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CREDITS: Boot Camp Clik - The Chosen Few
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Boot Camp Clik
The Chosen Few
Duck Down

1.    "Intro: Yo Boot Camp"
Produced by Dan The Man/Dru Ha

2.    "And So"
Produced by Curt Cazal

3.    "Let's Get Down 2 Bizness"
Produced by The Alchemist

4.    "Let's Roll"
Produced by Baby Paul

5.    "Welcome To Bucktown USA" feat. Supreme and Scratch
Produced by Coptic

6.    "That's Tough (Little Bit)"
Produced by Bink!

7.    "Yeah What Eva (Skit)"
Produced by Dru Ha and Dan The Man

8.    "Had It Up 2 Here" feat. Illa Noyz
Produced by Da Beatminerz

9.    "Whoop His Ass" feat. Rufus Blaq
Produced by The Producers Coalition Of America INC.

10.    "Daddy Wanna"
Produced by Beatminerz
Additional Vocals by Queenia and Little Cook WTW2

11.    "Ice Skate"
Produced by Hi Tek
Additional Vocals by Danielle Henry

12.    "Just Us"
Produced by TY Deals

13.    "Think Back" feat. Jahdan
Produced by Da Beatminerz

14.    "The Chosen Few (Live For This)"
Produced by Coptic
Contains elements from "Tomorrow I May Not Feel the Same" performed by Gene Chandler

15.    "Outro: Words From Tek"
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