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Re:entitlement programs..
« Reply #15 on: April 19, 2004, 03:22:14 AM »
Half a million dollars to each taxpayer? where do u get that number huH? The CEO's of huge corporations who make Billions of dollars a year bring the number up. If it wasn't for them, the number woulndt even be half that large.  

As for not wanting to support people who do not wanna work, that's just bullshit. Many people can't work because of disabilities, and many people retire (suprise, surprise!) and they need money from the government to survive, money which government collects thru taxes. Don't bitch so much, you have the benefit of living in a country where you have Everything. 6 Billion people would dream to be in your position, even if they had to pay 80 percent of their income in taxes.
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