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Bone Thugs N Harmony - BTNHResurrection
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Bone Thugs N Harmony – BTNHResurrection

1. Show ‘em…Tight production to match Bone’s tight flow.  Every member featured here to put down a nice verse.  No hook, but none is needed.  4/5
2. The righteous ones…Unique beat.  Verses match great to it.  Bizzy puts down some rapid fire lines.  David’s Daughter’s hook fits perfectly.  4.5/5
3. 2 glocks…Decent production, but nice flow and hook.  3.5/5
4. Battlezone…Perfect intro to the song with Bizzy and Krayzie singing.  Smooth production and tight verses by Layzie, Bizzy and Krayzie’s two minute verse.  5/5
5. Ectasy…Hella smooth and tight production.  Perfect hook.  Each member speaks of their experiences with the drug.  5/5
6. Murder one…The beat is good and the lyrics are good.  The chorus could have been a lot better.  Krayzie would have sounded good on the track.  3.5/5
7. Souljah’s marching…The beginning part of the song sounds like the beat is going to be a lot better.  Too uptempo.  Still Bone puts it down with their rapid fire lyrics.  3.5/5
8. Servin’ tha fiends…Simple production.  I’m really not feeling the lyrics.  3/5
9. Resurrection (Paper, paper)…Sounds like a Uneek produced song, but it’s not.  Tight hook.  Nice verses.  4/5
10.   Can’t give it up…Dope song with a good message to it.  Nice chorus and good lyrics.  4/5
11.   Weed song…Very laidback song to match the lyrics.  Production has a twist of 70’s flavor to it.  3.5/5
12.   Change the world…The song has a good message, but I really don’t like this beat.  Too fast and I don’t like Big B’s voice in the hook.  2.5/5
13.   Don’t worry…Laidback beat.  Members do more singing on this one than rapping.  The hook gets repetitive though.  3.5/5
14.   Mind on our money…I don’t really like the production on this track.  Lyrically however, I like Krayzie’s verse explaining Bone’s come-up.  3.5/5
15.   No way out…Nice beat.  Good hook and decent lyrics.  Krayzie absent from track.  3.5/5
16.   One night stand…A Bizzy solo song.  Tight R&B-ish production goes perfect with Bizzy’s mix of rap and R&B.  4.5/5


A solid album.  Good songs are evenly distributed throughout the album with an average song here and there.  Bone’s verses sound great, but the overall production doesn’t match their style the way it should.  Even the songs that Uneek produced were barely average.  Krayzie’s lack of appearance did not help the album much.  Still, there are many tracks worth listening to over and over again.
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