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South Central Cartel - All Day Everyday
« on: June 29, 2002, 01:07:52 PM »
South Central Cartel – All Day Everyday

1. West coast gangstas…Great production; many different sounds are used to create the beat.  Dope flow and tight hook.  Straight gangsta feel.  4.5/5
2. I’m a rider…Dope production.  Again the beat is composed of many different sounds.  Lyrics on point.  4/5
3. Niggas get dealt…Smooth beat matches the flow well.  Good hook.  4/5
4. It don’t stop…Contains a sample from Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s get it on”.  Good lyrics and L.V. provides a nice hook.  4/5
5. All day everyday…Laidback gangsta production.  Dope ass flow.  4.5/5
6. Hit the chaw…Great production with some deep bass.  Good verses.  A+ hook.  4/5
7. G’s game…Beat is way too laidback here.  The lyrics would flow a lot better if the beat were a bit faster.  A nice hook though.  3.5/5
8. 4 yo ear…Tight ass, head noddin’ production.  Lyrics fit in nicely with the beat.  Hook goes well with the beat.  5/5
9. W.C. rocks…Smooth gangsta track.  Flow is perfect for the beat.  Catchy hook.  4.5/5
10.   Can I roll wit U…Very laidback beat.  It sounds good with this track.  Nice hook.  4/5
11.   Da bomb…Track has an upbeat feel to it.  A reminiscent song.  Chorus fits nicely into the track.  3.5/5
12.   Champagne wishes…Production is a nice mix of a party track and gangsta.  Catchy hook.  3.5/5
13.   Funk U up…Track has a bit of old school flavor in it.  It sounds good.  Flow is tight.  4/5
14.   No get bacc…Smooth laidback beat.  Seems like something is missing in the chorus, but still a dope track.  4/5
15.   Gangsta luv part 2…Old school sound is present in the production.  Slow flowing track.  3.5/5
16.   S.C.G.’z…Dope gangsta flow and a dope gangsta beat.  Chorus sounds like Roger Troutman.  It sounds good.  4/5
17.   Family thang…Smooth beat.  Great flow.  4/5


An amazing album.  Straight gangsta lyrics delivered in some tight ass flows.  Great production is consistent throughout the entire album and Havoc & Prodeje are always on point with lyrics and flow.  Very high replay value.  
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Re: South Central Cartel - All Day Everyday
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yeaaa... great album.., aint nuffin ground breaking tho... but still, a great gangsta album  :D
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