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Nas & The Game - From QB 2 Compton
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Nas & The Game – From QB 2 Compton

1. I’m looking…Good opening track featuring The Game.  Good flow and production.  3.5/5
2. Story board…Nas tells an excellent story with a flow and delivery that over-shadow the average production.  4.5/5
3. When shit get thick…Nice production with some hard hitting bass.  Decent lyrics.  3/5
4. Listen to me…Nas paints a perfect picture with his lyrics of driving drunk and situations running through his mind.  Production fits the song perfectly.  5/5
5. What type of nigga…The Game spits some tight lines over an instrumental that sounds very similar to “Ether”.  4/5
6. Wanna play ruff…Nas tells another great story, this time of revenge.  Evil sounding production.  4.5/5
7. All I know…Very slow and empty production.  The Game comes with a nice flow though.  3.5/5
8. Sometimes I wonder…Dope track about struggling.  Nas throws down 2 A+ verses and a quality hook.  Nice laidback soft production fits well.  4.5/5
9. Cali my home…A short track where Game basically gives shouts out to West coast rappers in the form of a rhyme.  3/5
10.   2nd chance…insert
11.   Among kings…Nas spits a rap about the afterlife.  Great flow and lyrics coupled with quality production with a hint of darkness.  4.5/5
12.   El presidente…Dope production and nice flow.  Good chorus.  4/5
13.   Beginning and end…Another tight ass Nas track.  This time he speaks of his conception and birth over a strange, but fitting instrumental.  4.5/5
14.   Memph Bleek iz…Obviously a diss track aimed at Memphis Bleek.  The beat is tight and the flow is alright, but the hook is terrible.  3.5/5
15.   Millionaire pirates…Average production, but the lyrics make this track worth listening to.  3.5/5
16.   Untitled (hidden track)…The Game puts down a tight ass flow over a dope ass beat.  4/5
17.   Untitled (hidden track)…Nas puts down two great verses with guest artists.  Production is good and flow is great.  4/5
18.   Untitled (hidden track)…The Game and guest artists put down some average verses over an average beat.  3/5


These Nas tracks are supposed to be leftovers from “Nastradamus” and “I am”.  These songs should have been on those CD’s because Nas comes hella tight on every verse and the production is bangin’ as well.  The Game doesn’t have as many songs as Nas, but he does a nice job on the mic.  He sounds similar to Method Man.  The album is filled with quality tracks from front to back.
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Re: Nas & The Game - From QB 2 Compton
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great review  :D
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