cocaine," says state attorney Lawson Lamar.

"We are disappointed in the grand jury's ruling, however this does not in any way affect our proceedings. In fact, it underscores the importance of the civil proceeding," comments Williams' family attorney Gregorio Francis.

Two deputies involved in a separate shooting of a suspected car thief from last year also escaped criminal charges Wednesday. In that shooting, Tommy Mike survived and the officers are already back on patrol.

In both cases, the sheriff's office is still completing its own internal investigations.
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Re:Orlando....home of the bitch ass police officer
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2004, 08:59:05 PM »
In cases like this, it's important to suspend your prejudice and put yourselves in the shoes of the officers.  Are they murderers? Hardly.  They may have fucked up, but they have half-way explainable stories for why they acted like they did.