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CREDITS: A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory
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A Tribe Called Quest
The Low End Theory

1. Excursions
Contains samples from 'Time' performed by The Last Poets and
'A Chant For Bu' perfromed by Art Blakey

2. Buggin' Out
Contains samples from 'New Rags' performed by Jack Dejohnette

3. Rap Promoter
Contains samples from 'Keep On Doin It' performed by New Birth

4. Butter
Contains excerpts from 'Young and Fine' performed by Weather Report and 'Gentle Smiles' performed by Gary Bartz

5. Verses From the Abstract
Contains excerpts from 'Star of The Story' performed by Heatwave and 'Upon This Rock' performed by Joe Farrell

6. Show Business
Contains samples from 'Midnight Cowboy' perfromed by Ferrante and Teicher

7. Vibes and Stuff
Contains samples from 'Down Here On The Ground' perfromed by Grant Green

8. The Infamous Date Rape
Contains samples from 'Is It Him Or Me' perfromed by Jackie Jackson and 'Steam Drill' performed by Cannonball Adderley

9. Check the Rhime
Contains samples from 'Love Your Life' performed by Average White Band and 'Sunshower' performed by Dr. Buzzard

10. Everything Is Fair
Contains samples from 'Tales Of Kidd Funkadelic' perfomed by Funkadelic

11. Jazz (We've Got)
Contains samples from 'Green Dolphin Street' perfromed by Sonny Lester

12. Skypager

13. What?
Contains samples from 'Uncle Willie's Dream' performed by Paul Humphries

14. Scenario
Contains samples from 'Oblighetto' performed by Brother Jack Mcduff and
'Little Miss Lover' performed by Jimmy Hendrix

All songs written, produced, and arranged by A Tribe Called Quest.



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Re: CREDITS: A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory
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Interesting point you may not have heard--I've heard that the beat for "Jazz (We've Got)" was originally an unused beat from Pete Rock, and Q-tip heard it over at Pete's place, caught on, and recreated it for Tribe.   So I guess you could say it was "ghost-produced" by the soul brother #1
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