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CREDITS: Ras Kass - Rassassination
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Ras Kass

1. Endtro
Produced by Stu-B-Doo & Ras Kass

2. Rassassination
Produced by Stu-B-Doo

3. Ghetto Fabulous (ft Dr Dre & Mack 10)
Produced by Stu-B-Doo

Contains a sample from "Kiev Evening" by JF Kuhn

4. Lapdance (ft RC)
Produced by Stu-B-Doo

Contains re-played elements of "Do You Love What You Feel?" by Rufus

5. Skit #1

6. Conceited Bastard
Produced by Klev

7. Ice Age (ft Kurupt Young Gotti & El Drex)
Produced by Twelve

8. ...In A Coogi Sweatsuit (Skit)

9. H20Proof (ft Saafir)
Produced by Big Jaz

10. It Is What It Is (ft Jazze Pha)
Produced by Klev

Contains elements and excerpts from "If You Were Here Tonight" by Alexander O'Neal

11. Interview With A Vampire (ft God & Satan)
Produced by Klev

12. Wild Pitch (ft Xzibit & Jah Skillz)
Produced by Stu-B-Doo

13. OohWee!
Produced by Klev

Contains a sample and excerpts from "Nothin' But The Cavi Hit" by Mack 10
Contains a sample of "Mr. Groove" by One Way

14. All or Nuthin' (ft Twista)
Produced by Toxic

15. Grindin' (ft Bad Azz)
Produced by Easy Mo Bee

16. I Aint Fuckin' With You
Produced by Flip

17. Get At Me
Produced by Flip

18. The End (ft RZA)
Produced by Easy Mo Bee
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