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X-Raided - Vengeance is Mine
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X – Raided – Vengeance is Mine

1. The prophecy…intro
2. Write what I see…Tight loop of different instruments.  Has a small touch or rock in it.  Short song.  Lyrics are good, just not real clear.  3.5/5
3. Hold on (What a thug do)…Deep song about X’s choice’s in life.  Beat fits lyrics well.  4/5
4. Who they wanna kill (Most wanted)…Slow beat.  Great X flow.  4/5
5. Who but me…Light beat; it sounds like something is missing.  Tight lyrics but X’s lyrics aren’t crystal clear.  Features Gold Loc Da Kingpen.  3.5/5
6. Sac-a-indo (Where I’m from)…Has a party feel to the track.  Really not feelin’ this one.  2.5/5
7. Kamikaze…Production is alright, but it’s got that annoying constant tattering in the background.  Lyrics are good.  Features Luni Corleone (Lunasicc).  3/5
8. When the smoke clears…Beat is good except for the continuing tatting in the background.  Faster flow.  3/5
9. Vengeance is mine…Nice, decent beat.  Flowin’ ass lyrics.  3.5/5
10.   Terrorist…Beat and lyrics are too quiet.  Nothing special lyrically.  2.5/5
11.   Hit the club (Rip it up)…Quality production matched with quality lyrics.  Tight hook.  4/5
12.   Post war syndrome…Definitely the tightest song on the album.  Slow, melancholy beat.  Lyrically the content and flow is on point.  Bomb ass hook.  5/5
13.   I got yo back…A good song about being a true friend.  3.5/5
14.   Lord have mercy…The beat would have been decent if it wasn’t for that irritating tattering in the production.  X changes up his flow to stress certain words in his lines.  I’m not really diggin’ that.  3/5
15.   We bang…Has the exact same production as ‘Write what I see’.  It’s a longer song, but contains two guest artists.  3/5


X-Raided’s flow falters a bit on this release.  His flow is still tight, but the lyrics are not as raw and they don’t seem to be full of a lot of content as with prior releases.  The production falls way short as well.  It is obvious a different producer worked on this album.  There was also too many guest artists.

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