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Young Dre D - Troubled Mind
« on: March 24, 2004, 08:36:07 PM »
A yo whats up.
I just want to ask if ANY 1 can get a hold of this album called Troubled Mind by Young Dre D (Original)

Iv'e been looking for this album since 97'.
It was released in Cali (Sacramento) in 97', PLEASE YALL, if any one can get a hold of this album PLEASE HOLLA BACK, ill make it worth you the trouble. ;)
Iv'e been going around the message boards just to post this request.
I don't know where else to go, its a muthafuckin underground classic, they made 10000 units and they all were sold out, so its hella hard to get a hold of this shit.
Please yo if ANY 1 can get this shit holla at me.
Peace & much love
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