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Keith Murray- He's Keith Murray
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The Carnage (f/joe hooker)- OMG, this is some raw shit, I can't find anything wrong with it. Even Joe Hooker's chorus is good. 5/5
Oh My Goodness- Just look at the track title. 4.5/5
Yeah Yeah U Know It (f/def squad)- Just Blaze + Def Squad= Dope Shit. 5/5
Star (skit)
Candi Bar- Now this is how a love song should be done. Keith does some amazing rhymes describing how beutiful a woman is. A track the whole family can enjoy. 5/5
Christina- Keith tells us about his life. It shows us an entirely different side of him. Nothing happy about this track. 5/5
Sucka Free (skit)
Sucka Free- "Meet the villian with 1,000 faces, I'll fuck you up in 1,000 places". Need I say more? 5/5
Say Whaatt (f/redman)- produced by Jazze Pha. Redman provides an ill hook. Keith Murray gives a little description of the day Russel called him. Could've been better. 4.5/5
Da Ba Dunk Song- Nice beat, funny lyrics, but the hook got on my nerves. 3.5/5
Swagger Back- Ill beat, ill hook, ill lyrics. 5/5
On Smash (f/busta rhymes, kell vicious)- What do you get when u put to of the most energetic rappers of all time on the same track? Pure kick ass shit. Oh, and Kell Vicious is pretty dope to. 5/5
Say Goodnite (skit)
Say Goodnite- Disses punk rappers everywhere. Ill hook. 5/5
Child of the Streets (Man Child)- Keith tells us about his childhood. Another deep track. 5/5

overall- 4.7/5


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Re:Keith Murray- He's Keith Murray
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i hate keith murray with a passion

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Re:Keith Murray- He's Keith Murray
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I think Keith's dope.