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MC Eiht - Last Man Standing
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MC Eiht – Last Man Standing

1. Under attack…Smooth production and heavy bassline.  Nice delivery by Eiht.  Good hook.  4/5
2. Kind of pimpish…Very different style for Eiht.  He speeds up parts of the verse and slows down other parts.  Hella tight production.  4.5/5
3. Me & my bitch…Laidback beat.  Eiht speaks of what he’s looking for in a woman.  3.5/5
4. Can I get mine…The beat does not sound right on this track.  His flow is decent, but matched with the production it doesn’t work.  2.5/5
5. Compton 4 death…Slow production.  Piano loop is a nice touch to the beat.  Eiht spits a tight flow on the track.  4/5
6. Tha business…Smooth production, but I’m not really feelin’ the lyrics.  Many guest artists.  3/5
7. Any meanz…A+ production.  Eiht does a great job on the mic.  Dope ass hook by Eiht also.  4.5/5
8. Tough guyz…Average beat.  Average flow.  3/5
9. Got cha humpin’…Party song.  Definitely has the west coast flavor to it and Eiht does a decent job on the mic.  3.5/5
10.   Hit the floor…Good production.  Eiht’s flow is good, but Daz’s flow is great.  3.5/5
11.   Who’s tha man…Very slow beat.  Eiht rides the track well with a good flow.  3.5/5
12.   The way we run it…Eiht’s flow is good, but I’m not feelin’ B Real’s flow or the production.  2.5/5
13.   Anything U want…Hella laidback beat.  Good flow.  3.5/5
14.   Hangin’…Old School beat.  Eiht lacks on the mic.  I’m not feelin’ this one that much.  2/5
15.   When all hell breaks loose…The production is too “east-coast” for Eiht’s flow.  His verses are good, but the beat is garbage.  2.5/5
16.   Hubtouchablez…Laidback gangsta track.  Dope flow and beat.  4/5
17.   On top all that…Another real laidback track.  Eiht sounds very comfortable riding the track.  Nice hook.  3.5/5
18.   Return fire…Tight laidback beat.  Eiht’s flow is dope and the hook is great.  4.5/5


MC Eiht’s lyrical content is limited beyond gangsta, but that’s what he represents.  He reps well on his 3rd solo album.  Production lags here and there on a few skip-worthy tracks, but the majority of the album is good.  Eiht maintains his classic flow throughout.

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