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Tela - Piece of Mind
« on: May 21, 2002, 03:35:02 PM »
Tela – Piece of Mind

1. Intro…Laidback intro with additional help from an electric guitar.  Very good opener to the album.  4/5
2. Twisted…Contains another electric guitar loop accompanied with a tight ass beat.  Tela flows well.  Nice distorted voice on chorus.  5/5
3. Tired of ballin’…Smooth production and a great hook.  4.5/5
4. Strange…Evil sounding beat.  Featuring Mr. Mike and Crime Boss.  4/5
5. Success…Quality production with the help of a slight tambourine tap.  Tela puts down a hellafied flow.  Bomb ass chorus.  4/5
6. Let it rain…Amazing production with three great verses by Tela.  4/5
7. Sho nuff…A club song featuring Eightball & MJG.  Catchy hook.  4/5
8. Time…Very slow beat and a decent flow.  3.5/5
9. Blackhaven…Interlude.  I wouldn’t normally rate this, but it’s over 4 minutes long and it’s terrible.  0/5
10.   Suave House…Nice chorus, good loop.  3.5/5
11.   Interlude cell call
12.   U can’t tell…Song warning to watch for scandalous women.  Tight ass guitar loop, dope chorus.  4/5
13.   All about the money…interlude
14.   Survival…Production is different from anything else on the album, but it sounds good here.  3.5/5
15.   Piece of mind…The title track should have been a lot better than this.  Production is barely average, but the lyrics are decent.  3/5


If the momentum would have continued through the second half of the album as it did for the first half, it would really be a hot ass CD.  It still is, but the second half falters in comparison to the first 7 tracks.  Good production and tight rhymes.  
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Re: Tela - Piece of Mind
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Listen to Piece of Mind again....the track is tight, its smooth as hell, and nice way to end album..
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