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CREDITS: Rawkus Presents: Soundbombing I
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Rawkus Presents: Soundbombing I

1.    "Intro" Brick City Kids
Produced by Ghetto Pros

2.    "Flipside" R.A.
Produced by The Rugged Man

3.    "Fire In Which You Burn" Indelible MC's
Produced by El-P

4.    "Lune TNS" Company Flow
Produced by Bigg Jus (Lune TNS)

5.    "Nightwork" Sir Menelik
Produced by El-P

6.    "Arabian Nights" Shabaam Sahdeeq
Produced by Nick Wiz

7.    "Fortified Live" Reflection Eternal feat. Mr. Man Of Bush Babees/Mos Def
Produced by Hi-Tek)

8.    "Show Me Your Gratitude" L-Fudge
Produced by Rich Boogie

9.    "Till My Heart Stops" R.A. The Rugged Man

10.    "Side B Freestyle" Mos Def & Talib Kweli

11.    "So Intelligent" Sir Menelik feat. Kool Keith
Produced by Sir Menelik

12.    "Empire Staters" B-One
Produced by Chuckie Madness

13.    "If You Can Huh..." Mos Def
Produced by Shawn J. Period

14.    "Universal Magnetic" Mos Def
Produced by Shawn J. Period

15.    "What If?" L-Fudge feat. Shabaam Sahdeeq/Talib Kweli/Mike Zoot/Skam
Produced by DJ Spinna

16.    "My Crown" Black Attack
Produced by Ghetto Pros

17.    "2000 Seasons" Reflection Eternal
Produced by Hi-Tek