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X-Raided - Unforgiven
« on: May 23, 2002, 06:10:42 PM »
X-Raided – Unforgiven

1. Madman intro…Cool intro with audio from Forrest Gump.
2. Misanthropy…Very different sounding production with a twist of rock music.  Lyrically, it’s off the hook.  5/5
3. Unforgiven…Beat has a 70’s feel to it.  X blesses the track with some tight ass lyrics.  4/5
4. Who is y’all niggas…Good beat, deep bassline.  Again, tight lyrics.  4/5
5. Spitten venom…Beat is not really that good, but the content of the verses make it worth listening to.  Especially the hook.  3.5/5
6. Mortal combat…Dark feeling production with church bells, and flowing water in the background.  X lights up the track with some tongue twisting rhymes.  5/5
7. Macaframa…Slow, gangsta beat.  Tight song about inmates and women.  Three verses of straight heat.  4.5/5
8. Take flight…Quality production and good lyrics.  Dott Dogg adds some vocals on this one.  3.5/5
9. Cemetery fulla G’s…Dark song about fallen soldiers.  3.5/5
10.   Dead on arrival part 1…Good production.  Lyrics are tight, but they are not as crisp as the rest of the album.  3.5/5
11.   Land of the lost…Softer song on the album.  Radio friendly.  Deep lyrics.  4/5
12.   Kick it 2nite…A fuck song.  Faster-type beat.  X keeps up well.  3.5/5
13.   Mama’s pride & joy…Decent production, but great content.  4/5
14.   Whatever it took…A lotta bass here.  Crisp stutter, stop & go lyrics.  4/5
15.   On the rise…Fairly simple drum loop.  Hanifah is featured here.  Tight lyrics.  3.5/5
16.   Outro


It’s surprising how someone can record such a good sounding album while in jail.  Lyrics are very crisp and clear except for just a couple of songs.  Production is great.  It’s not your average, everyday sounding beats.  Lyrically, X-Raided is top-notch.  Very underrated rapper and album.

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Re: X-Raided - Unforgiven
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2002, 06:14:46 PM »
nice review homie...i agree with your overall rating of 8/10... im def feelin "Land of the Lost" it's got a nice west coast feel to it...

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Re: X-Raided - Unforgiven
« Reply #2 on: June 26, 2002, 06:10:22 AM »
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Re: X-Raided - Unforgiven
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gotta pick this up now.
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