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Luniz - Operation Stackola
« on: August 31, 2002, 05:54:58 PM »
Iam not really into Bay Area rappers but the Luniz first cd "Operation Stackola" is a pure classic no doubt. This is their best album and none of their other albums can even touch this one. A definite classic from the westcoast.

Luniz - Operation Stackola

1. Intro - Clips of the Luniz songs mixed together. Produced by DJ Fuse.

2. Put the Lead on Ya feat.Dru Down. Produced by Tone Capone.
A gangsta heavy bassline beat provided by Capone. I like the piano in the background. It samples Eazy E's voice on the chorus so u know it has to be gangsta. Knumskull and Yuk sounds so dope together and their homie Dru Down comes in and adds his dope verse. A great way to start off this album.

3. I Got 5 on it feat. Michael Marshall. Produced by Tone Capone.
This is the song that put them on the map. It has been redone several time(wack ass P.Diddy) but none of those remakes will ever touch this original. Just listen to this classic track.

4. Broke Hos. Produced by Shock G.
This song is aight and disses broke ass women. The beat is bangin and sounds like something to bump at night fo sure. The piano fits in perfectly with the beat.
"A bitch can help me unless she wealthy" lol Yukmouth it just a dope ass rapper.

5. Pimps,Playas and Hustlas feat. Dru Down and Richie Rich. Produced by N.O. Joe
A west coast G-funk bangin beat by N.O Joe. All four rappers rip it up big time. Yuk and Richie Rich do the hook. Tight ass song.

6. Playa Hata feat.Teddy. Produced by E-A-SKi and CMT Productions.
A diss track to Too Short(I believe). This is one of my favorite songs on this album. The beat is G-Funk to the fullest. Teddy does a dope ass hook. "Thats why the town got rid of Short", Knumskull refers to Too Short in that verse.

7. Broke Niggaz. Produced by DJ Fuse.
Sounds like an Old-School beat and it is raw as fuck. The Luniz at their best. Sounds like something Eazy E would rap over.

8. Operation Stackola. Produced by N.O. Joe.
Rap-A-Lot influenced track because of the beat. Sound like a beat off Scarface's "The Diary". The Luniz come off dope on this beat.

9. 5150. Produced by Shock G.
An eerie like beat by Shock G. This songs aight but does not compare to the others so far but it is far from weak.

10. 900 Blame a Nigga. Produced by DJ Fuse.
A song about always blaming blacks for crimes. It's a song only the Luniz could do cause of their personalities. Has some funny parts to it.

11. Yellow Brick Road. Produced by N.O. Joe.
My favorite song off this album and it is a banger. Its about the "Ice Cream Man" aka dope man. This where Master got his "Ice Cream Man" from. One of the best if not the best Luniz song of all time. This song made me get this album back then.

12. So Much Drama feat. Nik Nack. Produced by Terry T.
A descent beat nothing special and Nik Nack is nothing special either. Luniz should have kept her off this song(I just can't feel female emcees). Not a weak track but descent.

13. She's Just a Freak. Produced by Gino Blackwell.
A bangin slow beat by this unknown producer. A song about freaks. The hook is hilarious by the Luniz like a nursery rhyme.
Just listen to it lol

14. Plead Guilty. Produced by DJ Darryl.
DJ Darryl provides a vintage bay area beat and the Luniz come off dope on it.

15. I Got 5 on It(Reprise)
More of the classic song

The Luniz are one of the best duo's in the game, right behind Outkast and the Dogg Pound if u ask me. This cd is classic and nothing else. You could just pop it in the cd player and let it play all the way. The production is bangin and off the hook. Just like BG and Knocc Out, this is one of the most underrated cd's of all time. Even if you don't like the Bay Area you should pick up this cd. A must have in your collection.

Overall 5/5  A definite classic and must have :D

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Re: Luniz - Operation Stackola
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2002, 09:55:14 AM »
Tight review homie.

I'd probably give it a 3 out of 5. The first half is off the hook, and when I first bought it I couldn't stop playing Lead On Ya for days. 5 On It, Playa Hata and Yellow brick Road are classics too. I just feel it tails off on the second half. I prefer Lunatik Muzik - the guys touch on a few more varied topics and have some better production. But still a dope album.

BTW TheOne, Master P didn't get the idea for Ice Cream man from that song - in fact if you listen, Luniz actually dis P on that joint for using that phrase:

"Now here is something that I can't understand -
How the FUCK could that nigga Master P call himself the Ice cream Man?!"
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Re: Luniz - Operation Stackola
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2002, 11:18:08 PM »
I agree, 5/5 classic album

10. 900 Blame a Nigga => 5/5 ;) not 4.5  ;D

Tight Review, props
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