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Three 6 Mafia - Mystic Stylez
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Three 6 Mafia – Mystic Stylez

1. Da beginning
2. Break da law ’95…Production has a dark, underground feel.  Dope ass flow.  Catchy hook.  4/5
3. Da summa…Very laidback track.  Lyrics flow well against the beat and the hook is perfect.  4.5/5
4. Live by yo rep (Bone dis)…Diss track aimed at Bone Thugs N Harmony.  Production sounds eerie.  Evil lyrics.  4/5
5. In da game…Dark feeling production.  Dope ass flow from all members.  4.5/5
6. Now I’m hi part 3…Hella evil hook and beat.  Very different weed song.  Great flow.  4.5/5
7. Long nite…Nice production that is different from previous tracks.  Story-telling ability shown by DJ Paul.  4/5
8. Sweet robbery…Very slow beat, but it fits everybody’s verses well.  4/5
9. Back against the wall…Nice production, but the lyrics really set it off.  A+ hook.  4.5/5
10.   Fuckin’ wit dis click…Very dark overall song.  The lyrics, hook, and especially the production.  Nice flow.  4/5
11.   All or nothin’…Great production.  It fits the lyrical content well.  Good hook.  4.5/5
12.   Gotta touch ‘em part 2…Evil production and some rapid fire lyrics.  I think the trumpet should have been left out of the loop.  3.5/5
13.   Tear da club up…Smooth production and dope lyrics.  Simple, but hella catchy hook.  More of a party track, but a dark feel is still present.  4/5
14.   Big bizness…A short song; about 2 minutes long.  It’s a DJ Paul solo track.  He displays dope flow.  The track runs out at the end and slows down, which sounds great.  4/5
15.   Mystic stylez…Definite underground sounding track.  Features many guest rappers.  Decent dark feeling track.  3.5/5
16.   Porno movie…Koopsta Knicca appears for the first two verses and DJ Paul finishes out on the last verse.  Dope ass flow.  The only complaint I have is the hook.  It’s a nice, evil sounding hook, but it runs too long.  4/5


Three 6 Mafia’s first full length nationwide release.  The whole album has an underground feel, but still it sounds professional.  A dark presence is also felt throughout the album, which fits the style of the group perfectly.  Album can be played from beginning to end without skipping a track.

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