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DJ Quik - Balance & Options
« on: July 31, 2002, 12:23:11 PM »
DJ Quik – Change the Game

1. Change the game…Crisp production opens up the album.  Two tight verses delivered by Quik and one by Mausberg.  Good hook.  3.5/5
2. Did y’all feel dat?…Smooth production and Quik matches his flow perfectly to it.  Great hook.  Mausberg is featured here for a good verse.  4/5
3. We came to play…Great production.  I love the hook.  Both AMG and Quik lay down nice vocals.  4/5
4. Pitch on a party…Quik tells a funny story of throwing a party.  Good hook and decent production.  3.5/5
5. I don’t wanna party wit U…Smooth production.  Quik has a dope flow and content on the track.  He’s clowin’ on the chorus.  4/5
6. Motex records…interlude
7. Sexuality…The only thing that is decent with the track is the chorus.  The beat turns me off on the song.  The lyrics are alright.  2/5
8. How come?…This song is filled with some great lyrical content.  Dope chorus and the production fits the song perfectly.  4/5
9. U ain’t fresh…Quik’s opening verse is hilarious.  Track features Ham and Erick Sermon.  Good production.  3.5/5
10.   Roger’s groove…Laidback Roger-delivered vocals.  It’s a “gotta be in the mood” track.  3.5/5
11.   Motex records II…interude
12.   Quikker said than dunn…Quik re-does Eazy-E’s “Eazy-er said than dunn”, and gives it his own touch.  The beat still sounds basically the same, with a slight change.  3.5/5
13.   Straight from the streets…interlude
14.   Speak on it…Features Mausberg and AMG.  An average all around track.  3/5
15.   Do wutcha want…Good production.  Digital Underground appear with Quik and AMG.  3.5/5
16.   Well…Laidback beat that sounds more like an R&B track.  Good hook by Raphael Saadiq.  3.5/5
17.   Quik’s groove V…I don’t rate instrumentals.
18.   Do I love her?…Production is bland, except when the chorus comes in.  Quik’s verse sounds lazy, but Suga Free’s verse is good.  3/5
19.   Tha divorce song…This is just an R&B track which does not feature Quik.  It features James DeBarge.  The beat is good, but overall, worth skipping.  2/5
20.   Balance & options…outro


As always with DJ Quik, the production is good, except it lacks here and there on “Balance & Options”.  Overall, though, the production isn’t quite up to par with what we’ve come to expect from Quik.  Still, a decent effort from a great rapper and dope producer.
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Re: DJ Quik - Balance & Options
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I almost agree but "Pitch In On A Party" is a classic to me. The skits are pretty pointless though.
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Re: DJ Quik - Balance & Options
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i don't think i'd pick this up especially after this rating of 3.5...because you gave the other one 4.25 and i thought it deserved a little this might only be like a 3  or 3.25 to me...but i guess i'd have to hear it to judge it myself...good job on the review overall homie, you make the review section worth checking every day, peace.
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