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C-Bo - One life 2 live
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C-Bo – One Life 2 Live

1. Menace…Opening track has a tight ass beat and features Mac Mall.  This song could have been so tight, but it’s less than a minute long.  3.5/5
2. 3 gangstas…Great drum and piano loop in the production.  Bo, Lunasicc, and Maniac all put down nice verses.  The chorus could have been better.  3.5/5
3. Ridin’ on my bumper…Uses the same beat as used in “Ghetto flight”.  It is a well constructed beat, and deserves to be used again.  Too bad we only C-Bo on one verse, but still the guest artists don’t do a bad job.  4/5
4. I can’t see the light…Slow production on this track fits C-Bo’s flow nicely.  Straight gangsta lyrics.  Tight chorus and Marvaless is a nice addition to the final verse.  4/5
5. I’m a fool…Laidback production.  C-Bo rides solo through 3 verses on the song and does it well.  4/5
6. Livin’ like a hustler part 2…The same beat is used as with the original.  B-Legit and Lunasicc are featured.  Just as good as the first.  4/5
7. 1 life 2 live…C-Bo trades lines back and forth with Lunasicc and Maniac.  The lyrics are tight as hell.  It sounds like something is missing production-wise, however.  3.5/5
8. Club hoppin’…Head noddin’ beat.  The title is self-explanatory.  He flows perfectly to the instrumental.  Mississippi’s solo verse sounds great in the middle.  4/5
9. I’m gonna get mine…C-Bo, along with Marvaless and Lunasicc flow their asses off on the quality production.  Straight gangsta beat.  4/5
10.   Break um off…The production here is a little to soft and laidback.  Bo’s lyrics are tight though.  Big Lurch provides the strange hook.  3.5/5
11.   Kill ‘em up…Production is boring on this track.  Bo’s lyrics make the song worth listening to though.  3/5
12.   Survival 1st…Hard beat fits Bo’s lyrics well.  Marvaless and Lunasicc trade verses with him.  Good hook.  4/5


Quality production is consistent throughout the entire album.  C-Bo’s lyrics are consistent as well, not lacking on one track.  But this album sounds more like a C-Bo/Lunasicc compilation, since he appears on half of the tracks.  Maniac and Marvaless appear on a lot of tracks also.  Their verses are good, but I would have liked to hear more solo C-Bo songs.  
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