Author Topic: Zionist Terror attacks on the U.S.  (Read 91 times)


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Zionist Terror attacks on the U.S.
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You do know that the U.S. government KNOWS that Israel was responsible for those attacks on the U.S. installations in 1954 in addition to the attack in 1967 on the USS Liberty, right? Well, the fact that Israel is "the biggest friend" as you call it, is what discouraged the U.S. to take any action. The Lavon Affair the U.S. did not do anything about is because the Israeli prime minister resigned right after the plot was uncovered. With the Liberty, it was different. At first, they didn't know Israel was responsible, and it was all over the news. As soon as they found out Israel purposely did this, the U.S. congress (heavily influenced by Jewish lobbyists even at that time) downplayed it. The story disappeared from the news, and they just told Israel to get the fuck out of the area.

That leads me to another story. Did you hear about the 5 Israeli Mossad (secret service) agents who were arrested on 9/11 for cheering in the streets, driving around in a van with explosive material, and a video camera containing footage of the Sears Tower? Now I would figure this would be HUGE news, but not in this country. Once again, the story quickly disappeared from the news, and many people STILL don't know about it. Let me give you a summary of what happened, and then I will post up a couple links so you can read for yourself.

A few months before the attack several Israeli Mossad agents were caught trying to sneak across the Canadian border into Washington state with fake ID, in white moving vans. Well, on 9/11, people in NYC were calling the cops telling them about "arab looking" guys in a white van driving around the city, cheering after the attack. They were happy. I wonder why. Then the police gets a phone call from an anonymous person saying that "there is going to be an attack on a bridge" (I don't exactly recall which specific bridge, since there's a few in NYC). So, the police is smart enough to close off ALL bridges, and guess who they saw at a bridge different from the one mentioned in the phone call? Yup, the white van with the "arab looking" guys. It was those guys who had called the police, given them info about an attack to be carried out by some arab guys, and told them about a wrong location. That way once it happens, the police will say "those arabs attacked that bridge". But, thanks to our intelligent police force, that did not happen. The guys were caught, and eventually identified as ISRAELI secret service agents aka Mossad. Then there was something about the lawyer first claiming a certain number of defendants and then changing that number, which caused some people to think that maybe there were 2 vans. Anyways, those guys were locked up for a couple weeks, then simply sent back to Israel. That's it. No punishment. Here's the funniest part of all: one of the guys is interviewed in Israel by a reporter, and you know what he tells the reporter? "We were there to document the event". LMAO. How the fuck did he know there was going to be an event, and why was he cheering?

By the way, the motto for the Mossad is: "By way of deception, thou shalt do war"

For those that only trust major newspaper articles here's something out of the NY Times:

Even ABCNews left the article up. I'm surprised.

Well, maybe U.S. Army Officers know better than I do, so here is something else:



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Re:Zionist Terror attacks on the U.S.
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good read...  nice post.