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Warren G - ROTR
« on: June 21, 2002, 08:42:19 AM »
Warren G
Return of the Regulator
Universal Records

Warren G is best known for his song Regulate with his long time friend Nate Dogg. Since the release of that song on the Above the Rim OST Warren has released four albums including this one. There was the classic that was Regulate: G Funk Era, the disappointment of Take a Look over Your Shoulder (Reality) and his 1999 release I Want It All which lay between his first two albums in terms of quality. So onto the new album The Return of the Regulator; and its good news for all you Warren fans because he is back to the quality of his original album with a bang.

When you buy a Warren G album you are not doing so for his lyrical abilities, but for the laid back G Funk beats and they are hear by the truckload on this album.

Intro – At 3:33 this is one of the longest I have ever listened to but it is pretty good.

Lookin at You feat Toi - typical Warren G, great laid back beat (courtesy of Dr Dre on this occasion), good subject matter and an excellent hook and gets the album off to a great start. 5/5

Here Comes Another Hit feat Mista Grimm - This song is the first of two major reunions on this album, with Mista Grimm teaming up with Warren once more on a track called Here Comes another Hit which features Nate Dogg on the hook. When you hear this song it will make you wonder why exactly Warren and Grimm don’t hook up more often because they really do work so well together. 4.5/5

Somethin’ To Bounce To feat Soopafly – This song is produced by Soopafly and also features him in the song. This is a very bouncy track that might not be to everyone’s taste but I like it. 4/5

This Gangsta Shit Is Too Much feat Butch Cassidy – Nice beat, good lyrics by Warren and a smooth hook courtesy of Butch. 3.5/5

Pump Up Skit

Young Locs Slow Down feat W.C. and Butch Cassidy – This is one of my two least favourite tracks on the album because the beat is weak by Warren’s standards, and the song just doesn’t flow well. 3/5

Speed Dreamin’ feat George Clinton and Mista Grimm – Classic track, Warren and Mista Grimm hold it down and Clinton provides the kind of hook that only he can. Considering the fact that there are so many Clinton wannabes on the album such as Butch Cassidy and Kokane it seems only right that the man himself should be included as well, just to show how it really should be done. 5/5

Yo Sassy Ways feat Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg - When the club owner says in the intro for the next track “We got something real special for y’all tonight” he certainly isn’t lying because this is the second of the two reunions on the album. Back together again come Warren, Nate and Snoop as 213 for the best song on the album Yo Sassy Ways. Nate’s vocals our as soulful as ever and the raps of Snoop and Warren fit into the song together perfectly. If the rumours of a 213 reunion album are to be believed then it is going to be an essential purchase on the evidence of this track. 5/5

Deez Nuts Part 2 Skit

It Ain’t Nothin Wrong With You feat Mista Grimm, Boss Hogg and Damone – Great Beat, Great Hook, and all the rappers produce near their best on this one to make it a great track. 4.5/5

Ghetto Village - For me this song has to be the second best on the album, and is scheduled to be the second song released from the album after Lookin’ At You. The song has a haunting hook and Warren’s raps about life in his street growing up, and at the same time produces his best raps on the whole album. Straight heat!! 5/5

They Lovin Me Now feat Butch Cassidy and Boss Hogg – Once again Butch supplies a great hook but the raps from Warren and Boss Hogg are average at best making this a very average track. 3/5

Streets of LBC feat Lady Mo – Very similar concept to Ghetto Village, and it works again with another haunting hook and some more great raps by Warren. 4.5/5

G-Funk Is Here To Stay feat Mista Grimm and Kokane – For me this is the worst song on the album mainly due to the fact that Kokane is perhaps one of the worst hook singers ever. If George Clinton or even Butch Cassidy were on this track instead then it could have been a good song but Kokane totally ruins the song despite the fact that Grimm and Warren both rap well. 2.5/5

Keepin It Strong feat El Debarge – This is a pretty average track that follows the formula of many of the earlier songs on the album. 3.5/5

Overall Warren G is back to his best on this album. If you liked Regulate:G Funk Era and want some more of the same then pick this up because I guarantee you that you will enjoy this album to the same extent if not slightly more than you did his first effort.

Overall: 8.5/10
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Re: Warren G - ROTR
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2002, 03:08:02 PM »
i thought this album was great the first week i had its kinda boring...much of the production sounds too similar, the lyrics are ok..nothing to brag about...a couple of really great tracks...but nothing like the first regulator..good not great.....7/10
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