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Redman - "Malpractice"
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2001 Def Jam

Peep the credits here:;action=display;num=1025117259;start=0

1 Malpractice Intro
A skit, pretty funny though.
Featuring the British super-producer Adam F, and his annoying accent.

2 Diggy Doc
A nice intro to the album with a nice E-Dub beat. (Eric Sermon)
Pretty sweet, but too short.
4.5 of 5

3 Lick a Shot
Another dope beat from Sermon, it's actually a banger, and Redman rips it.
Reminds me of Rockwilder, but then again E-Dub & Rockwilder is friends and has worked together.
If you think Redman ripped it on the Snoop/Nate-collabo, you'll be in for a big surprise on this album.
4.5 of 5

4 Let's Get Dirty feat. DJ Kool
The albums starts of excellent, and this is nothing else than a head-banger from Rockwilder.
Redman supplies the heat:
"Yo.. yo, gimme some room I'm throwin elbows
Timberland boots, Air Force and shell-toes, who the fuck is them?
If I gotta pay to get in the club
I'ma go pop the trunk and turn the street volume up to ten
I ain't on the guest list, I ain't V.I.P.
I snuck in the exit, learned to D-I-P"
Classic shit
5 of 5

5 WKYA (Drop)
A unneccesary break in the album, with a track that reminds of a skit. It's short though, and Redman got a dope flow none the less.
2.5 of 5

6 2-Way Madness (Skit)
Another skit, not neccesary

7 Real Niggaz feat. Scarface, Treach, Mally G & Icarus
After 2 skits, back to the music again, and this is dope.
Sermon supplies a beat that don't need to stop, and Scarface rips it first:
"I be the street sweeper nigga
Quick to leave your whole block shook and shot at
from fuckin round with the mi-dack
Eleven, twenty-four, act 47"
And then Redman remains at Face's level, dropping a stellar verse.
Newcomer Icarus shows heat, before some pretty dope verses from Treach & Mally G
4.75 of 5

8 Uh-Huh
Pretty boring beat, and the chorus gets annoying.
Nuthin special at all.
3 of 5

9 Da Bullshit feat. Icarus
Aight beat from Sermon again, but it sounds like too much like a Sermon leftover.
Redman rips it, and Icarus is a very interesting newcomer.
Chorus gets annoying too.
3.5 of 5

10 Who Wants to Fuck a Millionaire (Skit)
Yet a skit

11 Enjoy Da Ride feat. Method Man, Saukrates & Streetlife
Now we talking here. A dope up-beat from Diverse makes for a dope joint. Every time I hear this joint, I'm just waiting for Method Mans verse. Even though Red & Streetlife got dope verses, it's Meth that totally steals the show.
Methical got a absolute SICK flow here. First time I heard it, I thought they used special effects on Meths verse, it's that dope.
Top score just for Meths verse alone.
5 of 5

12 Jerry Swinger Stickup (Skit)
A skit again, funny the first time, but after a while: BOORING

13 J.U.M.P. feat. George Clinton
Pretty funky shit from Sermon, Red rips it, and Clinton makes a dope cameo.
Yet, there's sumthin missing here.
Not putting it on repeat, even if it's pretty dope.
4 of 5

14 Muh-Fucka
Boring beat from Redmans friends, DJ Twinz.
If you got a fetish for the w0rd "Muhfucka" then this is the joint for you. I hate it though.
1.5 of 5

15 Bricks Two feat. Double O, D-Don, Roz & Suga Bear
This is the "Rep yo city" joint. In Reds case, it's Brick City, N.Y.
4 underground Brick rappers comes through, with a mediocre result. The beat is nice, Sermon once again.
Not interesting, unless you're from Brick City.
I bought a Redman album, didn't I? Hmm..
3 of 5

16 Wrong 4 Dat feat. Keith Murray
Murray reps from the prison, and he drops a dope verse, but the joint doesn't do him justoce.
Reds comes straight, but not very dope.
If you haven't heard Murray or Redman before, this is not the joint to start with.
3.25 of 5

17 Judge Juniqua (Skit)
Did I tell you? Skit!

18 Dat Bitch feat. Missy Elliot
A nice joint, but get's a little annoying after a while.
Missy contributes OK, and the beat is aight too.
OK chorus.
3.75 of 5

19 Doggz II feat. DMX
Pretty dope beat by Red himself.
Reds flow is pretty special on this here.
DMX does the chorus, and overall it's pretty dope.
Not very dope though.
3.75 of 5

20 Whut I'ma Do Now
Nice beat by Rockwilder, but not Rocks dopest work.
Dope verses from Redman:
"Fuck the Feds your door, Red'll kicked in
So prepare to wear SCUBA gear equipment
I wet it, my tape underground leakage"
Dope chorus here too.
4.5 of 5

21 Soopaman Luva 5 (Part I)
Never a Red album witouth another chapter in the Soopaman series. This is doper than the next one, but not spectacular.
3.5 of 5

22 Soopaman Luva 5 (Part II)
It's ok, but it's a little TOO specail for me.
Funny still though. And it goes over to a SKIT AGAIN.
3 of 5

23 Smash Sumthin'
This is a BONUS TRACK, and god knows why, because it's the dopest track on the album.
It's the Redman anthem that I been waiting all the album to hear.
DOPE beat from Adam F, and Redman just kills it.
Classic shit
5 of 5

Overall, this album gets destroyed by all the damned skits, but if you can set your CD-player to avoid them, there's more than enough dope joints here.
And there some very average ones too.

Total: 7.5 of 10

(But as a Redman-fan, I'm pretty sceptic to it too)
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Re: Redman - "Malpractice"
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yo thanx for the review digged this shit out the depthz of my cd shelf not long ago ;D...which is weird since it droped only in 2001,  ;D...and i wanted a reminder of how it is...since i din't have much chance to bump it yet...aprisiate it.
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Re: Redman - "Malpractice"
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this cd was actually in my top ten fav for 2001, maybe even top 6 or 7, i'd have to really have to check out the library though...i thought this cd was a good buy and i'm not disappointed at all, peace.
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Re: Redman - "Malpractice"
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only 2 memorable songs are the 2 soopaman lover joints