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Spice 1 - The Last Dance
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Spice 1 – The Last Dance

1. Player pieces…Hella tight flow and tight production.  Good hook.  4/5
2. 20/20’s…Good beat and Spice puts down some tight verses.  Bad Azz appears to add some good verses.  3.5/5
3. Who can I trust?…Production sounds like ‘If your girl only knew’ by Aaliyah.  Lyrics really don’t fit the production.  3/5
4. Murder man dance…Constant hard bassline.  UGK is featured to lay down some tight flows.  Production has a down south flavor.  Rapid fire flow by Spice.  3.5/5
5. Got gunz…Good beat, but Spice only has one verse.  The other verses are done by the Outlawz.  3/5
6. G.A.M.E….Weak production and Spice only has one verse.  Game Bangers are featured here.  2.5/5
7. Thug thang Y2G…Upbeat production.  Nice flow from Spice and Pimp C.  Chorus isn’t very good.  3/5
8. How we ride…Good production, but minimal lines are heard from Spice due to guest appearances.  3/5
9. Ghetto solider…Decent production.  Good flow.  3/5
10.   One luv…Collaboration with C-Bo.  Both put it down well.  Production could have been better.  3.5/5
11.   Gunz & money…Quality of production is not great.  Lyrics are decent.  3/5
12.   Chocolate philly…A song featuring MJG.  A different kind of weed song.  3.5/5


Overall, both the lyrics and production is lacking, but especially the production.  Spice 1’s beats usually make his lyrics and stories come alive, but I find it very hard to go along with this production.  Way too many guest appearances leave Spice with only one verse on most songs.

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